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New Year New Start any takers!!!!!!

S: 18st9lb C: 18st2.5lb G: 13st9lb BMI: 41.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.49%)
I am pledging to re-start cambridge on 7 January 2008.... Just posted on another thread about it.

I have faffed about for ever and ever with my weight and it has to come off next year, sick and tired of failing at diets (i have tried them all ). It is starting to affect my marriage I think (i.e. in the bedroom). i am the heaviest I have ever been in my life.

Is anyone else lurking in the background wondering what to do. If you are join this thread as i will need all the help i can get as i have failed more times than i dare count at it....

I have a wedding in July that i need to loose weight for, it is in ireland and we have booked it all. There is no way I am going the size I am. I need to loose at least 5 stone by then but 6 would be great. If I start on 7 January that will give me 26 weeks till the wedding. More than enough time (positive thinking needed)..

I have things planned this weekend and next weekend and then christmas and new year (excuses i know) then i have nothing planned till the wedding. I know things will come up they always do, but I will learn to say NO!!!:)
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Count me in hun - I'm with you pound for pound! Vx
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Im in on this one too. i started about 5 weeks ago and did well in thr first two weeks then got ill and have not begun again. defo gonna start in the new year. now is the time to do something about it i think

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
This sounds good to me. I lost most of the weight I wanted to a while back (17st 2 to 11st 7) then fell pregnant & put a fair bit back on (15st 9 after DD). DD was born in March & I have lost quite a bit (down to 12st 8 - most of it since Sept)

So why do I need to lose the rest of it? Well I am Tracey B's CDC & as a lot of you will know she won the slimmer of the year competition & we are off to Vietnam at the end of April. So my target is to lose 2 1/2 to 3st by the end of March. Even though the focus will obviously be on Trace I do not want to be overweight when we go.

oh me me me i would love to join you all. i contacted my cdc about restarting and have decided that i really don't think its a gud idea to start before xmas and she returns on the 3rd of jan so i will be restarting then. I lost 5 st last yr and have managed to regain 3 which i ma not happy about so ihave decided its my time to do this now and to get to my goal once and for all no more messing. I have tried ww and sw since cd but have failed miserably lol so i now i have to get bak to cd asap. So please can i join your challenge i look forward toposting and to getting to know you all better.

love bee xx


Seeking thinner peace
C: 23st10lb G: 12st12lb
Count me in too. Been messing about this week and it's slowly dawning on me that a pre-Xmas start ain't the best idea for me. My head's not in the right place.


To infinity and beyond!
S: 23st7lb C: 15st13.5lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 7st7.5lb(32.07%)
Count me in too. I realise it is no good starting this side of Christmas, also gives me time to get in the 'zone' :D
Im in. This is just what I need after failing to restart CD again and again. I have only ever managed to stick to CD for just over a week before going away on holiday and failing to get back on the wagon. Needless to say that I have put back on all of the weight that I did lose. I will start on the 2nd of Jan.
Count me in!!!!! even though im on my 3rd day i knew if i didnt start before xmas then i would put another half a stone on!!!! i will be continuing all the way through xmas might have a little turkey and veg on xmas day but not too bothered really, i sat next to my OH last night and he was eating a KFC and i resisted so might consider SSing though xmas day too see how much weight i loose first :)
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm in from 7th January. My head's not in the right place at the moment either because it's too close to Xmas. I'm managing a few days or part of days which is ok because I'm hoping it will help me maintain.

I'm away at the Minimins meet in Newcastle the first weekend in January so I'll start when I get back :D


Silver Member
Count me in too!! although I am hoping to start on the 2nd Jan... need to get at least another 2 stone off although my ticker do say 14lb's left to goal... will have to change that.
me too ..... been faffing now for 9 weeks. lost 1st 2 lb and have kept it off despite hands permenantly stuck in a tin of quality street !!! gonna stop now til after xmas , then shift this last stone . so im with you all the way
Count me in, after a humiliating trip to Alton Towers this year (posted about it a little while back!) me and my girlfriends are going to go again next year and I will NOT be going the size that I am now!
I will be starting on the 2nd as the children go back to school (and my baby starts school!) on the 3rd so less stress so less likely to cave in!

Sally (oooh must update my ticker then too as it's about 50 stone out of date!)
Hi All,

I'm starting January 2nd too,i've been reading about this diet for the last week or so and have decided to start in january as its too close to christmas now. I would like to lose 2 stone maybe a bit more. Living in Ireland so need to find councellor Wud anyone know should i ring and book an appointment now for january or wait till nearer the time???

Roxybabe xx:wave_cry:
Count me in please! I've lost 1 stone 7lbs so far in 4 weeks but am having a break over Xmas - will be starting back on the 7th Jan 2008.

Have a great xmas everyone :D
Hellooo, Can I join to from 3rd january please??, Ive lost 3n half stone+ plus so far ( still 2 and half to lose)from the CD but last month or more i havnt been doing it all properly, some days doing and some days not, more so now last few weeks since my Birthday beginning Dec havnt done, so want get Xmas and new yr out way and get back on track and do it so going need all help and support I can get, thankyou x

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