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New Year, New start... Mainly red and green days

I have kinda been off plan for a while now but think its about time I stop putting off going back on it!!! So here goes.....

Restart weight 10st 1lb

Monday 17th Jan - Green

Breakfast - grapes and cherries
Lunch - veg and pearl barley casserole
Dinner - pasta with cheese sauce (hexA)

snacks - slice of chocolate cake (guess 10 syns?), triangle of toblerone (6.5 syns), alpen light (hexb)

total syns - approx 16.5

Tuesday 18th jan - green

breakfast - 1 alpen light (1/2 hexb) grapes, cherries
lunch - veg and pearl barley casserole
dinner - pasta with red onion, mushrooms, and courgette

snacks - 3 sainsbury mini cornflake bites (7.5 syns), glass of orange juice (not sure if unsweetened, guess 5 syns?), 5 milk tray chocs (12.5 syns), 1 alpen light (1/2 hexb) with natural yogurt.

total syns = 25
oh dear, will try and be good tomorrow....
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Wed 19th Jan - Green

B/fast - alpen light (hexb) with natural yogurt.
Snack - cherries and grapes
Lunch - scrambled eggs
Snack - mixed dried fruit and seeds, guess 3.5 syns?, piece of toblerone 6.5 syns
Dinner - veg and pearl barley casserole
snack - options made with hexa milk (2 syns), a milk tray chocolate (2.5 syns)

Total syns = 14.5
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Thurs 20th Jan - Green

Been a terrible day today, feeling very fat and have been ashamedly bad with my syns. This weekend i'm going to sit down and properly plan some menus, and also try and get some exercise in.

The day didn't start too badly,
b/fast - 1 alpen light (1/2 hexb) with natural yogurt
lunch - carrot soup

but then i got hungry and ended up eating a huge slice of chocolate cake with buttercream (guess 20 syns?), stupidly followed by a kit kat (5.5 syns) and a biscuit (4.5 syns). Grrr, grrr, grrr!!!

After all that, i felt really hungry again when i got home from work!
Dinner was a 3-egg tomato and onion omlette followed by a mullerlight, followed by a 2nd alpen light (other 1/2 of hexb) with yet more yogurt, followed by a glass of warm milk (hexa) - i resisted the hot chocolate as my synnage is already waaaay over.

Total syns - about 30ish :mad:
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Fri 21st jan - Green

b/fast - alpen light (hexb) with natural yogurt
lunch - pasta with roasted butternut squash, carrot, and courgette
dinner - yet more pasta - really need to go food shopping!

snacks - 2 scrambled eggs, blue riband bar (5 syns), sweets (5 syns), 4 milk tray (10 syns) glass of milk (hexa), 3 satsumas

total syns - 20
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Sat 22nd Jan - Green

I am finally going to try and go a day without exceeding my syns!! I weighed myself today (i know its bad coz its a couple of day early...) and have not lost anything :cry: Am a bit dissapointed, even though i have been exceeding my syns most days then i'm sure i'm eating better than i was before and sticking to plan other than that, so was hoping for at least something :sigh:

Anyhow, food for today....

Brunch - 'fried' eggs (x2), tomato, and mushrooms
snack - 2 satsumas, few blueberries
dinner - rosti pizza using *honey's recipe (hexa for cheese), roasted butternut squash and courgette

I am now going to make some hexb flapjacks from a recipe on here. Each one should be one hexb and 0.5 syns so will try and stop at one!

Will have a hot choc tonight with options (2 syns) and milk (hexa), and then hopefully be strong willed and not have any more syns.

Update: Actual syns last night were 2 hexb flapjacks (2 x hexb, 1 syn), then 2 milk tray chocs (5 syns)

Total syns - 6
Woohoo, well within my days limit :) Even tho i am defo over for the week.....

Exercise - 1hr on treadmill (just over 8.5k)

Sunday 23rd - Green

B/fast - 2 'fried' eggs, tomatos, and mushrooms
snack - 3 satsumas, blueberries
Dinner - risotto carbonara (bacon as hexb, cheese as hexa). This is one of my fave SW-friendly meals, so filling and yummy!
snack - hexb flapjack (2nd hexb, 0.5 syns), 6 lychees

I am going to have some warm milk (or possibly hot choc) to use up my other hexa. Will no doubt have one or two chocs, but defo going to be well within synnage today again :D Will update later

UPDATE: Had warm milk (2nd hexa) with cinnamon and sweetner, and then 2 milk tray chocs (5 syns)

total syns - 5.5 syns

Total syns for week - 117.5 (so yeah, a bit over....oops....)
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Weight at start of week - 10st 0lb (so loss of 1lb so far)

I've semi-planned some of my menus for next week. Breakfast will no doubt be hexb flapjack or alpen light (when i have enough hexbs to use) or otherwise fruit and yogurt. Below is my plan as it stands, but will upate for what I actually eat as I go along. First weigh-in tomorrow, eek. :fear:Wish me luck! :cross:

UPDATE: Lost a pound! OK, not brill, esp for first week....oh well... Tbh, am kinda happy with a loss at all considering I went over syns most days.

Monday 24th Jan - Red

B/fast - 2 'fried' eggs, tomato. Hexb flapjack (i Hexb, 0.5 syns)
Snack - lychees, 1 satsuma, cherries
Lunch - Chicken, bacon, and butternut squash salad
Snack - big slice of choccie cake (guess 25 syns at least). I am such an idiot, always feel guilty but instead of thinking 'right, lets be good from now on' I seem intent on sabotaging everything! So straight away ate 2 chocolate biscuits (10 syns) and a square of chocolate (1 syn) so fast I barely tasted any! Why, oh why?!?!
Dinner - Beef and veg stew.

Didn't bother with hexa's or 2nd hexb. I know its bad, but have run out of skimmed milk and didn't want cheese coz i've had so much fat already today! Not sure if it'll do more harm to skip or eat, but decided not eating was best....

Total syns - 36.5 Hanging my head in shame yet again, i never seem to learn! Grr!

Exercise - 1hr on treadmill (8.95k)

Tuesday 25th Jan - Red

I seem to have lost all motivation and spent the last three days binging. Today (wed) and yesterday were really stressful at work, ended up working late and we always have lots of cake, biscuits, and chocolate at work. I had run out of fruit and was feeling a bit down / fed up and so just stuffed my face. As soon as I do that it makes me feel even more rubbish so I just binge more. I feel really stupid keeping coming on here and writing all this as i'm not basically following a diet whatsoever. But I think if i keep recording everything then maybe i will be able to get back on track. If I stop this diary then i think i'll give up totally. Anyhow, here was my food for tues and wed. I am hoping to draw a big fat line under it and pull myself together. I so need a huge kick up the arse, which i guess is one of the problems with going it alone - i have no-one to tell me off!!!

Anyway, enough of my rambling!

B/fast - 2 'fried' eggs, tomato, mushrooms. 2 x hexb flapjacks
Lunch - Chicken, bacon, and butternut squash salad
Snacks (or rather BINGE) - big slice of chocolate fudge cake, about 1/2 a box of dairy milk chocs, 3 chocolate biscuits, 1 slice of flapjack, handful of peanuts.
Dinner - Beef and veg stew, with cheese (hexa)

Total syns - ????

Wednesday 26th Jan - Red

B/fast - 2 hexb flapjacks
Lunch - Chicken, bacon, and butternut squash salad
Aonther binge - 2 pieces flapjack, 3 chocolate biscuits, 4 chocolate teacakes
Dinner - Beef and veg stew, with cheese (hexa)

Total syns - ????

Exercise - 40min on treadmill (6k)

Thursday 27th Jan - Green

B/fast -
Lunch -
Dinner - Salmon (hexb) in filo pastry (? syns - 2 or 4 depending how many sheets I use!), 2nd hexb for olive oil for brushing pastry, potato wedges and salad or veg

snacks -

Total syns -
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Had a terrible week last week, and managed to gain 0.5lb. Trying to get back into things, but still struggling slightly....

Monday 31st Jan - GREEN

B/fast - satsumas and blackberries
Lunch - 2 'fried' eggs, tomatos an mushrooms. 2 chocolate biscuits (8 syns)
Dinner - pasta with rocket, mushrooms, basil, and cheese (hexa)
Went out and had 2 small glasses of white wine (10 syns), some crisps (6 syns)

Total syns - 24 syns

Tuesday 1st February - Red

b/fast - 2 satsumas, blackberries
lunch - 2 fried eggs, tomatos, mushrooms
dinner - stir fry made with chicken, prawn, spring onion, mushroom, courgette, brocolli, ginger, coriander, and egg
3 alpen light (1 1/2 hexb), fat free yoghurt
4 chocolates (10 syns)

Total syns - 10 syns :)
Wednesday 2nd Feb - RED

B/fast - 2 'fried' eggs, tomatos, musrooms. 2 satsumas
Lunch - chicken, bacon, boiled egg salad. Cheese (Hexa) 1 satsuma, some blackberries
Dinner - ginger and garlic prawns with brocolli, courgettte, and mushroom. 2 alpen light (hexb) with fat free yoghurt
Snack - 1 chocolate (2.5 syns), options hot choc (2.5 syns) with skimmed milk (hexa)

Total syns = 5 syns
So am now within my syns so far this week :)

Exercise - 35min on treadmill (5k)