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  1. Lucy2012

    Lucy2012 Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this so just getting used to it I have decided that 2012 is gong to be my year for weight loss and I am aiming to be 9st 6lb within the next six months. I currently weigh 13st 06lb so have 4 stone to loss.

    Wish me luck!!!!!!

    Lucy x
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  3. dollyicious

    dollyicious Member

    Hi Lucy! I also have 4 stone to lose.. I'm sitting at about 14st right now (probably a bit over now since I ate like a pig over the last week). Really NEED to get down to 10st by summer 2012 as I am sick and tired of feeling like crap!

    Let's make a point of checking in once a week to report how we're doing and maybe we can shed these pounds together!!
  4. Lucy2012

    Lucy2012 Full Member

    That sounds great - thank you for your support; have decided that I will weigh myself first thing on Saturday morning every week so will let you know what the scales say on Saturday which will be my official starting weight. I know how you feel - I know I would have a lot more energy if I lost some weight also my size 16 clothes are staring to feel really tight and I'm determined not to buy the next size :)
  5. MommaB

    MommaB Member

    Oo, good luck! Could I join? I want to lose 50-60lb (4 stone).

    Want to do that in the next 6 months. I'm sick of feeling like poo.
  6. Tiaratara

    Tiaratara Full Member

    Hey girls, what diet u thinking of doing? I'm on a mission this year too but I'm just not sure what diet to do! I've tried rosemary Conley, slimming world and Atkins so far! X
  7. Wii-Gym-Bunny

    Wii-Gym-Bunny On a mission for 2012!

    Hey all, I am on a calorie counting diet from New Year and my aims for 2012 is to lose as much as I possibly can - to cut out all over eating and exercise more. I am about 14st at the moment (I think, too scared to check for sure! :( ) and I want to be 9st in the end.

    I know I won't lose that much in only a year but I aim to be at least 2 - 3 st lighter by this time next year, so lets see how I get on! :p
  8. MommaB

    MommaB Member

    I'm just calorie counting. Then getting on my exercise bike and turning it to calories burnt setting and will not get off the thing until it hits 4,000!

    It may kill me but I am sick of being the size I am!
  9. Lucy2012

    Lucy2012 Full Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Yeah I`m just calorie counting aswell; I`m gonna start eating 2000 calories per day and reduce slowly as I loss weight. Mon - Fri I`m gonna walk to and from the station and work which is 3 miles each way and on the weekend gonna either do my Davina dvd which is currently collecting dust in my cupboard or spend half hour on the Wii. Also gonna try and avoid eating out as I always stuggle to keep on track when I go to social occasions - anyone got any tips?

    I`m hoping to loss 2lb a week and will be 9st 6lb at some stage this year if it kills me :)

    Course you can join us Momma B everyones welcome! Will you weigh yourself on sat also?

    Lucy x
  10. trixie89

    trixie89 Full Member

    Hi girls :)

    I also have about 4 stone more to lose. I have lost 5st 2lbs this year, I currently weigh 14st 7lbs. I initially set my target weight at 12st7lbs, so only 2st more to go but think I definitely wanna get down to 10st in the long term.

    I haven't weighed myself since last Thursday, and I'm not planning on weighing in again until the end of January as I don't really want to know if I've gained any weight over Xmas! Although I have been really good and haven't gorged myself.

    I go to the gym twice a week, and my DH bought me Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 for the Xbox for Xmas and its wicked, really gets you sweating.

    We're going on holiday in August so fingers crossed I'll have a hot bod by then haha!

  11. Tiaratara

    Tiaratara Full Member

    So when you are just calorie counting do you have any rules? I.e. no food with more than x% of fat?? Or does anything go as long as your sticking to your daily allowance? Do you all use computers or apps to count? I have myfitnesspal on my iPhone and think its great but I never know where to set my calories to. I need to lose about 35lbs ideally!!! My target date is my birthday in July. It works out its 30 weeks away so I'm gonna aim for an average of 1lb a week loss with the odd good week where I might get 2lbs off.
    My serious problem at the moment is I'm currently not able to do any exercise after a recent operation on my feet. I have metal pins in my toes and they aren't coming out until mid Jan and I have an awful feeling doc is gonna say no exercise for 6-8 weeks! :-(
    I don't know how many cals to set myself with the fact I can't do any exercise. I was thinking 1200 but not sure if that's too low?? I have an under active thyroid as well so my metabolism is slow anyway. Just don't want to send my body into starvation mode!!

    Sorry for the essay! Lol!

  12. Lucy2012

    Lucy2012 Full Member

    Wow thats amazing trixie you must be very proud of yourself :) good luck for next year aswell - the holiday is a nice incentive

    Tiaratara - I think I read somewhere that when you are dieting as a guide you should be eating between 1200 and 1500 calories I wouldnt eat any less. I`m gonna start out eating 2000 cos thats alot less than I`m eating at the moment :) I haven`t got any rules as such but want a balanced diet of three meals a day with healthy choices like fruit, veg, water, fish etc I have a sweet tooth aswell so gonna try and ween myself off but always suffer from migraines when I try and do this so gonna take it slow :) I have an iphone so will try some of the apps thanks for the tip. Hope you feel better soon

    Lucy x
  13. Tiaratara

    Tiaratara Full Member

    Swimming is a good idea but just not sure if I could wear a swimming cossie just yet! Poor people in the pool would die! Lol!
    I will speak to the dr when I go back and get some ideas of what I can do with my feet exercise wise!

    If you have iPhones I really recommend u get the 'myfinesspal' app! It's fantastic! U can add anything to it and it will work everything out for you! U can even scan the barcode of food products that your eating and it will automatically choose that item and put it in your diary!

    I think I'm gonna do a kickstart of 1200 calories for 2 weeks and then increase up to 1400 depending on the results.

    Well do we all have target weight losses and dates? Do you fancy setting up a thread where we can all add our weigh ins and support each other through that?

    I'm not starting till Tuesday 3rd January cos that works well with my life and have. New years eve party to attend! My hangovers are awful so Monday will be defo bad food to get me through it!!

    Hope your all ok anyways!
    Speak soon xxx
  14. Tiaratara

    Tiaratara Full Member

    Oh and yes I'm interested about the 4000 calorie burn! Before my op I was doing an hour of intense spinning and could only burn around 500 cals! I couldn't do 8hrs of that! Pure hell! Lol!!

    How do u measure your calories burnt? Do u use the machines in the gym or do u have a heart rate monitor?

    I have a heart rate monitor and I absolutely love it! I think they are so motivational so if u can afford one I really would recommend them! When I'm exercising I look at my heart rate and if it isn't within my 'zone' I make sure I push myself to get in that some and stay there as long as possible!!

  15. Tiaratara

    Tiaratara Full Member

    Nimulas your very welcome!! There is also a website which u can do a little more with but the app is perfect for every day! X
  16. trixie89

    trixie89 Full Member

    I eat no more than around 1200 a day now, 3 meals, no snacks. Although when I was pregnant I did aim for about 1800. I'd recommend that, because its tough going from eating lost and lots of calories to such a low amount!

    I aim for each meal to be around 300-400 calories.

    Tiaratara, sorry to hear about your feet. I don't know about your area, but here people can self-refer to NHS physiotherapy so that might be something for you to look into. If you can't self refer, I'm sure your GP would refer you. You'll still lose weight despite not being able to exercise, I didn't exercise at all whilst pregnant and I still lost a lot of weight xxx
  17. Lucy2012

    Lucy2012 Full Member

    Hi Guys,

    I weighed myself this morning and weigh 13st 6lb so this will be my official start weight which I`m quite pleased about cos I though I would be more due to christmas. I am planning to lose 2lb per week so hoping I will reach 9st 06lb (56lb to loss) by 14th July 2012.

    Tiaratara; let us know how you get on Tuesday?

    Happy New Year everyone in advance :)

    Lucy x
  18. Tiaratara

    Tiaratara Full Member

    Hello all!

    Happy new year to u!! I had far too much to drink last night and feeling a little worse for wear but I've decided no time like the present and gonna start today I think!

    I've just weighed in this morning first thing and so from now on Sundays will be my official weigh day!

    I'm currently sitting at 11st 8lbs with a target loss of 35lbs by 29th July. It seems a massive task so was thinking of breaking in into mini goals and rewarding myself with something non food related when I reach those goals... I was thinking maybe beauty treatments, or shopping! I've also been considering the need to cheat and have something to look forward to. I can get very demotivated when I don't have anything to look forward to so I'm thinking about having one eat out night a month at any restaurant and eat anything. Yeah it might undo a little work but I think from a mental point of view it will psychologically spur me on!! What are your thoughts??

    Do you think we should set up a little list with all our targets and losses on and update that every week ourselves? Can you edit others posts or is it just your own posts??

    I'm thinking for my mini goals around the 7lbs mark. So in order to reach my target I will have 5 mini goals....5 x 7lbs = 35lbs.

    So here we go then....not sure what to do or where to start but hey ho! It's the new year and it's gotta be done!!

    Tara xxx
  19. Sparklechickie

    Sparklechickie Full Member

    Happy new year all.

    I weighed myself this morning and was shocked to see I'm 13st 12lbs. It's the heaviest i've ever been. Had a good old cry about it and finally decided that enough is enough. Starting from tomorrow I'm cutting right back. Have 4st to lose so can I please join in too? Really need the support
    Abby x x
  20. Tiaratara

    Tiaratara Full Member

    Ah hunni, don't be too upset, I know it's a shock, I've put on alot too but at least we're about to do something about it. The main thing is we are going to tackle it now and hopefully 2012 will be the year we are finally happy with our own bodies!!

    Of course u can join you have a target date?? And will Sunday be your weigh in day?

    I'm thinking about measuring all my body parts so that if I don't see weight losses I can hopefully see inch losses! I'm gonna measure, bust, under bust, waist, hips, thighs, calfs, upper and lower arms!!

    Please don't be sad, your are in the right place and tomorrow you can start taking back control. Just message here anytime xxxxxxx
  21. x_sambam_x

    x_sambam_x Full Member

    Hi girls :)
    I'm not overweight as such, put on a little bit though and feel fat in too many places so I'm going to join you if that's ok.

    I'm 9st 7lb this afternoon and I'm normally 9st-9st 2lb so have put on about 5lb over Xmas. I'm only 5ft 2" so I am a bit on the heavy side now.

    Hoping to be 8st 7lb by the summer. I will start tomorrow and weigh in on a Monday.

    Good luck girlies :)

    Sammy xx

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