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New year resolution!!

Hi. I'm going to start LL on 6 February and want to lose just under 3st. I've been yo-yo'ing for years and my new years resolution is to lose it permanently this time! I have never done LL before and am desperate to start. I'm new to forums too. I have to admit I'm a bit scared about it and unlike other diets there doesnt seem to be anyone to talk to who has done it before.
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Ancient Egypt Nut!
Welcome to our community Jazzy. The best place to be and where I am sure you will find all the support and laughs to help you in your journey..:D:D:D

Lacey..xx :)


Guess who's back...?
That's what we're here for!! Sometimes people can seem a bit gushy on here (me included), really baring their souls to each other, and being overly appreciative of the support each other offers... but, like you say, that is because it is a truly wonderful thing to be able to embark on a journey like Lighterlife and have loads of kindred spirits to confide in. You will have your LL group for your weekly meetings, and you may end up swapping tel numbers and email addresses - never undervalue your group - the work you do together will be worth it's weight in gold if you really throw yourself into it and get involved.

You are about to take the first step on a road that takes you to an AMAZING place... honestly, I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for you!! Don't get me wrong, it can be tough - some people sail through (as I did until about week 16), but other's can really struggle and do a lot of soul searching (like me from week 17 onwards til now!)... either way- stick with it - it really is worth it, and if you commit to doing it properly, including route to management - your resolution of keeping the weight off for good is easily in your grasp. Just remember - whenever it gets tricky, or whenever you begin to doubt the long term effects... YOU. ARE. IN. CONTROL. OF. YOU.

Can't wait to start following your story - and the other newbies on here... remember to take your own 'before' pics too... they will be fascinating in a few months time!!

Anna xxx


Guess who's back...?
Hi Jazzy - we all have real names and 'minimins' names... so Lacey is her real name, but her minimins is Isis.. for me, I'm less original - so my minimins name is Annaphylactic - but guess what?? I'm Anna in real life!! Some people choose not to divulge their real name - prefering the anonimity, but that's up to you!

You'll get the hang of the forum - this is the first time I've ever been a forum-er too... but get stuck in, and it will be the biggest and best support network you'll ever know :)

A xx


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Hey that was quick. Thank you!! Sorry to be a thicko but I'm new to this. R u Lacey or Isis?
I'm both hun :D Lacey is my real name..xx


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Hi Jazzy - we all have real names and 'minimins' names... so Lacey is her real name, but her minimins is Isis.. for me, I'm less original - so my minimins name is Annaphylactic - but guess what?? I'm Anna in real life!! Some people choose not to divulge their real name - prefering the anonimity, but that's up to you!

You'll get the hang of the forum - this is the first time I've ever been a forum-er too... but get stuck in, and it will be the biggest and best support network you'll ever know :)

A xx
That's a lovely compliment about the site Anna, thank you! :D:D:D
Hey ther jazzy

Welcome to our little community. Make yourself at home and dont be shy!! We dont bite, much!!

LL is a fantastic program, go to every meeting and take on everything on board. that way youll lose the weight and learn how not to put it back on.

Looking fwd to following your journey!
Thank you Anna, and Lacey! :) I'm sure I will get the hang of this. :rolleyes: So far I have read more about the real deal of this Lighter Life diet than on their own website, although this isnt a criticism, I just think their success stories are extremely brief!!
I'm feeling really ready to start and cant wait to get my life and health back under control. In fact, I'm feeling a bit emotional about it all already!! I think its because for the first time in years (more than 20) that I want to lose all the weight I'm holding onto and I know its going to be different this time. Normally I'm reasonably happy after losing a stone or a stone and a half but then I dont learn anything about why I have been constantly over-eating and I end up putting it back on again. This time I mean to do it properly. The idea of the book is good - I have already started a kind of diary recording how I'm feeling and why I'm doing it and I intend writing my goals and my weight losses in this. I'm sure I will make friends with the others in the group when I start next Tuesday, but I have been planning mentally how I am going to cope over the next few days and I thought it might be good to join this forum so I have a new pastime in the evenings when I would normally be watching tv and eating the entire contents of my fridge!!:D
Hey there Emzski! Wow - you lost almost a stone and a half in 5 weeks!! I have 5 weeks from the start of the diet to a conference I'm going on for work - I hope I can do as well. I actually weighed a stone and a half less this time last year when I went and I'm seriously hoping I can do it and wear the same cocktail dress that I wore last year (as I only have the one!!). It went on an awful lot quicker than I lost it before and I dont have time to do it the conventional way this time!!
R the food packs nice? I hear there is mousse too. Can you drink diet coke?
Hi Jazzy! Pleased to 'meet' you!

LL will be the best thing that you've done. I said to my husband when I started in October that I could be 2 stone lighter by Xmas, well, I was actually 3 stone lighter!! I'm amazed at how effective this diet is, and if there is any down side it's having to buy smaller clothes and only fitting in them for a matter of weeks before you have to buy the next size down! ;-)

You can't drink Diet Coke, it's just water or black tea/coffee, you can also have peppermint tea, or green tea but none of the fruit teas.

I have all my shakes hot and blend them up. The banana one tastes like custard! You can have mousse by putting less water in and there are also some recipes at the top of the board. After a week you can have bars, and I heat the peanut one under the grill and then sprinkle salt on it, which is nice too.

Good luck and I hope you don't empty the supermarket shelves before you start like I did! I had the most horrendous carb withdrawal the first week and felt awful because of this I think!!
That is amazing! 31lbs in 5 weeks. I have a work thing in Feb and have 5 full diet weeks in which to lose some weight. This time last year when I went I weighed 21lbs less and was hoping to lose somewhere near that! I'm beginning to believe I can do it!!:D:D:D:D:D
And you can!! What's your start weight Jazzy or how much are you aiming to lose? I had a fair amount to lose, so maybe mine came off quicker, but remember that they guarantee a stone a month, usually more in the first month! I've stuck religiously to the plan, even over Xmas and New Year, and it will definitely come off quicker than you imagine if you do too!

I keep worrying it's all going to slow down, but even if it does it's fine, as I feel so much more 'normal' now that I'm a size 14 instead of a size 20! And that's only taken me less than 10 weeks - how amazing is that when you think about it?!

The biggest challenge will be other people's opinions and how to deal with them. Get some stock answers ready and honestly don't listen to anyone who has no idea about LL. You know what it's about and what you want to get from it.

I've no doubt that you'll succeed, you just seem to have a really good attitude!
Thank you - I feel really positive at the moment. Scared but positive- I also cant believe how much help this site has been today already. I think with the amount of good feeling on here if we could lose the weight for each other we would all have 100% success.
I have been feeling very low for a while now and I am beginning to think there's light at the end of the tunnel, in fact I think I am sharing the tunnel!! I know I have an issue with using food as an emotional crutch and I know we all have to learn how to cope with this, but I feel I am ready to start moving on with my life and can feel myself getting stronger by the minute!
I haven't been weighed at LL yet but I worked out that I want to lose 38lbs and my BMI is 31.
Hope you didn't mind me asking that Jazzy! I realised after I posted that you might not wanted to share!

I know a few people at work who have done LL and had around the same to lose as you and were completely done at the end of Foundation. I think I might have a while longer to lose, and will have to go into Development (which is a bit of a mental stumbling block at the moment that I need to overcome, but that's another story!)

I remember how excited I was to start and my first few days were actually horrendous (not everyone has such a bad time, and it's definitely better if you can keep going through the first week, my LLC compared it to climbing a mountain) as I think I had all the foodpacks that I still hate now and I truly thought there was no way that I could continue this for months. Well, here I am now 10 weeks in and it's absolutely fine.


I'm not saying that I don't still crave something, but I actually made the children crispy jacket potatoes with tuna and cheese last night, and the smell was delicious, but I didn't taste a single bite. I can also watch someone eat a bacon sandwich and not be too bothered. I even love watching cookery programmes still. I think it's because I have the attitude that it's just food and it will be there when I've finished this thing that's so important for me to complete and give my 100% commitment to. I do think that you do need to have this attitude to a certain extent as there is no way that you can avoid food and seeing and smelling other people eating food for all those months. (Mind you, I have banned garlic in our house as I find this intolerable!!)


You've given me extra momentum as I can feel your excitement and anticipation and it takes me back to my last few weeks before starting, which was full of the same, along with fear and dread too, but it's definitely, definitely the best thing I could have done for myself in 2008!


nearly there!! :)
heya chic, and welcome.

ull love here, the only thing is its VERY addictive lol!!
i would recommend ll to any body, it has changed me in such little time!! enjoy the excitment leading up to it....that and the fast losses makes ya stick to it!! xxx
Hi Jazzy

Welcome to MM and good luck on your diet!

It's good, and normal, to have a bit of fear on something of this significance! Keeps you on your toes. :)

Its a great diet, and this is a fantastic source for support.

All good luck to you, and enjoy your journey!! :)

Hey Jazzy
This site is fantastic and the support you receive from your fellow LighterLifers is the best!

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