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New to this site and new to CD!!


My name is Charlotte, I am new to this site and I have started the CD this morning... I had a strawberry shake for breakfast which wasn't too bad then for lunch had brocolli and cheese soup which I found really hard!! :sigh: Just wanted to get some support and feedback etc from people who have done/ doing it?? :)

I want to loose 84 pounds ish... To get from an 18/20 :eek: to a size 10/12 ish!! Need my confidence back.. after 3 children you don't feel too good about yourself!!

Just wondering which shakes etc you recommend?? How you're finding it etc??

Hope to hear from you soon xx
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Hi Charlotte, I'm on week 2 and i have to say its not a walk in the park but I'm finding this the easiest diet i've ever been on!
I think i'm finding it easier because you dont have to think of food at all, there's no 'I'll just have one of those cos its low in fat' etc. Food is totally banned if your on sole source so if its any food YOU DONT TOUCH IT!
As for the shakes, it boils down to personal preference, somebody might like one which another will find disgusting so your better off doin what many of us did and have one of each the 1st week and write down the ones you really like.
Welcome to the site its a fantastic help and good luck xx
Thank you.. Yes I'm on Sole Source.. Feeling hungry now which I think is normal on day 1??

Also how do you add a ticker???

Thank you for support xx
Yeah...lol.... stay away from the cheese and broc soup ewwwwwwww...
You will find that it gets a lot easier as the weeks pass. My loss has been quite slow but that is because over christmas i was ill and have a couple of days off but hey - was the first Christmas I havent put on weight.
If you have any questions then dont be afraid to ask - we are a nice bunch x
Hi charlotte, im on SS and on my 4th day, i have to admit i like the cheese and brocolli soup lol


always lurkin around!
hello charlotte :) oh yes stay away from the cheese and broc soup ewwww... im on day 2 of restart did cd last year so i know it works and fast!!! the chilli soup is nice and the veg, and potato and leak ...choc tetras are nice very choccy and the bars which u can have in week 2 are lush ...caramel is my fav ... as said i dont think this diet is a walk in the park ..well not 4 me but it is easy as in no food.. so u cant get it wrong lol...just remember if u want a little cheat u will have 2 be on the diet that bit longer and u dont want that ....keep up with the water 2 which is 1 of my failing im not keen but peps on here who drink lots seem 2 lose quick..good luck hun keep comin on here theres always some1 around 4 a chat or support xx
for the ticker, click on either mine or gunna-make-its and it'll take you to the site, click 'create you own' and then weight loss.
then just choose one and follow the instructions x
Nope??? :confused:

I have managed to do the ticker but must be being stupid!?!?
You may need to wait until you've done more posts to have enough space to add a ticker? Not sure.

Welcome to Minis and Good Luck with CD! I'm on Day 3 of a restart, going strong :) I can't stand any of the soups personally! xx
Yeah probably...

I only had one soup and it's put me right off the soups so I have swapped all my soups for shakes.. Just had mint choc.. Yummy!!

First day nearly done yippeee!!! :)


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Hi Pink Charl and welcome to Minimins :D

Have a look at this info below for new members. Any problems, just shout up :)

:sign0144:When you are a newbie

You are in a group which has no avatar, limited signature space, no Private messaging other members, no sending email to other members and you cannot upload images to the gallery.

Members can post weight loss ticker link into your signature on joining.

When you reach 20 posts you get avatar privileges and a larger signature space and can upload images to the gallery.

When you reach 50 posts, you get even more signature space, and private messaging and emailing is enabled.

You need at least 50 posts for your profile page.

You also need 50 posts to post links. You may not post links to personal business sites or personal websites with advertising or websites that are in competition with MiniMins.

I hope you understand the privileges that you will receive for being a long term poster.

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