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New to this - usually try dieting in secret...


Not sure what to put or what I'll get out of this. I'm contemplating a restart of CD in the morning, as i have been for the last couple of weeks.

Feeling ill with the weight now, I'm under 40 and I'm being tested for things like discerned and cholesterol and can't help thinking it's too early to start with that sort of stuff when I have 2 children under 3. I don't want to die young. But motivation continues to fail me, i know i just have to get past the first 4-7 days but it's so hard with still feeding the littlest (weaning in next few weeks and baby is chunky and healthy thus far) and toddler terror mode of the eldest. I seem to get to mid afternoon, lose the will and reach for the chocolate.

Getting married in Autumn but OH currently working away so I'm feeling very alone. Just need to get started...
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Welcome Elsie to MiniMins :)

I moved you to the CD diary forum and left an expiring redirect so your post can be found.

We all have had many false starts before taking off, so you are not alone...

We have a good few here on CD actively doing very well and I hope they will be along to say hello.

If you are in the process of weaning your baby you would need to be on one of the higher steps as you would not be getting enough protein on Sole Source...I'm sure your consultant has advised you on this.

The extra protein and non-starchy veggies along with your CD packs will give you the extra energy and nutrition you need just now...you will also lose weight and improve your health numbers...

Have you a date set for your wedding?

Thanks for the move and redirect :)

I'm using sachets I've got lying around at the moment so I'm going solo but had planned to include a protein meal and probably 4 sachets a day even though I'm not tall. I tend to think with the several stones i have to lose that my body will find the energy to feed baby, a mum's body does just seem to prioritise baby so that's reassuring, but obviously i can't cope with feeling ill with looking after the kids so will play it by ear.

Wedding is 30th September but OH will be back late July for a family wedding so I'd love to be looking a bit better by then. His internet isn't strong enough for video calls so it would be a surprise if i could slim a bit. Also, although i have my wedding dress (but would like to look better in it) i still need to figure out what to wear for the family wedding. It's a lot about health this time, but also still about vanity as always! What's also irritating me lately is how differently people treat me now I'm a very overweight mum living in leggings rather than a slightly overweight suited office worker - very discriminatory. People assume you're stupid and I'm not sure if that's the weight or the scruff clothing or the double buggy accessory.

Sorry, I'm waffling, too much in my head being on my own with little ones all the time!
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Just thought I'd say hi, I'm still feeding my youngest and doesn't it make you more hungry!! Its only for a short time so its worth it of course. Good luck with your new start :)
Thanks for the message :)
It really does make you more hungry doesn't it! The last thing i need...
Are you actively dieting at the moment? I'm finding the breastfeeding thing also crops up in my mind as a convenient excuse to eat when I'm struggling to get in gear. I didn't manage to start anything today, weak excuses like feeling hungry first thing, a 6:30am start, grumpy children and me all full of cold, you know the sort of thing. I did get weighed though with a view to starting something, even if it isn't the full blown abstinence from eating that i wish i could just crack on with
S: 15st1lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 4st7lb(29.86%)
I am doing calorie counting, I was having 1400 but have decreased it to 1300 from today. I've not been able to stick to it 100% but having a lot less than I would have normally which will help me in the longterm. Yes breastfeeding does make you think that, I had to dig very deep in order to kick myself up the bum and just start. I have 3 children and we have a 6am start most mornings, but I now have the motivation to just come downstairs make them breakfast, clean up any mess from the day before and then get straight on to my exercise routine. Or during the school week I do it as soon as I get home. Then I have my breakfast afterwards and I know I've done my workout and if I'm more tired later I don't have to start making excuses. Its really tough and has taken me years to get this motivation, I'm trying to make it a habit so its difficult to break. I read the more you stick to something and don't make excuses the harder it is to break the habit.

Its not the best time to start when you are full of cold, its hard enough to just look after the children when you're ill, start when you are well again :)
I think what threw me this morning was the baby waking up before the toddler. Usually its somewhere around 7am but baby feeds every 2 hours all night, which i find really hard going.

Sounds like you're in the zone at the moment, very impressive. Maybe i need to set an alarm to try and get a headstart on the kids? Have you lost much? Do you have much to lose?
S: 15st1lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 4st7lb(29.86%)
Hope you're feeling better? I've lost just over 2 stone and I'm needing to lose another 2 I would estimate but I'm going more by how comfortable I feel than the scales. I know how you feel the night feeds made me feel quite zombie like, I'm down to 1 feed a night sometimes I offer water now but my son is a lot older now (2yrs).

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