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Hi everyone I am on day 1 today. Had a butterscotch shake for breakfast it was actually pretty nice!! I want to lose at least 4 stone before 29th August when I am a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding. Then I am off to Florida where I hope I won't undo all my good work!! :D

Feeling good so far but am very wary of what the soup is going to taste like for lunch!!
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Busy busy busy!!
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Good luck Krissy ... you have a fantastic incentive!

Try all the flavours - you'll find ones you love and ones you don't, but at least you'll know!
hey i started yestererday...

I had chick + mush and the oriental chilli and they were both really nice..

To be honest, i actually braced for something minging... (ready to swallow quick with my nose blocked lol) but it was just like a nice normal soup.... quite suprising...
I have chicken & mushroom with me for lunch I thought it sounded the nicest. Got my handblender at work with me too because I've heard it really makes a difference.


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Good luck Chrissy...keep focusing on the wedding during moments of weakness and you will be at goal before you know it.

I quite like the spicey tomato ones...but then I am only on day three so I can't guarentee I wont be pig sick of them in a couple of months lol.

All the best x x Gaynor x x
Thanks a lot Gaynor. That's good about the tomato ones I thought they would be nice. I have one broccoli and cheese which I suspect may be disgusting but i love cheese so i thought I would give it a bash!!


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
There aren't any I really hate - have my favourites .... but most CDC's will swap any you are not keen on.


Skinny minny to be!!
Hi Krissy !!

Welcome to the forum.
Ive never tried teh butterscotch milksahke.
Its mad how different everyones tastes are. I dont bother with the milkshakes though I do like the chocolate tetras and i love the soups especially the chick&mush and the eveggie one.

Im too lazy to use a blender though :D so I just mix the soup into a paste with a bit of cold water and then add hot water, and stir with a fork for a min longer and its grand. like having a cuppa-soup in work!

Good luck with your first weigh in at the end of the week!!!
Thanks jelly belly - you will have to change your name to six pack soon you're doing so well!!:D I bought loads of size 14 holiday clothes at the weekend so I have to lose the weight!! They are tiny I can't even get the shorts past my thighs!!


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Hi Krissybaby,
I've just noticed you're from Montrose, I lie in Dundee.
Nice to see someone on here from near my neck of the woods.
Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with this diet. Stick with it and you'll see incredible results. :D
Thanks Liz. I was actually going to go to a counseller in Monikie because that was the closest one on the website then i opened the Montrose Review that night and there was a new counsellor advertising in Montrose. I was like someone up there is definitely telling me to do this!!

My belly just rumbled and it is only 11 o'clock :sigh:
hi krissy best of luck with the diet, the spicy tomato is ehh interesting alright!! My fav soups are chicken and mushroom and the veg. Make sure you try everything once as people's taste can vary.

becky xx
Ha ha thanks Becky. Luckily my counsellor stays just down the road from me and he says I can swap sachets anytime so if I have a spicy tomato crisis it should be OK!!
Thats good to hear. I remember going back to my cdc the second week with a bag full of stuff for her to change inc the spicy tomato!!! Just keep your eyes on the prize and you will get there.

becky x


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Good luck! Some people actually prefer the soups then the shakes.
Oh God I am having the chicken and mushroom soup right now and I am not impressed. I have been so looking forward to it as well :sigh::cry::cry:

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