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new year, new me, for the last time!

Every year I make the new years resolution, lose weight exercise eat more healthily. And every year start January eating left over xmas food watching dvd bought for xmas. Not this time!

I tried Cambridge twice previously and gave up without really trying. This time I've been preparing myself anticipating the first hard week. Before new years I just ate anything! After new year I stayed away from alcohol and ate less preparing my body for Cambridge (I heard this can help).

Saw my lovely CDC on 7th January, weighing in at 17st 2lb, my heaviest ever! I'm 5ft4 so BMI 41. I decided to start on the 10th january with the shakes. I like starting on a monday because I keep busy at work and can't snack at my desk so I'm less likely to cheat.

Monday Tuesday, perfect! I think I over mentally prepared myself for hunger pains and headaches so I found it easy.
Wednesday fine till late night and without blinking ate a full bag of cashew nuts!!! Then felt guilty knowing I'd only cheated myself!
Thursday, back on track!
Friday evenin, weight in with CDC, 16st 11lb!

5lb lost in 5 days. I was ok with this, although not overjoyed, I'm still heavier than I was last time I started Cambridge, ao right now I just feel as though I'm trying to get back to my starting point!

CDC also gave me the golden vegetable water mix which is lush! Tastes like a cuppa soup! I find hot drinks make me feel fuller so that gona be a lifesaver if I feel hungry.

Friday night when I got home, had a little chicken and cottage cheese. Within the limit on sole source plus but it felt like a reward for saying good bye to the 5lb!

It's now Saturday, so far so good! Will keep this updated and hope since this is my first full week on the diet that I'll see more of a loss! Really want to be under 16st before end of January!
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Today so far so good. Just annoyed with the very negative comments I keep getting from my mum. She makes negative comments about my weight and how she's always losing weight and then when I diet she makes comments about me not sticking to it. She knows full well I'm on Cambridge and came home and handed me a bar of chocolate! I gave it to my sister and she calls me appreciative!!
I'd kill for some support but I'm yet to see her support me in life so why would dieting be any different!

She's not even then slim herself!!
Today I'm making a promise to myself not to tell her how my diets going! I told her I lost 5lb and she made me feel rubbish like I'd achieved nothing! If anything it made me want to eat something!

Having a pint of summer berries water and a cuppa golden vegetable water then off to the cinema with a choc tertra for my tee so I avoid the popcorn :)
Hello :) 5lb that's brilliant. I'd love to lose a pound a day!

Sorry to hear about your mum not being supportive. It's hard when you're just constantly getting negative comments, but you should turn it in to a positive thing and prove to her that you CAN do it and show her how it's done :)

Hope you have a good time at the cinema!
Thanks for your support! I want to turn it into a positive thing but I don't want to give her the satisfaction of thinkin she reverse psychology spurred me on! Even at 23 she can put me down like I'm a child!

Anyway! Still good day, home from the cinema and avoided popcorn! Although my sister made me hold her nachos while she took off her coat for what seemed like a lifetime! Having a butterscotch shake now! Usually prefer chocolate but they say variety is the spice of life :)

Let's see how tomorrow goes

Side note from the cinema, "love and other drugs" funny rom com with a twist but it goes on forever!
hi, well done for keeping at it, it's really hard to go out and not eat like you normally would, I have 3 kids so life goes on, popped to kfc last night cause it was late, but I never had anything,

good luck, when's your first weigh in?
Had my first weigh in on Friday, but that was only after 5days and I'd dropped 5lb

Day 7 today, for breakfast, chocolate shake, they're tasty so it doesn't feel so much like a diet when I have them!

Also loving the golden veg water flavour, tastes exactly like chicken noodle cuppa soup, minus the noodles :)
my favourite is choc and choc mint, I don't like any soups or porridge, also last time I had bars I went mad, they set me off eating, so this time round I'm gonna stick to shakes, and plain water !!!

well done with 5lb loss, I started again on Monday (did it properly about 3 yrs ago) but being weighed Tuesday next week, I had a little blip last night, but it could have been worse, I'm back on track today x
Everyone has little blips, the way I look at it is by cheating the diet, I'm only cheating myself, and I had a blip after 3 days which just spurred me on to stick to it properly!

Soups left me hungry, porridge I found too sweet and the bars left my hungry. I live off choc choc mint and choc Orange usually! Although I have one strawberry and one butterscotch incase I fancy a change one day.

If you have to eat somethin, try and go for something on sole source plus so you don't affect your ketosis.

Good luck for your weigh in, let me know how you go, seems were on the same start date so will be good to spur each other on!
Ugh rubbish Sunday, blip is not the word, cheese n crackers then raided the xmas chocolate, now I feel sick and guilty!

Fresh start Monday! I will stick through this!
don't worry, just draw a line now, and get that water down you!! I have drank about 4 Ltrs today so that I wouldn't eat anything,

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Day 8

Well today so far so good! Mint choc shake for breakfast, choc tetra for lunch, 1 litre of water down, and had a couple of black coffees!

Going climbing tonight to work off those blips from yesterday!
Day 8

End of the day and stuck rigidly to sole source with ease! Felt full all day weirdly... and tried extra hard at climbing to try and combat the crap I ate yesterday. Looking forward to tomorrow :)
Day 9

Bedtime and I can't sleep because my tummies rumbling! I know this is all because I ate at the weekend and I need to get back into ketosis. Feeling stupid for breaking the diet at the weekend now. But even more determined to stick to it going forward!
Day 10
Mint choc shake for breakfast. Already had a litre of water and a black coffee, today is not too bad so far!

Was in a rotten mood all mornin and last night, seems its that time of the month. Which is weird because I have the implant and never have periods, so I'm assuming its the diet. I've seen another diary where someone's had the same thing happen so I'm not worried. First one since October so I can't really complain!

Got a choc tetra for lunch and off to zumba tonight :)

It's all about PMA, and a **** load if will power haha
Well after feeling like I hadn't lost any weight for a few days I jumped on the scales, and guess what.... I haven't :-( figure its either my giant weekend blip that's made me stall or its because its that time of the month


Zumba is amazing! I was smiling throughout the class despite feeling my legs getting heavy and working up a sweat like no gym session ever has! Definitely going again next week! And I'm so stinky and sweaty I decided not to stink out my mates car and instead walk home! It's only about a mile but every little helps!!
Day 11

Mint choc for breakfast, choc tetra for lunch, 2 litres of water down and a couple of black decaff coffees and its only 2.30

I feel lighter today, which means if I weigh myself and I've lost I'll feel great, and if I haven't. I'll feel rubbish... what to do.....

Weigh in tomorrow night so tempted to try the scales tonight so im prepared if I haven't lost....

And I'm not aching from zumba :) maybe the pain will arrive tomorrow...


On my way to skinny town
Hey Debdib good luck with the weigh in tomorrow! You are doing brilliant as I have heard this diet is extremely difficult. 11 Days should be considered a great achievement! And 5lbs in 5 days is a very good start!

I also make the same New Years resolution every year... to lose weight and start a healty lifestyle. I have an intake with the CDC tomorrow. 2011 will be my year as I am determined to lose this blob!!

I related to your story, as many people have been discouraging me, saying I will never stick to the CD, but I would like to show all of them, as well as show myself, that I can do it!

"Don't let people discourage you from living your dreams." David DeNotaris

Any advice what I can expect from the intake meeting? This is my first time doing the CD. I have tried the Master Cleanse, and was not even able to handle the second day.

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