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New Way of Keeping an Eye on my Diet


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I recently lost 31 lbs using lipotrim and after seven weeks i decided that enough was enough and i couldnt hack it any more so attempting refeeding but managed to mess it up a bit. consequently a few pounds have gone back on (even thought its only water weight, seeing those scales going up feels horrible) so, having read a few different peoples diaries on here its given me the boost i need to start my diary and try to keep an eye on what im putting in my mouth!

i know that if i try to calorie count for some reason its seems to make me feel resentful so i wont be going down that route...if i weigh things out that doesnt seem to work for me either..so ive decided that what i think ill do is just be sensible with my nutrition, not ban everything but if i really fancy something have it in moderation. thats my key word, moderation cause sometimes it just doesnt seem to sink in with me and all moderation goes out of the window!

so, moderation, keep an eye on what im eating and ill make a note of it when i feel comfortable enough to do so on any particular day. ill list things when i want to so i dont feel under any pressure and do exercise when i want to as well.

ive gone to that route of eating too little, exercising too much and i know from experience i just cant maintain high levels of both simultaneously..i get resentful of the time it all takes when i know im wasting my life doing it all so religiously. im now 41 and have been 'dieting' on n off for years and really, im heartly sick of it lol

i do want to lose some weight but as and when is going to be fine for me. i hoping that if i think of losing some weight from a different perspective and not put myself under so much pressure, then i will do what i set out to do and not vear off the path into bingeing and overeating as ive done in the past

heres to a new mind set.....

h xxxx
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G: 68kg
so today:
B.lipotrim maintenance bar (using them up)
L. lipotrim mainteance mousse with raspberries and blueberries
S. 2 nairns oat biscuits
D. mushroom and leek bake, roll and icecream and fruit

im find this a help already cause otherwise my food seems to merge into one large meal as i wasnt having very long between meals. not that i can eat very much at the moment anyway but its the stopping when you feel full thing. im always so quick so want to sabortage myself...why fgs?!
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G: 68kg
and yes i know it doesnt look much but when im at work i dont get time to eat much..its when i get home that trouble can strike cause im too hungry to think straight i guess !

h x


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Hi Harriet, just wanted to say I totally empathise with being unable to hack exercise and rigorous dieting simultaneously. Tried that combo so many times over the years myself and failed miserably.

Good on you for losing all that weight and resolving to keep it off sensibly. If you can't stand calorie counting, just keeping an eye on the portion sizes should work fine anyway. For most carbs, I think the guideline is a fist-sized portion, for meat - about the size of a pack of playing cards. Bulking up on the fruit and veg is my own personal golden rule!

By the way, don't know if it would be your cuppa tea, but I find www.essentialsweightloss.co.uk really handy just for tracking what I eat. You can use it for maintenance or loss and they offer a 5 day free trial. They'll count the calories, but you don't have to pay any heed to the total, sometimes it just helps to have a clear list to look at.

I used to bolt my meals down too, then one day I picked up a cheapo pack of chopsticks in Ikea. No idea why - impulse purchase! Started using them for evening meals and it helped to slow me down. Might sound silly, but it got me focusing on each mouthful and chewing properly. I think that drinking a few glasses with your meal helps, too. I'm not that fond of plain water, so I add some Robinson's no added sugar squash to it. The Orange & Mango flavour is delicious and really low in cals.

Don't let yourself get too hungry if you can help it! If you keep a big made up tub of Hartley's sugar-free jelly in the fridge, there's always something to grab in moments of dire need. Pouches of microwaveable soup like Bachelor's Soupfuls are great for quick and filling tide-me-over-until-dinner times.

Best of luck with the new approach - it sounds like a sensible winner.


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thanks iris for replying, nice to know theres support out there :) i like the sound of the website, i think ill take a look at that sometime in the future and see if it helps. thanks.

your right about not getting hungry cause thats when the munchies appear dont they. its really difficult at work though. i used to take in salads and things but had to eat it at my desk and then when the phone rang it was always a case of swallowing quickly and not tasting what i was eating so id rather eat more when i get home..then of course im too hungry..cant win sometimes lol obviiously at the weekend its always easier to get hold of food, too easy !

i also think illmake up some jelly like you suggested..ive got some jelly crystals in the cupboard, ill try those

thanks again iris

h xx

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