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New to this (any help appriciated)

Hello guys

I have recently decided I need to sort myself out by sorting out my weight issues.

I haven't weighed my self too recently but I am male, around 21 Stone and am 6ft 1 (BMI 38.1). The problem I will have with starting anything like this is I have very little will power if any to carry this out. I plan on starting this on the 1st April and carry it out for a month and see how it goes. If this goes well I will be continuing this until my holiday in July. If I do stick with this I hope to lose 5-6 stone by July.

Another problem is my addiction to fizzy drinks, I drink far too much I dont go a day with out drinking at least 2 litres of the stuff.

I have been reading this forum seeing different methods and techniques people have been trying out. I might use these slimming shakes people are talking about.

If anyone wants to help me out with different day to day meals/shakes will be much appriciated.

I will be doing lots of excercise to help with this each day.

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Hi, welcome to minimins!

What diet/plan do u intend doing? What sort of food do you like and maybe I can point you in the right direction?

Do you do much cooking or are you more of a grab and go type of guy?


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Hi Mr Weightloss4me, Welcome to this forum.
Glad to see that you are contemplating getting your weight sorted. DO hope you will start a diary as soon as you have decided what regime you want to follow. Lots to choose from!
So keep posting and let us know how things are going and then we can give you the support etc,.
Take care...:)
Thanks for the replies

I like lots of healthy foods but im quite lazy and grab what ever is the quickest and easiest. I have plenty of time on my hands so I can take the time to cook but choose not to. I will now cook meals which are healthy that can help me in my quest. I will doing some sort of excercise each day at the gym.

What meals would people recommend ?

Breakfast (Not often I have it but will do for the diet)
Diet Shakes ?


I'd suggest :

Breakfast - 2 slices of wholemeal toast/porridge (made with semi-skimmed or skimmed milk), 1 piece of fruit and a yogurt

Lunch - Salad (if you like it?!) and soup with 1 slice of wholemeal bread/sandwich with low fat contents e.g. lean meat, low fat mayo, tuna etc. Piece of fruit.

Dinner - Sensible portions of anything should be ok (within reason!) if you have been 'good' all day. But generally, I'd suggest something with pasta or potatoes such as spaghetti bolognese/lasagne or a lean cut of meat with potatoes and veg. You can spoil yourself a bit with pudding and maybe have 1 pot of chocolate mousse or something sensible - since puddings are sweet they have a lot of sugar and therefore calories, so stick to the (small!) portion you set out for yourself.

Snacks - fruit, ice lollies, a bowl of jelly?

As for your fondness for fizzy drinks - I'm the same! Pepsi's my downfall, I could drink it all day! Basically though everything's about being sensible and eating healthy food in moderation. It's easier in theory than in practice though so you will need to use willpower. If you're having a bad day and will power is low then try to keep busy to distract yourself from munching. Losing the first few pounds will probably boost your willpower though and things will get easier - it's just a matter of breaking the bad habits.

Hope this helps :)
Forgot to say - try replacing fizzy drinks with diet versions. Most of the time they have pretty much zero calories and taste the same.

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