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Hi Guys

I am a newbe!

I am going to Weight Watchers tonight and kinda bricking it to be honest..

Bit of history on me:

I am 23 F and got engaged recently to my most wonderful boyfriend who I dearly love we have know eachother for 6 years and going out for 2 (I didnt think he would fancy me!)

Since we got together and actually to be fair about 6 months to a year before that I started piling on the weight going from usually about 13 stones to now what I think could be 20 I know its unreal to think a person could put on that much over 2-3 years.

My turning point has been coming for some time to be honest I have gone from being so confident and loving getting dressed up and going out to having no confidence in myself feeling disgusting and embarrassed about the way I look and even in work feeling stupid around all of my young hot collegues. The icing on the cake arrived on Saturday night when I was out for a few drinks letting my hair down and a guy that was chatting my up said to me you have a beautiful face and eyes and smile... (which admittedly I do still get sometimes) but then quickly followed it up with I have a thing for big girl anyway so dont worry :cry:I dont think I have the words to explain how that made me feel. The previous week another guy that had not seem me in ages said OMG what happened to you you have put on so much weight.. I have only kindof told my boyfriend about this and he was upset for me but like at the end of the day he cant really loose the weight for me can he?

I also had a trip abroad booked and cancelled it last min because I was worried about fitting on the plane and made an excuse that I was really too busy with work to up and leave and ended up taking two days off instead of heading off to the sun as had been planned and I had also planned to be thin for it!

Sorry about the rant but I am just at the end at this stage and I have tried all diets and know that weight watchers is the only one that I can actually stick to.

I'll let you guys know what I weigh later I'm sure its a lot worse than I think it is as our scales broke a few weeks ago and I was too afraid to get a new one!

Im Tragic!:rolleyes:

Thanks for listening to the rant!

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welcome to the board

omg i am outraged on your behalf, i cant believe some people find it ok to speak to people like that, i think some people need to learn to stop and think about the affect of their words on other people or just learn some basic manners.

im sorry that you have changes your lifestyle because of your weight, you should deffo start getting out and about again, even just a walk for exercise

good luck



Is in the Zone

Welcome to the board! How was your WW class?

People can so inconsiderate - if you saw a guy you hadn't seen for a while and he'd lost most of his hair - you wouldn't dare say - what happend to you baldy? lol

Anyway I can't say enough how much support you will get on this board ...it really makes the difference to sticking to the diet or not for me!

Have you set a date for the wedding yet?? You'll be thin and planning jetting away on a plane for your honeymoon in no time (btw I know how that feels - when I went to Florida last year I had my DH mocking up airplane seats to see if I could fit lol).

Anyway - I've taken up too much of your page already!

Good luck!


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:censored:what a git that guy was! Don't let him get you down mrs, how shallow is he - pity the woman he does end up with!! (if he gets anyone at all) God help her if she gets preggers lol!

I put on a lot of weight in a similar time frame to you so believe me, I know how it's done! And it is sooo easy and so enjoyable eating everything u want until u realise the damage!

Well done for taking that first step and going to a meeting. You will get the weight off and be a beautiful bride in your dream dress.

Congrats on your engagement as well! :love047:
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Hello - hope your meeting went well and you are feeling really positive!


Up for the challenge
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Hey my love! Welcome and congratulations on your engagement and the start of your WW journey. I'm so sorry you've had some idiots say such horrid things to you. You've just got to remember that the person who really matters loves you for you and your awesomeness and the others can quite frankly shove it!

My start weight was just under 20st and i'm 22 so we sound pretty similar. So far i've lost a stone and it is easily the best 'diet' i have ever done. The nice thing is is that not only does it work but it's easy and flexible and you can still have a social life! Good luck love and don't forget if you ever need anything you can always give me a shout! Or anyone for that matter the lovely people on here have made my weight loss journey about 100 times easier.

Oh and btw you are not tragic at all! The main thing is is that you are doing something about it and that's the first step.

Take care m'dear and i want to hear about wedding plans!! :D i'm so soppy. tehe. Do you have a date set? xxxx
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Hi and welcome. ww are a friendly lot and i'm sure you'll be fine and whatever you weigh, just tell yourself that that's the last time you will see those numbers ever again . you will find loads of help and support on here.
i understand what you say about how you feel in yourself, i have a lovely husband and somtimes cant beleive that he really does still fancy me, even tho i've piled the weight on. He's really supportive and it sounds like your OH is too.

so best of luck and let us know how you get on


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Hey PB welcome to the madness of the WW forums! Your story sounds so familar to me and you are not alone in losing confidence, I think most of us have gotten to that point at some time in our lives!

I cant get over how rude that guy was.. you will show him! Im still trying to find out a way that other people could lose the weight for me.. will get back to you on that one if I find it ;)

Best of luck with the meeting tonight. I hope you find them very supportive and just take one day at a time. If you need a rant, support, query or just a good laugh, pop on here and share it to us.. we are very nice people.. promise we dont bite!!

Let us know how you got on this evening!!

S: 19st13lb C: 19st8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 0st5lb(1.79%)
Hi Guys

Thanks so much for all your words of support I can see I'm going to get along nicely here!

Well...... Off I went last night I was so nervous and was almost trying to stay late in work to miss it but had to beat myself out the door. When I got there everyone was weighing in and they all seemed to know eachother so I felt like a bit of a spare spoon but then this lovely kinda elderly lady came to me in line and said come on missus I'll take you under my wing god she was so nice! She has been going for years she said she lost all her weight over 2 years but just keeps going now because she loves the athmosphere and to keep herself in check!

Well got to the scales anyway and I was 19.13 (not 20 just 19.13!) I know its not quite the 13 stones I am hoping for but its a mental thing! Stayed for the meeting and everything and found the lady somewhat motivational but to be honest I just am at the stage now where you could leave 100 packets of crisps on my desk and I just couldnt allow myself to eat them.

So I went home and went for a 40 min walk and I have to say I was in a bit of a state after it I used to be able to go to the gym for like and hour and a half with no bother I am just so unfit its unreal! Then went home and took out a dress that I bought in a size 18 that has never fit me and I love it so much so it is now hanging on the outside of my wardrobe and every Wednesday I am going to try it on and see it if is any closer to going over my boobs!

Up this morning for another walk only did a half hour but felt pretty good going from a exercisephobe to a fitness fanatic well not quite but the intention is there anyway!

So guys again guys thanks so much for your support and let me know how you are all getting on! Love hearing everyones stories
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Hiya and welcome. Well done on your exercising, you sound like you are really positive :) Thats a good idea with the dress.
S: 19st13lb C: 19st8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 0st5lb(1.79%)
HI BV! How are you wedding plans coming along I see you have only 5 months to go you must be so excited!


in the zone!
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Hey chook!

Welcome to minimins and WW, you will love them both!

I'm glad you've found someone in your meeting to take you under their wing! :D

I can't belive some of the things that people come out with! Where have manners gone and why do they feel the need to point something like that out! He sounds like a prat and I hope he does lose all his hair Twiggy lol!

Anyway good luck with your journey and keep us all posted on how you get on. This site really is the best and I sometimes don't know what I would do without these guys.

If it helps then write your meals on here so you can keep a track of them (and we might be ablle to steal some of your meal ideas too hee hee!!)

Good luck chicken, and congratulations on your engagement

S: 14st13lb C: 14st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st6lb(2.87%)
well at least your weight had a 13 in it !!! have a good week, and keep us updated with how you are doing


Wants it Gone!
S: 15st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 30.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey PB well done on braving the first WW meeting. It can be very daunting at first but it was really nice of that lady to take you under her wing. I always feel like a spare spoon (I go on my own) and you are right they all seem to know each other!!

Well done on your walking.. Im the same sure.. I went out for a 30 min walk 2 days ago and Im still recovering from it!!!

Keep it up and let us know how you are doing xxx


Is in the Zone

Well done on getting to class ... the first time is always the worst!

You're starting near where I started ... okay I was 5lb more but who's counting (me!) :D ... but I am 34ft 6 :D

S: 19st13lb C: 19st8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 0st5lb(1.79%)
Twiggy you are going so well! OMG well done! keep up the good work!

Mum of one 5lbs in one week super!

1st weigh-in tonight I am so nervous well excited and nervous... I havnt got on the scales all week because I just get OCD on them I actually did a really silly thing and put them in the back of my boyfriends car so I would actually have to sneek out onto the road infront of all my neighbours and get up on them in full view of them so that has been enough for me not to go near them with a 10ft barge pole!

Will be nice to see what I have lost tonight (This is if I have...)

Anyone weigh-in today?

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