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ProPoints New to WW


I am nearly finished my first week ever on WW. I have tried diets before and never stuck to them and didn't think WW was for me as it was portion size and binging I had a problem with but I have found it great and I am never hungry! I can't believe it!
I hope I have been doing it right, and the pp do add up but we will have to see on Tuesday night if I have lost any weight.
I have 9 stone to lose, and that to me is very disheartening as I don't know how it can be done. I have been over weight so long I forget what looking thin is like!

Am loving the WW chocolate biscuits!
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Hey :) Good luck for Tuesdays weigh in!!


Overweight or undertall?!
good luck, remember to let us know how you get on!


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Good luck with your WI. You'll learn so much on this site x

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Hi all,

Thanks for the comments. Am feeling a little lighter so hopefully tomorrow will show I'm not imagining it. My husband has said he has noticed and reckons I've lost 3 pounds. Hmmm.
One thing he is not impressed about is how much money we are spending on food lol. I would never eat that much but eat bad and whatever he ate and he is one of those annoying men that can eat anything and not put on weight!

Will post after my weigh in.



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Don 't think of it as 9 st, break it down into 1st milestones. It will be easier to keep to! Just keep putting one step in front of the other.
A lot of people say Aldi is very good for fresh produce and very reasonably priced, Poundland is VERY good for WW products.
You may find that you save money by changing the shops you go in!
The major brand supermarkets (I'm a Tesco shopper!) are not always the cheapest places to shop just more convenient!
Markets are fabulous places for cheap fruit and veg, I live with a man who likes his fruit unripe so markets aren't always best for me, I like it but he leaves it grrrr!!
Welcome to WW, have a good journey and enjoy it.
Thanks Kate,

I think I will go stone by stone and make that my goal. I just came back from KFC which is very bad but I added the points from online and it came to 22 points, luckily I hadn't used that many points today!!!

I will check out Aldi and see what they have. I have found the fruit and veg at tesco lately really bad and the fruit seems to be tasteless so it can only get better! I had been going there though as they seem to have alot of WW foods and starting off that makes it so much easier.

I am also in Dublin so dont get poundland.
Hi Binksy! I had 11 stone to go when I started and in 11 weeks I'm nearly 2 stone lighter :) here to follow and help xx
feeling a little lighter, well i hope anyway!
i'm only going 39 points allowance as i am on medication that puts weight on, boo hoo, so far its been okay and i have lost the 3 pounds so hopefully it will keep on coming off.
bit of a personal question here, has anyone had the merina coil? been okay? not put on weight? i would love to hear anything.

hope the weekend has been kind to everyone,

Hi Binksy, i've just come across your post. Well done on losing 3lbs! I'm in my 2nd week and also have lots to lose 8.5stone, i'm looking forward to seeing how you get on, good luck x x
Fraid I dont kno about the coil! That sucks about the medicine! Keep up the good work x
Weigh in tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it. PM so am bloated, this happens every 2-3 weeks for me unfortunately so I feel like a never get a darn break from it!
C'mon scales be kind.....
Good luck for WI! X
Good luck x