New Years Resolutions..


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Hi all,

What's everyones new years resolutions?

Mine are...

1) Stop online Bingo -

I have excluded myself from every site I play on for 5 years to stop my £300-£500 a month habit :jelous: (takess alot of admitting).

2) Lose my weight -

Joining CD in January

3) Get my act in gear -

Due to alot of things on my plate, I get down quite a bit. Which means my house work falls behind and I'm grouchy with the kids. I want to change this. I hope with changing two major problems in my life. I'll sort myself out.
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Hope you can see through some of your resolutions becca..that'll be good for you :)

I dont make resolutions :D


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Hi becca, good intentions hun. Once you have got settled onto CD, you will have loads of energy and find yourself doing housework ! ! x x


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These aren't resolutions as in things I really feel I MUST do (other than the weightloss which is a resolution) so much as things I'd like to accomplish this year...

Graduate uni
Get a well-paid job in Social Work

Once I get a well-paid job, pay extra towards my car loan each month so I can pay it off early

Get pampered once a month with a girlfriend
Go to the gym minimum twice a week whenever possible

Get to 10 stone for the first time ever
Buy a sexily slinky summer dress!
Go inter-railing in Europe
Spend a week on a beach and wear aforementioned sexy dress

Decorate the downstairs of the house
Do the garden and have a garden warming party/BBQ
Have a romantic weekend in Paris
Be a tourist in London and do all the stuff I've never done but that all the tourists get to do!

See at least 3 shows/gigs (1 per 4 months) and not necessarily local ones.


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G: 12st0lb
Finish uni
Lose lots of weight
Stop bitting my nails
Learn to love myself


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For me this year is the diet. Stick to it 100% and then go from there. Will see if my confidence issues are linked to my weight, if not ill look at other avenues. Also would like to get back into some form of education when DD starts nursery in sept. (would like to do a health and social care course part time) Once completed this would like to get a fullfilling and lovely job. (one of these would do though!) Oh yeah stop biting my nails too. :D