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New Year - New Me

Hi Ladies - long time no speak. Well I bit the bullet and re-joined WW last week seeing as how the new PP programme was finally here in Ireland. I was suprised when I stood on the scales - I was lighter than I though by 7lbs :D. Still I am heavier than I should be.
Leader told me that I am on 36pp's daily with 49 to spend over the week (if needs be). So first off - is everyone using their points allowance. Saturday I used 31pts, Sunday I used 34pts and today so far and I've pointed dinner too (which I will have later) I've used 19pts which leaves me with 16pts spare. Does this sound right?:confused:
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i've used28 of my 49,,not planning on using the 49 i think it's too much so plan on using 35 in total,,how are you keeping haven't seen you in a while:)
Hiya Yummy Mummy - yeah I've been lurking but not posting. Wasn't sticking to WW before Christmas. So you are losing your holiday weight? Bet it was fantastic. I got a DVT from the long flights to and from Vegas so am on Clexane injections daily for 6 months. Plus now I have swine flu since the 29th December. Been in the hospital with it too - the chemo doesn't help. But I am in good spirits and determined that this is the year that I lose the weight. Doing it on the sly again - :D:D.
So how was Christmas with you? Were you badly affected with the snow? It was mental up here. Thank God I had no reason to go out.
we had a few days of no water but who didn't eh!!!i was a nervous wreck driving i just kept sliding along,,oh no poor you you really have had a run of it!!! How long more with the chemo??here's to a great 2011 eh:D
They are keeping me on a maintenance programme till the end of October 2011. Won't come quick enough. Yeah here's to a happy and healthy 2010 for us.
Any hols planned for this year?
oh god no,,the funds won't allow it!!!!how about you??
Hi Jen - good to see you still around and losing loads I see. 17lbs - well done :cool:
Are you on the new Propoints too?
Finding it good so far - easy to follow too. Have used no points so far today - just eaten an apple and grapes for brekkie. So I have to get the points moving - have 36 of them to use. Haven't dipped into the 49 extra yet. Not going to weigh myself at all this time round - keep that till class time.
Yummymummy - don't know about hols. Can't fly anyway while I am on the Clexane for the DVT but think that hubby might be organising something for my birthday in July. We were pricing Egypt / Majorca and the prices are mental for 2 weeks. The guts of €1400 each (all inclusive). God sure you'd be to America for that. Only cost us €850 each last year for 2 weeks in Vegas and flights were included in that. We did head to Disney in California. Didn't think much of it to be honest - Florida rocks. Mind you we could walk to the park - just across the road but the weather was pants.:D
weather was awfully hot in Florida,,,kids couldn't function at all..i'd go again but with out the kids:))what day is your wi day??i'm sick of weighing myself this week:D
My weigh in date is Friday. Have a choice of class times - 9.30 / 11 or 12.30. Went at 12.30 last week cause I had chemo at 9 that morning. Might go to the earlier class.
Yeah I love Florida and the heat. We said that when we go back the next time we aren't going to go to the parks (maybe Universal though). Think that we are getting too old for the queuing. I got whiplash off one of the rides in California.
So how are you fairing out this week?
i'm doing ok,,think i'm eating too much cheese:) i'm seriously addicted to goats cheese!!!i wouldnt mind but i never had it before till the weekend:)dreading wi as this plan has me worried,,i love it,,but i loved discover too and knew that worked!!i would only do universal next time also,,we had 7 park tickets to disney and only went to 2
Know what you mean about thinking that you are eating too much. When do you weigh in? I want to be at least 2 stone lighter when I head back to work later this year. Have to start exercising first though - one day at a time. I had planned on going for a walk everyday this week but don't have the energy worked up yet. Defo will do it next week - think that it's because I have not been out by myself in months. I only go out with my hubby at the weekends.
Here's a quick update of my meals today;

Apple & Grapes 0pts

2 Baby Rolls 6pts
Rasher x 2 4pts
Coleslaw 2pts
Tomatoes 0pts
Cheese (2 slices) 2pts

Mandarin x 2 0pts

Baked Potato 4pts
Steak 6pts
Veg (Carrots/Peas)2pts

Total : 26 pts
Allowance: 36pts