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New Year's Resolutions

Just been over onto the CD board, and pinched their idea. So let's have some resolutions - not just diet-related, though somehow I think weight will be in there....

So here are mine:
1. Get to goal (whatever that is), go through RtM and maintain throughout 2008 :D
2. Move house and get all the family legal stuff behind us, so I can sleep at night!!! :eek:
3. Plan my work and organize my time so that I am doing the best job I possibly can without having to worry about it :read:
4. Join a gym when I move and start weight training to tone up :character00116:
5. Remember to live in the moment as much as I can :character00238:

Over to you!
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You've got heaps of goals for 2008! You're gunna have a busy year!!

Mine are:

1) stick with foundation/development until I reach target, and hopefully move onto management by the summer.

2) Get rid of all my 'fat' clothes, as I grow out of them so I have none to go back to!!

3) I think I need to think of some which are not diet related! I'll come back when I've thought!!
Before I started LL and was a lurker, I remember reading somebody here saying, 'next year will be the first year I haven't started the new year with a resolution to lose weight'.

Wouldn't that be great! In 2009 I am determined that that person will be me!
Hi All hope everyone had a good christmas. Mine are:-

1. Dont cheat at all on LL as it is only difficult the next day.

2. Get to target via RTM - never stuck to any diet till the end.

3. Hopefully dispose of the tablets I take for blood pressure or at least cut them down.

4. Get rid of any clothes not been worn within the previous 3 months and get rid of all clothes that a too big.

5. To and get into better shape by toning etc.

6. Decorate house
move house, get organised, lose final stone and a bit, love myself more, stop picking at food or wanting it when bored, lonely etc and start doing regular structured exercise that becomes part of my lifestyle.


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Great thread zomble.

1. Get to goal by Easter
2. Maintain throughout the rest of the year and beyond.
3. Keep exercise as part of my day once the weight loss phase is done.
4. Get the new job I want.
5. Move house.
6. Enjoy being me (already happening).
7. To be another who doesn't have weight loss as a new years resolution Jan 2009.
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new year resolution

1. Learn Japanese
2. keep doing my yoga every morning (started today)
3. Consciously decide if what is going in my mouth is healthy, needed and necessary.
4. Drink more and more water. plan it, mark its down and make an effort to daily improve my intake until i am hitting the required amount daily
5. Sort out my posture
6. Save a nice big deposit for our house.
7. Get all the letters written to sort out financials
8. Get a third job (see number 6)



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To be able to maintain with ease around food. It is so hard!
Ok - hadn't set any yet, but have been inspired by you all to have a think, so here goes:

1. To lose my last 6 pounds in January
2. Stop being grumpy! Although apparently this is already happening since I started Rtm lol!
3. Train properly for the marathon in November
4. Take up yoga (start tonight), horse riding (will book next month when I have money again) and carry on with netball to help maintain my weight loss in the future
5. To manage my finances better and stop buying lots of new clothes, hopefully the novelty of size 10s will wear off soon!

Good luck with your resolutions everyone, and it feels good not to have to resolve to lose half my body weight this year!

LOVE this thread...

1. Get back on it (LL) and stick with the plan until the end of Foundation and then decide how much more to go.
2. Pass my driving test! (next week if possible)
3. Pay of my credit card
4. Stop biting my nails

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