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New transfer from Cambridge

Hi, I've just defected from Cambridge mainly due to the cost but also wanted to to do T/S and not have to have a small meal due to my BMI being over 40.

I have found the shakes to be a bit nicer than c/d much creamier, Chocolate not's great but can drink it.

I lost 18lbs on c/d but went on hols and put 10lb's on. I started exante on Thursday 1st Sept so I am still struggling through my first week. So far so good.

I've decided after looking at so many of your inspirational posts that my new mantra is I CAN DO IT!:)

This site is very encouraging and when i'm feeling bored - because i can't eat, it's a really great way to strengthen my resolve.
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I'll second that, you CAN do it
I've tried a couple of times to do it 100% and failed but I really feel that this forum is going to make all the difference, I've only been on here a few days and already feel really supported
Good luck xx
Thank you so much.

You are so right about this forum MsJoJo. I really felt I didn't need the c/d 'counselling' and this forum gave me the confidence to try exante.

I need to do it for myself and not anyone else.
I did CD before exante and I must say i am finding exante much easier . as there is more calories int the shakes and they are so much thicker I am finding I am much fuller and less hungry , the CD ones were very sweet but very thin and not filling at all in my opinion . Good luck with exante , i find my losses just as good, if not better and I love the exante soups where as I hated the CD ones .. i do miss the porridge tho !!!!
You are so right - believe in yourself and you can do it. If you're feeling down, and tempted to eat, just have a read of some of the inspirational posts and diaries on here, or ask for some help; it makes so much difference any time of day or night to find words on here that can really help you on your journey.

Good luck as you get started.
I cam over from CD too. I love the exante shakes bit I do put in a splenda tablet to sweeten them up a bit! Good luck on exante! X
You Can Do It.....welcome....

We are the same height and pretty much same starting weight...we can keep each other focused....

I have lost 15lbs in 4 weeks, I was disappointed at just a lb loss this week, but I am over it and onto my AAM week. Hoping it will boost me back into the good numbers again.

Good luck on your first week
FB1 said:
Weighed in this morning and very pleased with 7.5lb loss.

That's 25% more than my first week on c/d

Thanks everyone for your support.
Congrats that's s great start! :)

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