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Hi, I've used this web site before and found it great. Last time i was on i was on lipotrim (great results fast but very hard if you have a life!) Anyway, got the tabs from GP and no other advice. So trying to get help on the net. what can you eat?? I've seen the 5g of fat per 100g but how do you do it? do you callorie count, follow a plan like ww. I have a large amount to loose and want to give it a good try. Any help would be fantastic, thanks, Sarah .
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Hi Sarah :) welcome to the xenical forum!

Basically when you look at the back of packet it shouldn't have more than 5g of fat per 100g and I think you should be aiming for 15g of fat per meal. Although I appreciate this is pretty hard to work out.

I'm going low calorie & low fat on my own but some folks are on slimfast, some are weight watchers or slimming world.

Basically, with the use of a calorie counting site (myfitnesspal), trying to keep my calories below 1800 per day and fat just as low as possible.

You just need to be careful because if you have too much fat in a meal you'll have some rather unpleasant side effects from the pills ;).

I'd recommend checking out the xenical info for new starters thread ( by piink_punkstar. It's got some good advice on it :)


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Hi and welcome.

You are right about the 5% fat rule. If you stick to that you wont get any side effects. I've been on the diet for about 3.5 months now and have been calorie counting, I had just over 100 lbs to lose and decided to start with 1500 calories per day. This works for me. I usually watch what I'm eating during the day then make something out of the WW books for dinner for the whole family.

There are folk doing the Rosemary Conley Diet, WW diet and Slimming World diets and all are doing really well. I tried the first two but didn't take to them and like the freedom I have just now. Its personal taste though.

The things I've learned though are drink loads of fluid every day, exercise really helps speed things up, and try to stick to three meals per day with only fruit inbetween times.

Hope I've helped.

Oh the other thing keep posting, everyone is very friendly and it does help keep you on track.

Good luck



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S: 22st11.7lb C: 20st13.2lb G: 15st10.5lb BMI: 50.3 Loss: 1st12.5lb(8.29%)
Thanks for the help. I'm just starting today so I'm just eating sencibly at the moment. I have done slimming world before so may combine the 2. I was surprised at how many things go over the 5g rule (like an egg at 10g per 100g) thanks again.


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S: 22st11.7lb C: 20st13.2lb G: 15st10.5lb BMI: 50.3 Loss: 1st12.5lb(8.29%)
Thanks for the help, think I'll plod on trying to eat healthy and cut out high fat. then I may try combining slimming world and the tabs, just done the big shop for week and got lots of low fat dressin etc and looked at packets for the first time in ages, had a sandwich wihtout clover and just the dressing, supposed it makes you really think about what your doing ! thanks again.


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hope you do well, have a read of some diaries and menus that people have put on here. and im sure you will get some great ideas....

welcome to the Xenical Family....