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New Year, New Start!!

C: 12st7lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 26.6
Hello everyone!

Today is the first day of sole sourcing (again) I did this diet before and lost about 18lbs, but now I am back and hoping to go from 12 and a half stone to 10 stone, which is where I am happiest!

It is only day one and I know how hard this can be, all though I did it once, I have also started a couple of times and failed, but Im slightly more positive about it this time than I think I ever have been.
I'm not gonna be happy until I'm happy in myself, so here goes!

Worst part is the motivation of it, so I will keep looking at this site and hope it keeps me going....so far so good for day one! Lol

Jennie x x
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S: 13st8lb C: 13st8lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 35.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good luck jennie! You can do it !!
Its not every day that I run across someone with the same name and spelling as me! This is going to get trippy!

Best of luck to you Jennie

-- Jennie :p
C: 12st7lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 26.6
Hello Shanny24 And thank you! :)

AlbB Thank you to you too! Fingers Crossed!! :)

Aseyan Hahah! I agree, though most people who don't know me tend to spell it with a 'y' How irritating it is too!! :)
Good luck to you too!

Everyone seems to be doing so well, definitely gives me more faith in this

Jennie x x
S: 13st2lb C: 11st3lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 1st13lb(14.67%)
I don't start until thursday. I can't wait though. This forum is keeping me going. I've cut down carbs and drinking water to prepare. Some of the ladies said it made no diff for them, but it's giving me something to do.

Have you noticed any saggy skin hun? I'm really worried about it on my belly and arms.

Don't worry about motivation hun. Just go into some of the success stories, worked for me!
C: 12st7lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 26.6
Yeah, I think cutting down on the carbs and stuff is a great idea to be fair, if it helps with the withdrawel headaches and stuff it can't be bad!
I haven't noticed that yet (thankfully) Lol! But I did only start yesterday so I am only on day 2! I'm finding it really easy so far which is slightly worrying! Haha!
I think if you exercise lightly to start with and you up it gradually you shouldn't get any saggy skin, but then I don't really know to be honest! I hope not anyway babe!! Maybe try and see if there is any posts on this in the forum from other people and how they found it??

Jennie x x
S: 13st2lb C: 11st3lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 1st13lb(14.67%)
Sorry I meant from the last time ya lost the weight. I wouldn't worry hun, my CDC said it's a very easy diet :). I plan on doing some toning exercises and yoga, see if that helps with the skin. Cause I've had two kids, I don't expect my belly to be perfect.

I think I should stop worrying too much about it and deal with it once I'm a healthier weight.
C: 12st7lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 26.6
Oh right! My bad! Lol! No, I didn't get any saggy skin then at all, I mean I've never had the perfectly toned belly since I was about 19, but thankfully no saggyness, I mean we haven't really got that much weight to lose if you think about it, I've read magazine stories on people who have done this and lost like 10 stone and stuff so I would imagine if it was weight like that then it would be a different story, I think you will be okay with some light toning to start with and yoga, that should be fine I recon!
You could ask you cdc on what they think is best too maybe!?

Jennie x x

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