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new to this and doin slimming world, want buddies and support!

Hi I'm Sarah and iv just rejoined sw on wed nite, so far iv been good :) I'm really motivated and already feel so much better in myself. I'm looking forward to fitting into all my clothes again haha I joined sw in sept last yr, I lost 12lbs and then went on hol in nov and hav been off plan since but i'm back :) :) :) looking forward to talking to u all. I did half hr of yoga yest n was really sweating, cudnt do it 2day as was busy but gonna do some wii fit 2mro for exercise! Hopefully chat to u soon. Xx
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Hi Sarah, you sound really motivated which is great. I need to get back into the exercise too. I love running and now the ice has gone I've got no excuse. I'm also following SW as of today. I'm going to devote some time today to read all the books and plan some meals based on what's in my cupboards. Good luck hun Lisa
S: 14st0lb G: 10st0lb
hi sarah and welcome im starting sw again after over 2 yrs since doing it last and shocked i managed to keep the weight off. i have 4 stone to lose and im doing it by follow mu old food diaries and just brought xbox kinect and been playing on dance games believe me i think weight will drop off easy as every part aches. also doing zumba dvds alot of fun and tiring.. keep me informed of how u get on as im not going to sw classes doing on own and need support
G: 11st11lb
Hi Sarah!!
I am a newbee too!!! I've never done slimming world before I was always a bit scared of going a day without meat!!
I'm feeling really motivated too I think that's the only way to be!!
Good luck with it all and look forward to hearing your ideas on here
Laura xxxxxx

If you're doing green and fancy a wee bit of meat then there is the option of using a HEB - quite a range of meats & fishes are listed there.

Yummymummy86 - I'm new to the Wii and hoping that will help me along with my weight loss!! Good luck!!

DickieC xx
G: 11st11lb
Yeah thanks DickieC...That was before I knew about the diet...all I knew was Red = Meat and Green = Be a vegetarian for the day.

I am so happy now though there is so much more to it than I thought, the more complicated the better as I will spend ours working it out :)

Thanks so much
Laura xxx
Hi all

The wii is great exercise my daughter has got me on the just dance and blimey it gets the heart pumping! We've also just had a kinect for Christmas so will be trying that out too!

Can't wait to start shedding the weight!

Lisa x
Hi Sarah
I've been doing slimming world on and off for bout 5 years or more, I lost 2 1/2 stone last year but since put it all and
More bk on :(
I'm bk on track again now, and loving the extra easy day, means I can have lots of mince with my spaghetti now instead of a small amount and tuna on my jacket potato.
Lou x


is not so little
S: 20st1lb C: 13st8.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 6st6.5lb(32.21%)
Looking for buddies, too!
My first SW meeting is tonight... Argh! the thought of weighing myself is bad enough, but someone else weighing me is even worse. And to have it written down?! Having failed time and time again with other diets, I really hope that other people being in the same boat will motivate me.
S: 13st7lb C: 13st2.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 0st4.5lb(2.38%)
:DHiya Everyone this is "firework11" like the Katy Perry song lol Im reasonably new on slimming world started on 8/10/10 lost 6.5 pounds up until now found extra easy really easy.

Todays food diary as follows

Breakfast: Mullerlight and Hi fi bar

Mid morning: apples and grape pack

Lunch: s.w BBQ chicken breast (using diet coke in the sauce no honestly if you like sweet and sour try it I always use lime in the sauce to not make it too sweet and passata and some lee and perins and chicken oxo some fresh pineapple chunks in mmm lovely....) I have it with salad.

Dinner will be spag bol probebly with pasta insted of spagetti with extra lean mince and again passata lots of free veg too)

My syns are mini chocolate cupcakes atm very sweet tooth lol Im a fan of the weight watchers ones 4 syns each so I have two of those one in the evening and about 3 o clock after the gym.. which I go daily but Im struggleing to afford it now so Im going to try for one of those NHS scemes where they reduce the cost of the gym going the doctors tomorrow to try and get a referal.

When I was nine I was dignosed with a borerline underactive thyroid although I didnt follow it though my doctors have been very offencive about it when I was a child a lady dr no longer practicing asked me did I eat pies? and is it cos Im overweight rather then dyslexic why I have school problems? and asked my mum to lock the fridge.. Ive struggled to lose weight ever since in truth atkins, slim fast for 2 years on and off but because Im not starving myself anymore and have the energy to exercise daily now my weight is flying off now where as it was maintained on slim fast even though Ive been a member of the gym since 16 years old. Things have been a bit grim where thats concerned but things are getting better thanks to slimming world... :) ♥ it (I dont mean to sound like an advert but Im sooo thrilled)

start weight 13 st 5.5
next 13 st 1/2
30/12: 13 1/2
6/1: 12 st:13 (6 1/2 pounds so far)
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