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Hi im 28 and have started back at slimming world tonight for the hunderth time i was so scare to go back as i knew i would have to get on the scales so much so that if some lady had not have been walking in at the same time and held the door open i would have turn around and gone home.

so y put myself through it because im fat and unhappy and have to lose the weight. ive been thinking about it for awhile but yesterday while getting on the train some man started looking and laughing at me and calling me names and i jst didnt know what to do or say but it made me realise i cant change him but i can change me .

so here i am what do i do? now ive been to class got the books and even cleaned all the crap out of house ready to go shopping tomorrow morning please help any ideas tips
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Hi doubledumplings thought i would reply as i'm in newcastle to so feel you are a kindred spirit :D i'm not staring til Tuesday as theres no class round us due to start until then.

Sorry someone was rude to you, fortunately despite being fat and unhappy I have never had that, but I expect to hear it everytime I go out.

I to am scared to get on the scales I have a lot to lose, but it has to be done.

Good luck and happy shopping tomorrow.
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Forget about the horrid man, this is all about YOU. Read all the books, ask us as many questions as you want - we never get bored of answering.
You aren't the only person who feels the way you do but you have a great attitude. You can change yourself.
Welcome to the board, well done on going into the group for the first time, that's a huge and positive achievement. I'll look forward to seeing your progress xx
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Hello, and welcome, good luck with your journey x
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How horrid for you! I am so glad you turned such a negative experience into something positive. Remember you are doing this for YOU now.
Stick around on here for lots of tips and friendship- it really helps for inspiration. I know you said you did SW before but did you every try extra easy? If not, you are gonna love it as it makes life so, well........easy!

Good luck and can't wait to hear how you get on, mate


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Hiya, Good luck with your journey. I'm just along the road in Sunderland. Maybe we could all get together and have a Northeast Support group going or sumthing :)

Jo x

Mrs V

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Just think Hun...you will be skinny and he will still be a vile little man.
Well done for taking those steps to join a class and even though it is scary you will get back on track in no time at all.

Good luck Hun.
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What a horrible man! Some people are just plain rude and hopefully, one day, karma will find him. :mad:

Besides that, if you're unhappy, the best thing to do is start changes. I joined slimming world a month ago and havent looked back. I love it! the best diet for a foodie (like me lol)

Get yourself comfortable here cos you'll fit right in. Everyone is lovely here and know it feels to walk in through those doors for the first time. So welcome to the group and good luck :)

Hayley xxx
Ignore the stupid man who obviously has issues that he needs to call you a name! how rude....he needs help clearly!

Good luck with SW - im in it for the long haul too :D xxx
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So sorry that man was mean to you. As others have said you can change the things you are unhappy with about yourself, he is always going to be a vile man if he can treat a stranger in that way. Try to forget that comment and do this for yourself. You have said you are not happy, and you have taken a big step, joining the group was the hardest part.

Take one day at a time, try and plan your meals for the week if you can as it will help keep you on track and I find it helpful to know what I am eating next so I don't get too hungry and binge!

Keep coming on here, from reading this board the ladies and gents on here are all lovely and so helpful.

Look forward to following your journey.

Cara. x
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Am so sorry about your horrible experience on the train :-( some people are disgustingly ignorant, largely because they are not happy in their own lives.

Anyway, you have taken a really positive step in joining SW, and of course this forum! It truly is a dieting life-saver. As for tips, mine would be to go through the entire directory looking for the brands you buy and whichever supermarket you go to, and highlight everything you like in one colour, and everything you wouldn't mind trying in another colour. This will help you to spot new ideas when you go through it to make your shopping lists in future.

Once you've got some ideas together, write out a menu for the week based on what you like, what your family like if you have to accomodate them, and/or work lunches etc, then you can make your shopping list from there. It all sounds like hard work but honestly the best way to succeed with SW is to plan and plan some more, write endless lists of anything and everything that you like to eat.

It might also help to write down the meals that you like eating now, and then go through the directory to see what syns the are or what alternatives you can have. Even a junky dinner like oven chips, chicken nuggets and beans (one of my favourite comfort dinners!) is relatively good syns wise as long as you are careful and plan the day - its really surprising just how many things we eat when we're not 'dieting' are reasonably SW friendly, with me though its all the snacks in between!

You can do this and you've done the hardest thing already in getting yourself to class and stepping on the scales. Just follow that up with planning and you'll be on fire I promise x


I'M 27 and i rejoined last week. I weighed in at a stone heavier than when i left in August :eek: - but lost 3.5 lbs at weigh in on Tuesday :D.

I too have started and stopped many times. I lost 2.5 stone 6 years ago and then fell pg with my now 5 year old daughter. I joined again last year and lost 1.5 stone, went on holiday and came back pregnant with my now 7 month old son :D, so stopped going. I then re-joined this April and struggled to get back into it, but lost a stone and then went on Holiday in September and when we got back unfortunately had my OH and daughter in hospital and just troffe pre-packed sandwiches and takeaways inbetween visits.

Going back to that group (again) i felt so embarrased - but needn't be. I'm now feeling great and VERY determined!

I've about 4 stone to lose to get to target and HAVE to make it work this time!

I find meal planning is a great help aswell as a food diary. Make sure you plan to eat a very varied diet and lots of your fave foods just SW style! And get some low syn snacks (curly wurly, quavers etc etc)

Good luck and i hope you have a fab 1st week!

B xx :D


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I agree, well done for joining SW again, and ignore that horrible little man (he's probably got a tiny willy!)

I used to live in Hartlepool, so not a million miles away (I live in Hull now, mind).
I, too, have had abusive comments - one was on the metro actually, and as I walked onto the train, a group of youths called me thunder thighs and made a kind of 'boom' noise when i walk past them as I walked, you know, so it went 'boom boom bopm' as I took a step. I changed carriages when the metro stopped though but didn;t feel settled or happy for the rest of the day....

BUT - I've been losing weight and now I know that if someone was to make that comment, it wouldn't bother me so much, so YAY!
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A very posative response to a very negative situation good for you. Welcome home! There are always people here with answers so dont be afraid to ask.
WOW just wanted to say thanks for all th coments people have made and the great support u have given i havent been online the last few days as ive been sorting out bits and pieces and getting head around the diet.

even though done it before im trying the EE and wow its fab been on it since thursday and doing great i know its only been 3 days but feel happier than i have for long time think its that fact im doing something about it apart from eatting crap.

so yet again thanks
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I always find that people who make fun of others have insecurities of their own. Dumpling... you can make a change and lose weight but he will always be an idiot xxx