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I started CD on saturday!!! I'm on the 810 diet. On my first day I had my 2 shakes, It's no 3 course meal although wasn't too bad!! For my tea I had venison steak, small portion of low fat mash & veg!! lol. I know it's not in the plan but my husband was only home for the weekend ( he's in the army ) I wanted us to have a nice meal together before he went away again. Even still it was hard, I had a slight headache, but kept drinking water ( I don't really mind all the water, which is crazy seeing I used to be a complete fizz addict, but I've managed to cut all the fizzy drinks out of my life for now) The next day I had my two shakes again, then chicken salad, I couldn't help adding in baby tomatoes though, and a small portion of cous cous, which is really good for you any way, better than rice!! It became sooo hard in the evening, the headache was awful, I wanted more food and was so bored. Thankfully I became very tired, I didn't think I would be able to sleep with the lack of calories. So yesterday, I thought I 'd cut out the meal, and have just the 3 shakes, to see what it would be like!! Well I done it, but again was very hard, the evenings are the worst. I drank some peppermint tea, which is great because it has a sweet taste, so if you are craving sweet things, this might be the best bet. Today I am going back to having my chicken salad, although I wont be having the tomatoes, just chicken, salad with balsamic and small couscous!! I want to lose 2 stone. I'm a large size 12, nearly 14 which is really bad for my height, I'm only 5,2. So any weight I put on it really shows. Lately people have been saying how much I have been putting on and I try to get it off but it just won't BUDGE!!! I hope this works. Iget weighed in on thursday, don't know how it will go as I started on saturday and had the mash etc on that day too!!! I want to start my exercising soon, have a great dvd to do in the house, Davina Super Body Work Out!! She's great xxxx:):):)
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Just had my first shake of the day!! Banana, was nice flavour although abit sloppy, don't really like the texture of the CD, Maybe I should try the mousse thing? Any way didn't have my first shake until 12.46pm. I know I should have it early for metabolism but was thinking, I'm not hungry so why not keep until I am!! What is 137 cals going to do to my metabolism anyway?!! So I plan to have my second one at about 3ish and have my water and some pepermint inbetween, then have my tea ( chicken salad ) at 5.30ish? But we will see how it goes.
I have this stunning dress upstairs, It's a medium size 10 and it just will not for the love of god, zip up on me!! It's my massive boobs that spoil everything, every dress they just burst out or wont let me dress zip, that and my spare tyre, I have really big hips and a pot belly lol not attractive at all!!! I need to get this down, so I can get in this lovely dress. I don't want to keep trying it on incase it rips, as part of it has already came off a little!!! But every time I see it I just want to try and then fight to get off what I did get on!!! Anyway I have a feeling I will be wearing it soon!! xxxxx


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Good luck with it all Hun! You sound pretty similar to me in height and starting size!

3 weeks down and I'm a small 12 and some 10s!

Pretty sure u should be having 3 products and a meal Hun only drops to two on 1000 ? You should have them all to stop you feeling funny! Xx
Hello x

I know I should be having my 3rd but I keep pushing myself to have less at the min because weigh in is so close and I have been abit bad the first couple of days, what with having mash etc lol!! But tomorrow after my tea I will have my third one for supper, I just hope something comes off in weigh in!!! Well done you, small size 12!! I can't wait to get to that size again and actually zip my jeans up properly. It's so crap because my husband is away and im trying to find another job and it's times like this I just want to call a take away :cry: but I will get there in the end. xxxxxx

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