New Year, New Start, New Hippngrvy!


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Hi all,

well I decided that a new year should mean a new diary, and a fresh start for weight loss and for me!

So, it's been a bumpy year so far - me and the husband split up, but, everything is on the up now! :D

I started the year weighing 11st 4lbs, and just before the ex left I'd been diagnosed with depression (something I can see now he was the major cause of!!) so I'd been prescribed anti-depressants which for the first two weeks killed my appetite completely, and add that on top of him leaving I didn't eat anything other than the odd piece of toast for over two weeks - meaning I lost 15lbs, and probably killed my metabolism! But, body wise it was so nice with clothes being so baggy!!

I then started eating properly again, and put most of the weight back on, taking me to just under 11st. With the weight coming off and going back on so quickly it made me realise how much better it felt to be slimmer, and has definitely spurred me on!!

I tried pro-points for a few days, but like when I tried it last year, I just find it more difficult, esp. being veggie, I think it's more suited for people who like meat...

So, I went back on Discover, and I am on day 3 - and I am back in the swing of it all! I did have a bit of a hungry day yesterday, caused my having been lazy and not done my weekly shop and having no veggies in, so I pinched a couple of points from today and tomorrow - which I wont notice as the fridge will be stocked up with veggies this evening :D

I have bought a new dress,from All Saints (in the sale I might add - they are so expensive!lol) which does fit me the size I am now, but, because of the style will continue to fit for a while when I lose more weight... and I am going out in it a week on Saturday! I would like to think I will lose a couple of lbs by then, and it will make me feel a little better about going out in a dress - a/ I have only been out on a night out about 2 times previous in a dress - before I had kids, and b/ it's pretty darn short - so I am a little nervous!!

So, as for weight loss plans, weighing in at around 11 stone gives me 28lbs to get down to 9st. Everyone thinks I am mad wanting to be nine stone. I have always been the 'big' one, and people are so used to seeing me bigger. Thankfully I think everyone has got used to me being 11st instead of 14st like before, so it will be less of a shock for them hehe! I do find it hard though to stick to diets when everyone around me is saying 'oh you look fine as you are' and 'you don't need to lose any more'... it's not like I am stick thin or anything, I'm a size 12-14 on the bottom and a 14 on the top - and I want to be around a 10, and if I were to get to the point where I felt I was slim enough then I would maintain it, rather than continue, whatever weight that was before I hit the 9st mark...

I hit 30 on August 26, and would love to be at goal by then. That is just under 28 weeks away, so if I lose a lb a week I will hit goal for my birthday - and that would be the best birthday present I could ever give myself, I think the last time I was 9 stone I was about 10 years old! With it being the bank holiday weekend that weekend too I figure a a mad weekend will be in order, with a fab new outfit - so I am more than determined!! I am off work over the summer holidays too - so if I am a bit further away from goal than I would like I will be doing lots of extra exercise to get there lol

One thing that does worry me about hitting goal weight is my body - when I was pregnant I'd put on so much weight, and ended up hitting 17st in both my pregnancies, and with big babies I was measuring full term at 6mths never mind 9! So, it had big consequences for the boobs & stomach! I hate them now, and being 6 stone lighter than I was when I was pregnant, and still having 2 stone to go, I will be almost half the size I was when I was full term... and, everything is already wrinkle and droopy and just not good! I do have the plan that for my 35th birthday I will have surgery and get it all sorted, as I would love another baby, but, if it's not happened by 35 then I will say good bye to that idea and get the surgery - but that's such a long way away, and the fact that I am now single makes me feel a little uneasy about meeting another man in the future... but, I am sure it will be ok, just nervewracking even more than usual!

Right, that's enough from me on my first entry :D Roll on weigh day and hopefully at least a lb off :D xpx
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Oh my goodness what a long post!! Sounds like uve had a real time of it lately but also sound like u are v.determined I'm sure you'll reach ur target weight no probs!! We're about the same weight (I'm a few pounds heavier!) and I'm hoping to get down to the nines, prob bout nine and half, I'm also doing discover too! It'll be interesting to see how ur getting on! Good luck :)