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New Year - New Start!


is on the road to Slimdon
Hi all.

Happy new year!

My new years resolution is to take control of this weight issue and lose the weight so I can be healthier and look better!

I previously had success with Slimming World - losing 4 stone back in 2010. Unfortunately 12 months ago my work hours changed and I could no longer make my Thursday night group. :(

I tried a couple of other groups but neither really felt right and I just struggled to get my head in the game. I have put some weight back on and have really noticed over christmas that I am just not comfortable again so it gave me the motivation to start again.

I am not going to a group as can't really find a local one at a convienient time - plus we are hopefully moving house in 2013 so may be able to find one closer when we have moved!

So........I weighed in this morning.....14st4. Depressing as I was 2st lighter this time last year but on the bright side not as heavy as my starting weight in Oct 2009!

I will weigh at home every Wednesday morning and report back on here!

Please feel free to join me, say hello or give any pointers!

Good luck to everyone in 2013

Amy xx
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is on the road to Slimdon
Today's food is already planned out so hopefully will keep me on track!

Breakfast - 2 Weetabix (HEA and B) - Topped with pineapple, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries!

Snack - Banana, Clementine

Lunch - WW beef hotpot with broccoli and green beans (4.5 syns). Activia 0% yoghurt, Apple

Snack - Handful of Grapes. M&S Chocolate Biscuit (6 syns-eek!!)

Dinner - Beef Stir Fry with noodles with Soy Sauce and 2tbsp HP BBQ Sauce (2 Syns)

Total Syns 12.5

So far so good!

Amy xx
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Just wanted to wish you luck, if it's come off before I'm sure it can again. It's been 5 years since I was at my goal weight but I really feel like I can get there again this time. I'm resisting some rather yummy looking homemade sausage rolls in the 'usual place' at work. I'm really exited to be back on the slimming world wagon (a bit sad I know)and feel comfortably full rather than stuffed as I have been recently.
Hi everyone.
I'm going back to my slimming world group 2mo night. Really looking forward to going back after letting the pounds creep back on since getting married 18months ago!
Good luck to you all!


is on the road to Slimdon
Hi loubyb!

It feels good to be taking control again doesn't it! Hope group goes ok tomorrow night and good luck with your journey! Let me know how you are getting on!



is on the road to Slimdon
Morning campers!!

Resisted the christmas cake last night - my boyfriend was moaning that he would have to eat it all if I didn't help him! Tough! I offered to take some round to my dad instead which I think is a much better option!

I had already had 12.5 syns so didn't want to go over 15 on my first day!

Todays food looks like this;

Breakfast - Magic Porridge (Porridge Oats (HEB), activia yoghurt and frozen berries mixed together and left overnight!), topped with a bit of fresh pineapple

Snacks - Banana

Lunch - Beef Stir Fry with Noodles (2 Syns for sauce) - Leftovers from last night tea!

Snacks - Berries and Grapes.

Dinner - SW Chilli with Rice packed with loads of extra veg! Cheese (HEA) and a side salad with balsamic vinegar. Lush!

Syns - 2 choc strawberries (3 syns) and a few pringles (7 syns)

12 syns again today but again no cake! Result!
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Hi, can I join in? I am on day 3 of SW. Doing it at home, live in France. They do WW classes here but they are twice the price they are in England and can't justify it really. WI day is Tuesday and I am going to lose the lard this year. I am!
Going ok, really. Am focused and determined to do it. Going to get back into exercise next week when my son is back at school. Wii fit 30 day challenge and going to return to Jillian Michaels too. Well done on your loss Amy, how long did it take you? Was determined to do red days but carb craving so just going with it so extra easy for me!
Just looked and that was before and your start weight is that one, more or less the same as me. It's the language thing *pretends to forget English for inability to read properly!*lol


is on the road to Slimdon
Haha! Its ok. I lost 4 stone in just over a year in 2009/10 then had about a year of staying the same but then had to stop going to group and I took that to mean I could relax! So here I am - put some weight back on but ready to shift it again!

I am 14stones 10lbs. Heavier than you. What a shocker that is. Was doing it in kilos but then converted today and it just screamed 'big heffer' at me - even though I knew that anyway. To get over the shock I got some wine from the shop along with lots of lettuce and apples to get right back on tomorrow. Terrible. Have not mentioned my weight to anyone except my husband. Got a secret weight loss group on FB (we are pathetic but all started again on the 1st) and haven't even told them. That must be a good thing though, have admitted it. Like going to AA!lol


is on the road to Slimdon
Think of it like this - although it is a shock now - that is your maximum. Your weight is only going to go down from here. And you have admitted it now so that shows that you are ready to do something about it! Come on girl - we can do this!

You're completely right. You have no idea how much it took to write that weight. As you can see, only did half the stats. Onwards and downwards.


is on the road to Slimdon
Day 3 - btw I do the Extra Easy Plan. I will occasionally have a red day when I need 2 HE's but not very often!

Breakfast - Shredded Wheat Fruitful (HEA/HEB) with pineapple, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Snack - Banana, 1 Clementine

Lunch - As tea last night. Chilli and Rice with salad with balsamic vinegar. Activia yog 0%

Snack - Mixed Berries

Dinner - 2 chicken legs with skin removed and salad - so wanted a samosa from the buffet but I resisted!

Syns - m&s choc biscuit 6 syns
handful of peanuts/little crisps.

Hope you all have a great Friday and are looking forward to the weekend!

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is on the road to Slimdon

Breakfast - chopped fruit and yoghurt

Lunch - ham & cheese sandwich (2 nimble and 42g reduced fat cheddar for my he's), cherry tomatoes

Dinner - Tesco finest chicken in mulled wine (5 syns) with new pots and veg

Then went to cinema - had coke zero and took a weighed amount of my xmas chocolate (8 syns)

Total 13 syns

Saturdays are always hard for me as I teach all day so dont get much chance to eat and then pig out when I get home but glad I took control!

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