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New to this !!!

Hi started the diet today and must admit a bit confused !!! Here's hoping someone can help. I am trying to understand the extra easy !!! I understand that at meal times I have to have a third of my plate super free but if I fancy a yoghurt or a snack during the day do I have to have fruit or veg with it? What do people snack on ? How do I find out which ready meals in the supermarket are free?
These are probably the first of many questions as I try to get to grips it has to work have sooo much to lose:cry:
Thanks in advance.
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On Extra Easy, you should really only snack on superfree food. If you wanted a yoghurt, then I'd suggest you have it with some fruit as well. As long as a third of your food over the day is superfree, you should be fine.

You can check syn values on the Slimming World website, so long as you're a paying member. I doubt there'll be many ready meals which are free to be honest, but you might find some low syn ones!
hi read a few of the food diaries on here to get some idea what others are eating, i am following ee but i have yoghurt as a snack on its own at anytime and have between 10 and 15 syns every day have been following it for 3 weeks have lost 8lbs so far good luck :)
On EE they do say as a snack try and make your first choice superfree but its only really a recommendation.

Yogurt is still free on EE so personally if you snack on one of those you'll be fine. Just dont over indulge or it could be detrimental to your weightloss :D

Good luck
I'm sure theres some of the chicken breasts in tomato and basil sauce type frozen meals that are free. One of them with a bag of m/wave vegies and you've got a quick meal
I think you need to apply a modicum of common sense - it says snacks should be superfree as a first choice. If you choose 18 (free) yogurts over an apple and a few grapes, it follows you probably won't lose much weight! However, I don't religiously always have superfree for snacks - if I have a mid morning and mid afternoon snack, I try and make one superfree (usually fruit), and then the other I have a yogurt or a syned kit-kat etc.

I have quite a lot to lose, and I think I will then have the flexibility to replace my second snack with superfree as I (hopefully!) get nearer to my target. I guess if you only have a small amount to lose you should try and make more snacks superfree?