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New year, new start - well nearly!!!

Hi all,

So glad I found this website! I have been given Orlistat to start due to me being obese! (First time I have said the 'O' word) I am going to start taking tomorrow morning. If any one can give me help on what to expect and things they feel comfortable eating. I will be putting my weight and inches etc on shortly when I have found my way round the site.

I look forward to hearing all success stories and what to expect. Hope I can meet some friends on here!
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Hiya Katy, and welcome to Minis and to the Xenical forum. The info for new members is a great starting point, have a read through there, lots of info and the basics to follow while on the tabs. One thing I would really recommend too is having a food diary, either writing it all down here, or in a say a notebook that you keep with you at all times. Record what you eat and the fat grammes in it. Its a really good way of keeping an eye on your fat intake.
Good luck on your weight loss journey x


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Hi Katy!! How's your first day been? I'm impressed that your starting these today and not leaving it until after Christmas - start as you mean to go on!! Good on you!

I'm fairly new to this site and also finding my way around, but the ladies on here are always around for some really good advice, have a scroll through some old threads, they'll certainly put you on the right path!

My saving grave has been Belvita's. I have a packet at work in the morning for my breakfast. Boring yes, but no side effects from the tablets, fairly healthy and best of all, they keep me filled up until lunch, stopping me from picking out. As long as you stick to the 5g rule, you'll generally learn as you go along what your body tolerates.

I'd say my favourite meal at the moment is chicken (skinless!), firstly marianaded in whatever spices I feel like at the time, stuffed in a toasted pitta and salad. In effect, it's a kebab - without the calories, fat, and the hangover the morning after!;)
Hi Pasiflora, mmm the chicken kebabs sound good! I have started early because if I get any side efeects I am off work!

Today went well! I had bran flakes and low fat yoghurt for breakfast, turkey and veg for dinner and a small ham salad for tea!

The main reason for me starting so early is due to me needing to fill the void to be a mummy! I had a little boy in 2009 at 23 weeks gestation. Sadly he passed away when he was 5 weeks and 2 days old! So 2011 the weight comes off and oping 2012 my dreams come true xxx


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Oh Katy, so sorry to hear about your little boy. My friend also lost a little boy at 23 weeks, and you have my heartfelt sympathies xxx

I couldn't agree more with your reasoning for taking them whilst not at work. I mentioned this to the nurse when I went for my weigh in last week, it's the fear of the tablets that is working for me at the moment, rather than the actual reaction of the tablets, if you know what I mean! If this fear continues, then bring it on - it's working one way or another at the moment anyway!
So true! I have no option but to suceed! Myself and the other half have give ourselves a year break! We have not only lost our little boy but also 3 miscarriages! The oh is is slightly overweight so he is happy to support me by eating what I eat! Today we took our nieces for a walk round our local lake and home we reckon about 8 miles! So its also good bye to the inactive me!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Wow - 8 miles!! Good on you! I don't think we managed that far today!

As well as the food aspect, I'm really really trying to up my exercise, it doesn't take me much to come up with an excuse not to exercise, but I've really took to going to the gym recently (very small one, with not many "gym-bunnies") and I've really enjoyed it. I've also started Zumba classes with my friend, and I have to say that I'm missing it! I didn't go for the last weeks of the Zumba class because I was on holiday (I even went to the gym on holiday!) and also out at a Christmas do, so now I'm itching to get back into it. Hopefully the Zumba Wii game will be out soon and I will be frightening the dog once I start with that!

I don't want to get out of the habit of not moving my backside whilst this Christmas break is on, but if I'm not out excercising, and if I'm on this website, at least I'm not eating!
Hi Passiflora, Tried your idea for chicken kebabs at tea - must say it was lovely! Missed the garlic mayo and chilli sauce. But its just a case of getting used to it x

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