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New to this

Hey people my names Matt, my first post and visit to this forum.

Okay, well... I weigh 20 stone, 6ft 1 and work as a Security Operative, Bouncer, Doorsupervisor, CCTV Operative and going into close protection course so i can do that (body guarding).

Anyway, Im fit in the sense of i have agility and stamina to sprint long distances and strong (well i have to be in my job lol).

Anyway, 20 stone and i want to get down to 13-14 stone due to im going on Holiday in December.

My doctor perscribed me a huge course of Xenical 120mg tablets for weight loss. apparently it really cuts the fat from my food intake.

Anyway that being said i wish to ask the question of. With these tablets combined, if i ate 1 can of tomato sauce beans, spaced out through the whole day, how much weight would you think i would lose? I know the complications of the answer, you know, metabolism and etc. But on an 'average' person, how quickly do you think those pounds would drop off in what space of time if i stuck to that?

Also i realise the complications you might think of nutirition but if i was to do it i would take full range of vitamin supplements.

Answers would be lovely.
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From what I understand, Xenical works by absorbing the fat that you eat and getting rid of it in your usual bodily functions *ahem*.

There is VERY little fat in beans, if any at all so it would be pointless in taking the Xencial as it would have no effect.

That said, just eating beans would be a really bad idea - it's dangerous to have so few calories for an extended period. If you want to do a VLCD have you thought of joining Lighter Life, Cambridge diet, w8, lipotrim? The food/shake/soup packs on these sort of diet have everything in that your body needs to live on and are designed to be eaten as a 'soul source' of nutrition, proteins, carbs etc.

As for weight loss, blokes usually lose weight faster than us ladies (typical :p) and if you were to opt for a vlcd you could probably lose your weight in about 4 or 5 months, certainly in time for your holiday in December.

hopefully someone who makes more sense and can explain things better will be along soon! but please don't do the bean diet!

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Hi Matthew

Just to follow on from what Lizzie has just said.. and to bring in some of the comments you made.

It does of course depend on each and everybodies differing metabolisms and needs of fuel. One gentleman on our extante forum has lost 21lb in 10 days, and I am sure all the other branded vlcd have simliar success stories.. But a healthly weight to lose is 2-4 lb a week on these.

From what you have said, you lead an active life, and would need to be very on the ball in the evenings in order to perform your role as a bouncer.

I think everyone must make their own person judgements, so you can either take on some of my advice or choose to ignore them, and this is of course your right.

The body needs certain nutrients, fats, minerals and vitamins to function. It is not only our body that needs fuelling but our brain.

I would suggest that if you are motivated enough to limit yourself to a can of beans a day.. and you think you can self govern any cravings then instead of placing such strain on your body, you should maybe consider a vlcd that is either monitored, or like extante, available to buy on-line. With any of these this forum is a lifeline and a godsend in motivation and support.

I assume from your post you are in regular contact with your doctor, if you could pop in and speak to him or her about placing yourself on such a diet, they can do any necessary blood panels or health checks to give you the all clear to start one.

A can of beans, is a fantastic food... however.. not on its own, and not stretched over three meals in a day. The body can function on low calories,but this might in fact be a lot higher than first thought. You would be surprised what is considered low and how many it needs to perform daily tasks, unless you opt for a branded vlcd, as the packs contain all the goodness and fuel your body and brain need. Not only the vitamins but proteins, carbs etc.

Have a quicky glance over this thread http://www.minimins.com/weight-loss-diary/33816-minimum-calories-your-body-function.html

Drastically cutting food intake, may in fact have an opposite and negative affect on your wellbeing and your body, as well as the metabolism. Your body will react to starvation mode.

I wish you well on your journey.. but most of all I wish you health and well being, that is much more important than a quick fix that could harm you..

I am sure many others could discuss their own stores with you and I hope they do.
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short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
S: 17st0lb C: 14st2lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 38.7 Loss: 2st12lb(16.81%)
I hope you reply soon matt xx would love to know how you are:wave_cry: