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ProPoints New to WW

After trying so many other diets, I have decided to try WW. I hope it goes better this time. I'm tired of other restrictive diets. I believe I cook very healthy, but I think I've lost my portion control after two pregnancies one after the other. I've lost most of the weight on a very strict diet, but as soon as I stopped I put it all back on.
Looking for some support here as I don't believe I can get this type of support within my close family. They are all thin and healthy and don't need to lose weight. :)
I was encouraged to try ww after a friend has lost 50lbs on it. I'm hoping to lose 40lbs.
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Here is what I had today so far.
2 slices of bread 4pp
1 apple
Pasta 5
1 chicken nugget 1
green salad with dressing 2
cooked green beans with olive oil 1
coffee with skimmed milk 0.5
ww yogurt 2
a handful of blueberries
Salad with dressing 2
green beans cooked with olive oil 1
a slice of bread 2

This seems a lot under my daily allowance, but I'll see if I'm feeling hungry after dinner.
So far so good, since I can snack on fruits I don't feel hungry very much.


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Hiya are you doing the old discovery or the new Pro points? The new pro points dont have 0.5 values ? xx
Hi Lou,
I'm trying to do the propoints but I guess I've got that one wrong. It should be 1 pp then. Thanks for the warning. :)
Your progress seems great. I hope I can get that far.
I've tried SB and Montignac diet before but I found them hard to stick, when I'm cooking for the whole family, breakfast/lunch and dinner. On my side of the family, there are a lot of obese people including my mom. I'm really trying to prevent it happening to me. I decided to try WW as everyone seems to be so happy with it. I just find it hard, because I live in Switzerland and WW here is all in German and they have slightly different online program. The online tools are not the same as in US or UK. I can't go to the meetings here either as they are also in german and I've two little kids at home.
I'm already very motivated with all the support in this forum.
Thanks a lot, xx
Hi there!
I also cant do the online ww because I live in Paris and my French is not great. I am lucky enough to find ww products in most shops though the range is tiny compared to London where I used to live.

I am not even going to tell hubby that the meals I make are ww friendly. I doubt he would realise the difference and as long as I have cheese and baguette with the meal h will be happy!
Oh are you married to French? My husband is from here. He also loves his bread and cheese in the evenings. I get bored of that sometimes so I make a soup or salad. I put the cheese and bread on the table for him. :)
Here, there are some ww products in only one of the supermarket chains but they are a little bit more expensive compared to the other products. I have the calculator and I have some of the ww cookbooks so I'm trying to do it alone. We'll see how it goes. :)
hi there, just want to say welcome aboard the forum and im sure you will get all the support you need so all the best :D
just want mention if it isnt ww bread then 2 slices of ordinary bread is 5pp
swissie said:
Hi there!
Thank you! I'll make sure I'll calculate the bread correctly.
Today was just not my day. I didn't do too bad but didn't get much exercise done.
ww cereal with skimmed milk 3pp
Coffee with sm 1 pp
Homemade rice with beef, aubergine and carrots from ww cookbook. 11pp
(I'm not so sure on that one as the recipe was using lamb and not beef. I also didn't eat a whole portion but I'm calculating it as stated in the book)
2tbsp yogurt 2pp

Coffee with sm 1pp
2 cookies 5pp

Less than 1/2 portion same rice as lunch 5pp
2tbsp yogurt 2pp

Makes 30pp, which is 1 over my allowance but I still didn't use most of my 49 so I should be ok.
Tomorrow I'm planning to cook another dish from the ww book. Something with prawns maybe. :)
Yes, my husband is French. I do the same.... just put the bread and cheese there and I am usually not too tempted. I want to be slim and healthy too much :)
Your menu looks good! I need to start using ww recipes!
Here is today's pps.

ww cereal with sm 4 pp
coffee with sm 1pp
Steamed fish with veggies and olive oil 6pp
steamed potatoes 3pp
chocolate 72%c 2pp
chocolate biscuit 3pp
Tuna, sweetcorn and cucumber sandwich with mayo 8pp

It seems I have 2pp left from today. Maybe I'll have another piece of chocolate later or not. :)
I hope you all had a nice day.
Today was just not my day. I went over my 29 and I used my extra pps. I hope it's still going to be ok when I WI on Tuesday.
1 slice of bread 2pps
a piece of cheese 3
lf margarin and jam 4
coffee with sm 1
Turkey ham tortilla wrap with veggies and mayo 8
1/2grilled beef steak - 2
6 grilled prawns - 3
rice with butter - 6
salad with light dressing - 2
1dl white wine - 2
cookie 2
I should probably take some points out for all the garden work I was doing today. :)
I was just really really hungry.
Have a nice Saturday evening all.
One day to go to see some results. Weekends are so hard to get through and I'm already afraid of next weekend as we are invited to my mum-in-law for brunch. I hope I can keep all my weeklies until then.
2 slices of bread 5pp
margarin and jam 4pp
coffee with sm 1
Tuna sandwich 9pp
salad with no dressing (yuk) 0pp
1 small piece of chicken 1pp
2 tbsp bulgur rice with no oil 4pp
coffee with sm 1pp
cookies 4pp

29/29 it seems. Have to control myself better tomorrow. No more cookies.
Have a nice sunday evening to you all.
Hi,can I join you? :wave_cry:I did ok my firs week,but this 2day I cant stop myself, I have got so much to do and my diet among them just not fitting . I have got 2 little kids,I am learning to drive,I was doing childcare courese and on top all of it I should cook clean and do shopping,But without this diet I will be more deprest,because I need to loose 5 st for my goal weight:(
Hi there,
Of course you can join me. I totally understand what you're talking about. I have two kids too and I've to do a lot during the day and in the evenings I'm just too tired. I'm also doing a course. An online course that I can study on my own time, which I don't have right now. I'm trying to motivate myself to lose this weight otherwise I know I'll just keep getting depressed too. Let's support each other. I didn't have time to write my diary today but it's something like this.
Breakfast 4
Oats with sm 4 pp
Lunch 9
Stir fried beef and veggies 5
Pasta 4
Snack 8
Cookies 8
(ran out if fruit but managed to do some shopping late afternoon so should be ok tomorrow)
Dinner 7
Bulgur salad with veggies 4
1/2 slice of bread 1
1 tiny price of cheese 2
Not too bad considering the cookies. Did an hour if body pump class at the gym this evening but no idea about it's worth in pps.
Tomorrow will be a day without cookies.
Have a nice evening all
First WI and I lost about 2.5lbs. Yay! I'm quite keen to continue now. Although I saw this on the scale on my previous diet trails, so I shouldn't get too excited. I will believe it's real after another 2lbs. but yay! :)
Today I was invited to a friend for lunch, so I had to eat whatever she made. Lucky for me she always cooks low fat and all but the problem was the cake we ate after lunch. I was in such a hurry this morning and didn't have time for breakfast. I also just had fruit for dinner after that cake. I want to try to stay within my points during the week, because I will need the weekly points in the weekend.
Wholewheat pasta with Barilla pesto sauce 10
Salad with tomato and mozzarella 5
Coffee with sm 1
1 slice of cake 12 (oh my!)
Apple and a plum

Total 28/29 pp

I love that I can have fruits without thinking so much about it. All the other diets I have tried were forbidding them at least for a while.
how is everyone else doing?

Today's menu:
ww musli with sm 4pp
Pasta with bolognese sauce 12pp
salad with light dressing 1pp
salad with 1/4 avocado 2
1/4 puff pastry wrap 2
Chocolate 8pp
banana 0
plum 0

Worked out at the gym today as well but I'm not sure how to calculate that into my pro points. 30 min cardio on the bike and 30 minutes weights.
How is everyone else doing? muslima?
have a nice evening all
What a day. I didn't get a chance to sit in front of the computer today. My little one is sick and I'm over my 29.
2 slices of bread 5pp
Margarin and jam 4 pp
Coffee with sm 1pp
Total 10pp
ww veggie burgers recipe home made 4 pp
Riz casimir - tasted about 1/4 portion 3 pp
Total 7 pp
Same as lunch 7 pp
Finished up daughter's leftover ice cream 2pp
Cookies 4 pp
Tea with sm 1 pp
Total 7 pp
Day total 31/29

Not too bad. Have to stop finishing leftovers. :)
Son is still not feeling good so he was attached to me all day today. I had my lunch when he was taking a nap and for dinner I really tried to eat because I was so hungry. I didn't have time to snack so I had a little pudding after dinner. Bad!
Bircher musli (home made) 5pp
1 slice of bread 2pp
Tahini dip (1tbsp) 3pp
coffee with sm 1pp
Bf total: 11pp
veggie burger 5pp
1 tbsp yogurt 1pp
Lunch total 6pp
1 steak 4pp
pasta with less than 1 tsp pesto 5
broccoli 0
cauliflower 0
glass of wine 2
dinner total 11
pudding 5

Day total 33/29
used weeklies again. But didn't do too bad I think
Happy Easter everyone.
Hi, I just joined weight watchers on Tuesday and this forum looks great. I did weight watchers before but hadnt seen the new pro points. It seems to be working well for you guys. Are you finding it easier or harder than the old points? I'm having a hard time getting my head around it.