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New to this, need to focus

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by br908477, 15 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. br908477

    br908477 New Member

    I am starting with the Slimming World diet, on-line as I am so busy cannot make classes. I was recommended this site and sitting here reading how you are all doing has already made me think twice about raiding the fridge.

    I am hoping to lose 2.5 stone by next June, not got any particular occasion coming up but would be nice for the start of summer to be that little lighter. Weight isn't coming off as easily as it use to and have stopped going to the gym (starting back when its payday). Want a proper boost this time with a focused plan instead of just not eating anything which never does anyone any good.

    1st day tomorrow, Green day

    Today was not the greatest but I am starting tomorrow:

    B Cereal Bar

    L Bacon and egg roll

    D Lamb, veggies, New Pots and gravy

    How bad is that no, fruit and not really that much food either.
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  3. br908477

    br908477 New Member

    Right had a look in the cupboards and as I have not been shopping and have to have 2 meals in work tomorrow this is what I have come up with for tommorow and my Green Day:

    B Fruit (melon, pineapple, grapes) Mullerlight

    L Tuna rice (half tin tuna in springwater, half tin sweet corn, half onion salt and pepper)

    D Stir fry (various veg) in Frylite and SW chips

    Cereal bar (have not got a clue how many syns but 70 cals)
  4. mhairib

    mhairib Full Member

    if cereal bar is 70 calories count it as 3.5 syns. any food which doesn't have a free food element can be synned roughly by saying every 20 cals is 1 syn :)
  5. br908477

    br908477 New Member

    Great thanks for that. I have pretty much stuck to it today except I switched the stir fry for tinned tom's couldn't be bothered. Think I am having a red day tomorrow, going to alternate for a bit and see what suits best. :)
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