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New to this forum... what do you think of my plan?


Slimming down the aisle
I was on the Cambridge Diet about 12-18 months ago and did fairly well, lost 3 or so stone but then finances and situations changed and I didn't carry it on or even maintain really. So I'm starting again but I can't afford to do CD so I'm just doing a healthy balanced diet and hoping that I'll find it easier to keep up!

I've got a LOT of weight to lose and I'm running out of excuses for failing to lose it so... this time I'm sticking with it!! I've got about 7 stone that I want to get rid of so I'm here for the long haul and think I could do with some support so figured I'd join in in this forum as I used minimins when I was on CD and it was an absolute god send!

So... hi! A little about me I guess... I'm Caroline and I'm 24. I finished uni last year and went off to teach in Thailand for 5 months and been back a few weeks now. I'm working in a pub at the moment which I'm hoping will help with the weight loss as I'm on my feet a lot. But I'm hoping to get into uni for my PGCE to teach Primary for this September and I really don't want to be a fat teacher. I know I won't have lost it all by then but I think if I could lose even a couple by then it would do my confidence the world of good.

I'm back with my parents at the moment but have decided to start cooking for myself a lot more as my mum does fairly big home cooked style meals and I'm not sure it really helps me. So I'm thinking of this being my general daily plan... what do you think??

Breakfast: Cereal/fruit/smoothie (300-350 calories)
Lunch: Wrap/salad etc. (300-400 calories)
Dinner: Dinner which is low GI (500-600 calories)
Evening snack: Snack bar, snack a jacks etc. (80-100 calories)

That's my rough kind of thinking anyway, trying to stick to about 1500 calories a day. And then if I really feel hungry or the need to snack otherwise I'll have fruit. I really want to try and get into a habit of not eating between meals, I've put the evening snack though because I find that's the time I find it the hardest not to eat.

I've not got scales at home at the moment so I've decided not to get some and for now I'm just going to go with it and see how I feel generally. Hopefully I'll notice it in the way my clothes fit even if I'm not weighing myself.

Anyway, I'm rambling so I'll shut up now! Will be trying to join in the chats on here so sure I'll chat to everyone more soon! :)

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Likes to eat
Firstly, hi and welcome! I did Cambridge myself and when I reach goal with CC I'll have also lost not too much less than you have to lose (I'll have lost 6 rather than 7) so I know how daunting it can feel (especially at the start - although I have to say it's never got less daunting for me!!) and good for you for starting out healthily!

1500 calories *may* be a little high for you to start with if you have a lot to lose ^^ Click the sticky on the forum about calculating your calorie intake.

Also, a question, why low GI dinner specifically?
Welcome and good luck, check you're eating the right amount of cals as recommended above, if you need anything give us a shout. x
Good luck Caroline :)


Slimming down the aisle
Well I was thinking of starting with 1500 and then working down to 1200 after say 2 weeks after seeing how I do on 1500. I did the advice on the sticky, I have a BMR of 2060 and I would say I'm lightly active as I go swimming at least once a week (though planning on trying to go 2-3 times a week now) and I work in a pub so it's always running around. So that gives me a daily calorie need of 2,860. I thought it was 500 calories less a day means 1lb a week, 1000 means 2lbs and I shouldn't go much more than that. Does that not seem right?

I was thinking low GI just because I was told by someone that that's the best thing to go for because it keeps you feeling fuller for longer. And so I thought it might help keep evening snacking at bay!
Sounds good to me, once you've got the science bit right then you are good to go. Myfitnesspal is a great website and phone app for tracking your cals. x


Slimming down the aisle
Sarah how spooking is that! You're doing really well, well done! The thing I love about this site is how there are so many people around to show that it's possible, to inspire me and keep me motivated!


Slimming down the aisle
I've just been setting up my myfitnesspal and adding in everything. I can see it's going to be great!

Just made a lovely huuuge lunch for only 227 calories! I actually couldn't eat it all!


Likes to eat
Be sure to check out the MFP thread we have on here and befriend some of us for a bit of extra support! Some of us also have open food and exercise diaries so if you need a little inspiration, it can be really handy :)
Welcome! It sounds like you've got a couple of awesome things happening..becoming a teacher and losing that weight. You're gonna feel GREAT by September 2012 when you've lost it all AND got your qualifacation! I bet you'll feel just AMAZING about yourself...5000% on what you feel now!

You're in good hands here. I just joined a week ago and have gotten so much support to keep me on track already. You will too.

The advice I would offer is, if you're anything like me you need to SEE results ASAP to keep motivated. Otherwise you can feel like 'this isn't making a difference...why bother?'. Therefore I would say, INVEST in some scales and weigh yourself at least once a week. I do it in the morning, naked, after I've been to the loo first thing (that means your weight is being measured at the same time each day). Even weigh every day. Then put one of those ticker things in your signature and take great pleasure in editing it every day (or week) with your new weight!

The reason I suggest this is YES you will see results in how your clothes fit you, but maybe not right away. Whereas the difference will show up on the scales in the first week.

Good luck!! :)


Slimming down the aisle
Thanks SuperMagic for that really motivating and great post! People like you are why I'm on here and can do this!

I will get scales once I've been paid I think! Or I'll weigh in weekly at my sisters using hers
Great thread, I hadn't yet found the calorie calculator in the sticky - very interesting......good luck Caroline and great advise from everyone else, I myself am looking to lose about 8 stone and think I will try the things suggested, off to look up my fitness pal now :)

Good luck, will be watching and encouraging where I can :)

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