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New to this

I'm thinking of starting this diet. The only thing I've come across about it is the link above. It sounds that basically you eat only about 400-500 cals on the down day and anything sensibily on the up day. Is that right ? Is there a club or a organisation that you join or something with more detailed info or is it as simple as that ?
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Hi Katona, take a look at this link:

Johnson Upday Downday Diet

Your summary is spot on, you eat a quarter of your normal daily calories on down days, and your normal amount (as sensibly as you can) on the alternate days. Several of us have two up days or and intermediate day and an up day over the weekend. Down days are really pretty easy, up days need a bit of self control, but you do get used to it and Barb and I are now finding we don't want to go mad on up days any more. The losses are around a pound and a half a week I reckon, less if you are naughty.

I must say I love it, been JUDDDing for a couple of weeks and it is working for me, I have tons of energy and never feel deprived because I can always have it tomorrow.


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Yep, Claire is so right, it is a great plan. I have to say my UDs are often quite naughty and include meals out takeaways etc, yet I have still lost every week(ok one week it was only .25lb, but better than nothing and WAY better than a gain)
It is a new way of life and i love it, I can do it forever and what's more I am going to. Join us, we are a good group of supporters, although because you never 'diet' for more than a day, it doesn't really feel very tough!
Lots of info on the Juddd threads, have a nose!

It seems a simple idea, but I've not really heard of it before I saw it on here. How long has it been around ?
I was thinking of using slim fast shakes for the first couple of weeks on the down days, though they're quite high cal I bought a load when they were b.o.g.o.f. so feel like I should use 'em up and on the site it recommends using diet shakes.
Have you ladies started this diet as a follow on from CD/ LL ?
Sort of, I did CD last year and lost 1st10lbs, ended just a couple of pounds above my goal weight, but I put 9lbs back on again over 5 months. Tried cutting calories but just couldn't shift it so I started JUDDD. I have some CD packs left, but I prefer real food so stick to that really. It depends on the amount of time and self discipline you have. My feeing is that if I can only have a few calories I'm at least going to make sure they taste good.
Right well I've started it today, felling a bit cold though so I've put the kettle on and gonna have a ten cal soup, a slim fast at lunch 211 cals, a can of baxters soup 188 cals and a slice of soda bread 70. Sounds quite reasonable hope I can stick to it.


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You can if you really want to. I find that if I am feeling tempted the thought that I can have whatever it is I am fancying, in less than 24hrs, makes it ok. I can cope with dieting 3-4 days a week but 7 days is too much! Sounds like you have todays food well sorted, so good luck and keep posting so we know how you are doing.

Congratulations on making a start. Some people find the later they can leave starting to eat on a DD the better they manage, I have trouble going beyond 9.00! As Barb says, the thought of tomorrow is always useful.
Well I started off OK ten cal soup, by about 11.30 am I was hungry, had a cuppa soup 84 cals. Then went out, home about 3.00pm about 3.45pm had a slice of soda bread 70 cals, still hungry so had my soup 188 cals. But I was still hungry so I had some cherries nearly a whole punnet oh and a weight watchers peanut bar. so not done too well today must be at least 150 over my 508 cals, and I cant wait till tommorrow and hope Friday is a bit easier

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hello girls

Just come across this thread, never heard of this diet before until now. I've had a read about it.... Does it work??? For those who are following it what is your usual weekly weight loss. just interested.....xxx
Katona you have done fine for your first day, it can be hard to get into the swing of it to start with. I tend to eat as much salad and veg as I can to fill myself up without loading on the calories. Unlike VLCDs you don't get used to the low intake, that is why the diet works well because you don't adapt. You still benefit from the VLCD strategy of drinking when you are hungry. Enjoy your up day tomorrow.

Fuzzy's Angel, I've been doing this for two and a half weeks now and reckon I am losing a pound and a half a week. I love it, as do some of the others on this forum. But it really doesn't seem to suit some people, they go out of control on the up days, or can't take the constant weight fluctuations, or expect a magical result. For me the plus points outweigh the minus ones massively - I adapt too easily to other diets and stop losing, JUDDD allows me to eat normally every other day so I can fit around social events, JUDDD is making me learn that I can have treats but not all the time. I have tons of energy too. That said, I have only half a stone to lose now so I don't have to diet for too long, but will use JUDDD for maintenance when the weight has gone.
Thanks for your encouragement Claire and Barb. I've been looking through some posts on traineo and it seems some of the dieters on there are saying eat all you want on up days the more the better. Sounds too good to believe, on the JUDDD site the cal intake on an up day come out as over 3000 cals is this what I should be aimimg for ? Surley some limitation is a better way to go ?


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2,000 sounds about right although I usually tend to aim somewhere between 1500 & 2000 on UDs as the 1st 2 weeks I did it without calorie counting, went a bit OTT on UDs and lost 1lb the 1st week & regained it the 2nd week so now I count every day.
The aim is to eat at a level which maintains your weight on the UDs, so that your body doesn't realise you are on a diet and keeps the metabolism running high. So you don't want to exceed that level or you will put weight on, but shouldn't go too low or your metabolism could adjust to the lower intake. As Anja says it is easy to go mad if you give yourself free rein, I tend to allow myself some treats (but not everything I can think of), and I probably end up between 1800 and 2100 (my limit).
Well yesterday was my first ud following a dd and I'm 3lb down. I cant believe this will stay off but hope it continues like that. I wasn't particularly good ate all the wrong foods (cakes and biscuits) even some ice cream. Today I gonna try not to eat till at least midday, hopefully I can last that long, I bought myself a small tin of ww spaghetti which I'll have on soda bread and maybe a poached egg about 270 cals. If you have n't tried soda bread I thoroughly recommend it. Its quite thick when toasted has a almost cake like texture. It is about 70 cals a slice though but worth it as you feel like you've eaten something wholesome not like the wafer diet breads at 40 cals a slice. Probably top up the rest of my cals with a cuppa soup and some fruit.
Well done, that is a great loss - as you say some may come back but it will seesaw downwards. As you get into the swing of this diet it does come to feel natural. I used to make soda bread which I love when fresh, not so keen on it the next day as it tended to go crumbly.
Hi Guys,

I thinking of joining too - currently on SW and loving the 'free food' principle with loads of low calorie foods to fill up/snack on. Will JUDDDD work with 3 CD packs on DD and SW plan on UD? Just thinking that my UDs will be controlled if i follow SW (up to 5 syns per day for a little treat) but DDs will be tasy with my left-over CD packs?

Do you guys use CD packs, slim fast etc or just count your calories to your quarterly intake accordingly?

Third dd today feeling a lot more in control for today, have just made a big batch of veggie soup would love to put a calorie value on it but cant find free online calorie counter anyone know any ?
Hi Munchkin if you look at the link for this diet it recommends you use diet shakes for the first two weeks.
I was going to use slimfast shakes cos I bought a load when they were bogof, but I find food more appealing. Although if your used to SS that is a more controlled way to go.