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new wardrobe how little can i buy

I m in a bit of a quandry nothing fits and I need to buy new clothes but I am only half way to my goal and don't want to spend to much. can't decide what i need to buy and what i can get away with not having. I have to be smart for work as a teacher but really dont see the [point in investing money in clothes that will hopefully not fit for long. has anyone else had the same problem and if so what did you buy.
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I'm in a similar position, luckily still have a few smaller clothes to get into, but once hit sz 14 will have to start buying. Intend to do sales/ebay/charity/cheapy shops as just cant afford a mega wardrobe overhaul every size! Figure i will prob live in jeans out of work as they are so versatile. Presently i need to shop for jumpers to stop self from freezing! Always been a hot bod so have no warm clothes really and cannot bear this cold! (secretly debating use of thermal underwear, -what do you reckon! LOL!) Will go today methinks as OH is off work to be able to give me child free shopping- Yay!
thank you for all the advice, I am viewing ebay as we speak but i am not really sure what will suit me any more. As for Primark I pray for the day I can fit in their sizes but still to fat am a size 20/22. Have just been looking at car boot sales for the bank holidays yay for recycling!!


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Do you know anyone with a sewing machine...

I spent all last weekend taking in 5 pairs of trousers, 3 skirts and a couple of blouses ( The blouses, I won't be bothering with again, they were a nightmare!)

But taking in bottoms is easy enough, if you're a bit worried about the whole alterations thing, just adding a bit of elastic to each side will get you through another clothes size...
If you would like instructions, feel free to PM me!


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I would say supermarket clothes have done me well, especially if you go often as they always seem to have a sale rack and I have got work trousers for around a fiver. As long as you are not too fussy about the style or looking for something in particular. Also, when it comes to the time that you no longer fit in the clothes size 20 and upwards go really well on EBay - the only things I have not been able to sell are size 18 down. So you can always get some money back on both the things that no longer fit you now and what you to get to tide you over.

Also I find that skirts last longer when losing weight than trousers, with trousers the bum and legs always get loose on me quickly so skirts last longer and look smarter, one skirt I have I am currently folding the waistband over so that I can wear it for a little longer.

I am really trying not to buy anymore work clothes at the moment so the washing machine is always on!

And, even if you don't buy going in and trying on clothes in a smaller size is always a great confidence booster...
Try Tesco - sounds stupid but they have got loads of really good dresses and new ranges.

I was shocked when i saw what they do. It's all really cheap too.
have a look on the slimming world forum.
they have a clothes exchange.you can offer others your clothes that are too big and see if anyone has anything in the sizes your after.


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i am the ebay and charity shop queen!!!
I bought 2 Hobbs Jumpers, a Nicole Fahri top and a cashmere jumper today in charity shops for £15, and the money is always for a good cause as well so everyone wins! :D
i love bagging a bargain! :D:D:D
Ebay. It's my lifeline clothes wise. And what I've shrunk out of goes back on sale. I've got a load of tops up at the moment.;)
I just go for basic stuff, that goes with anything. I figure I can go mad with different styles once I get to goal. Till then I manage with 2 pairs of black dress pants for work (I get the blouses supplied), a couple of pairs of jeans and a couple of shirts.