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New Year New Start...

Hi guys,ill start by telling you more about me...Im Vicky from Nottingham whos fast approching the big 30! next month :0(
Im a restarter (of about 3 times) couple of years ago i lost 8 stone on LT and then my mum passed away,i ate soo much to take away the pain and then couldnt stop.I put all 8 back and prob alittle more as ive not weighed myself yet as ive no scales.Well i tried to restart since a few times and i always fail.Well its a new year and me and our family have quite a few plans for 2011 and i feel confident i can do it this time,so NEW YEAR NEW START for me :)
Today is day 1 of LT.Im gonna nip to argos later and buy some scales so ill update with weight later today.

Good luck all everyone :D
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hi vicky and well done on taking the first step and starting. did you not get weighed when you got your lipotrim products? good luck on your journey hunx x x
Hi and thanks for the welcome :)
Ive already got a goos week and half worth of shakes left over from my last restart so going to use them then go back to the chemist.
Well done with yours,looks like your doing fab xxx
thanks hun its been good for me i can honestly say in the 23 weeks i have been on it the time has flown and the weight has just dropped off i have struggled over xmas but didnt cheat once lol and 9 stone off feels amazing.
once you get the first week over you you will be well on the way. how many days did you manage before? x x
Well when i was on it properly it took me around 6 months to loose 8 stone.I went from a tight size 26 to a tight 12 (but they zipped and it was good enough for me lol)

My aim is size 14 by july as we have a posh wedding to goto and i want to wear a dress.Im currently a tight size 26 again :(
it has took me about 6 months to move from a 28/30 to a slightly loose 16 and i want to be a 14 but im struggling at the minute but really hope that i can get there asap. did you follow a plan or just slip back in to old habits after lipotrim? x x


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hey vicky..best of luck with your weigh in and getting started! theres lots of restarters and probably lots of newbies too as its a new year..... try your hardest as its a brand new start to a brand new year... tell yourself you can do anything,,because you can :) good luck!!

well done so so hopefull, you have done fantastically well... not long to go now :) xxx
Hi Vicky - do I remember you from last Jan? I am restarting today too - joy joy joy!!
Good luck my lovely - we will do it again! xx
Thanks for the good luck wishes,i can do it this time lol
Yep it was prob me last jan lol bet i annoyed a few people on here as i was on it one week off the next but im more confident ill do it this time,didnt do a plan after i finished last time or the re-feed (naughty i know) i thought i could do it myself,boy was i wrong :( but ill def do the refeed this time and then follow something like ww or sw.

Been to argos and brought scales and im..........18 stone 11lb :(
weigh in next sunday WILL be better



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so youve got the worst done..youve faced the scales... seen the number now just focus on getting that number down and down every week.... :) you can do it! x

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