I for one have in my head Christmas as my main goal for now..................BUT................ New Year will be upon us all very soon and I for one want a slim New Year !! So I have been thinking GOALS FOR THE NEW YEAR:

1:Feb 14th Valentines Day to be at my target of 9st 10lbs.

2:Easter Sunday (not sure of the date) to be 1 stone under my target weight.(im only 5ft 2 :eek: )

3:To keep at my Easter Target all summer and wear a Bikini on Holiday.

Thats mine What are yours??????????

Good idea illdoit. I'm (hopefully!) moving into maintenance on LL round about the New Year so my goals are:

  1. To complete Maintenance properly, by the book, and remain at my target weight
  2. To go cycling at least twice a week, so by the time I go on holiday in May not only am I bit more toned (and still at target!) but we'll be able to do things like hire bikes etc that I've never wanted to do before
  3. Be happy to put my before and after photos on here for you all to see!!
Good luck with yours!!
1) to be 9 stone something by my birthday (12th January)

2)to be able to buy lots of new clothes nd fit into them for the whole year!
1. To be nearly at a healthy weight by my birthday (2nd jan) I never wanted to be fat and 30, but sadly I was, hoping to be 31 and almost slim!

2. To be well into management by easter.

3. To celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary (its in march) looking and feeling GORGEOUS!

4. Generally take better care of myself as I haven't really for a while.....

good luck with all of yours everyone

I'm in a bigging myself up mood today and have to annoyingly point out that my New Year's Resolutions this year were to lose weight and get a 'proper' job. Both these things were issues that were really stressing me out. And now I don't have to make either resolution in 2007 yippee!!
1 To get to under 12 stone by my birthday (Jan 23rd)

2 To keep going until I get to at least 10 stone

3 To maintain my target weight

4 To sort out finances, big time!!

5 To get a new better paid job to help with 4!!
:) Goals for 2007:)

:p Be 10st by Feb 14th, my son's 9th birthday!
:eek: To feel beautiful on my 2nd wedding anniversary on 20th March.
:rolleyes: To have a successful, happy & healthy pregnancy
:) To NEVER spend a day in 2007 being overweight!

....well thats the plan....
Hello wee hunni's!!!!

Oooh what a great thread!!! :D

Oks my goal(s) are:
By new year to be about 16stone give or take a few poundies! Hopefully have come down 2 dress sizes :p

By my graduation (june) to be about 11stone and into a size 12 dress for graduation! :D oh that would be wonderous! yes indeedy!!

and by august/spetember next year to be floating around target of 8.5 - 9.5 stone :D

Whoopeeee! im excited already!
My goals

Firstly I hope to get on the scales on the morning of Friday 22nd December and weigh 9st 6lb (or under pleeeeease!)

New years goals if I hit my crimbo one are:

1. Be 8st 7 by my 1st years wedding anniversary on May 27th.

2. To maintain my weight with healthy eating and get off the packs ASAP by using GI dieting.

3. Wear my size 10 bikini's in the summer of '07

4. Get a new job!!!
My new years goals are:
1. To have a beautiful baby (due 3/3)
2. By the end of 2007 to have lost all my pregnancy weight & completed the journey I started & got down to my target weight (hopefully I will manage to breast feed this time, if I do I won't start dieting until Sept time)
3. To build up my CD customer base & help others on their weight loss journeys.

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