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Hi, i have been looking in at all your news all week, just decided to join. Had my first weigh in today 11lb down. Decided to stick with it, in for another week.
Hi Libbie
Thanks for posting back, im not very good with the computor so you will have to bear with me. Im on CD vlcd, i am a housewife with a 14year old son, and a lovely supportive hubby. Wow just lookin at what you have lost, well done you! how long has it taken, and what are you on?
Oh god, is suppose because i have made the first week i can now look towards the future, so here gose, about 10stone.
Hi Pebbles
Welcome to the group! Congratulations on a fantastic first weigh-in ... what a great motivation to continue on this barmy diet!!

Good luck with the week ahead - keep popping in for as much support and encouragement as you need :)
Just seen your updated post: at my heaviest I needed to lose 12st so I know it's daunting but I've only got 3st 3lb left to go so stick with it and see those pounds melt away!
Why not check out the WeMITTS thread? It's specially for those of us who have (or have had) a lot of weight to lose.
You are all doing so well, and me just lookin in this week has really spared me on, so i thank you all for that
Thanks everyone, just finding my way around the furum at the mo, its hard work when your not sure of what your doing on the computer. My 14 year old is going to show me.
welcome pebbles and well done on an amazing 11lbs down and sure why wouldn't ya stick with it ha ha

you go girl, before ya know it you will be at goal!!

If ya need any help just yell

Gen xx
Hi Pebbles -

Well done you - 11lbs in the first weeks, that's fab! That's what I lost in my first week on Cambridge Diet and now, almost one year on I've lost 11 and a half stones.

Keep going, you can do it - if I can, anyone can cos no one was a more useless dieter than me!

All the best,
Eleven pounder's club!!

I lost 11lb in my first week too!! :D
HI babe
Hows it going?
I am doing CD and have been since january,so it realy was new year new start and a new me.
You will soon get there to,
Love libbie x
Hi eveyone. I went for my first chat with a CDC today and off to see the doctor tomorrow. I am looking forward to a good weight loss when I start next week as I will need all the motivation I can get. It is great reading all your messages. Hope you will all be able to show me how to jazz up my messages.