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New To This Ha :)

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Frankie1995, 2 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Frankie1995

    Frankie1995 New Member

    Hello :)

    Very new to this all, I am thinking about starting slimming world online, I am not available to go to groups due to anxiety & I would just like advice if it actually works and worth it? Can you actually eat unlimited pasta & potatoes and loose weight?

    Grateful for any responses :)

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  3. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Well-Known Member


    I wouldnt say unlimited lol but u can eat as much as u like until u feel full :)

    im only on my 4th week and im really enjoying it.

    All the family is eating healthier and im loosing weight!
  4. Emmaline

    Emmaline The Tortoise

    Hi Frankie, Welcome to the forum.
    How much weight are you hoping to lose? SW is a very popular diet and lots of people do extremely well on it so I am sure you are bound to do so as well.
    Do keep posting and if possible start your own diary so we know where t find you to give you lots of support and encouragement as you travel your exciting journey.
    All the very best to you. :)
  5. lardylady

    lardylady Well-Known Member

    I have managed to lose just over 8.5 stone and my portions of spuds and pasta have been on the large side! It really does work!
  6. Frankie1995

    Frankie1995 New Member

    Thank-you for your reply ladies, congratulations on all your weight loss makes me more determined! Sorry to be a pain, would like day be good for a green day or not?

    B - Banana
    L - Heinz Chick & Veg Soup
    D - Brocoili & Pasta Bake
    Snacks - Grapes & Strawberrys

    something like that suitable?

    Thanks for the help again

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