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Newbi With question for you SF Specialists!!


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I have recently come off CD due to food allergies please could some one answer me the following xxx

  1. What sort of Veggie meal can I eat in the evening
  2. whats the basic rules? Is it just 2 shakes a day or can I have fruit?
  3. how much can I expect to loose per week?
  4. How much does alcohol effect it?
  5. does it work better with excersize?
THanks ALL
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Hiya Tiffers

I will reply as much as I am able:-

1 Whatever you want as long as you don't exceed your calories (600 for meal).
2 You are meant to replace two meals a day with shakes/soup or bars.
3 About 1-2lbs a week but everyone loses more in their first week.
4 It doesn't affect me!! However I rarely drink (last time was my birthday in March and my weight lose that week wasn't affected).
5 I think any diet works better with exercises, however personally I only walk.

Good luck
Hi Tiffers,
There are no restrictions on what you eat, just the quantity. In essence its all about calorie counting and staying within the allowance. You have a SF meal (soup, shake, smoothie or bar) twice a day and then a 600 cal meal. Also you can have upto 3 100 cal snacks which can be fruit if thats what you prefer.

When I drank it didn't affect my losses either but I also drink very rarely. Its best to stick to spirits with low cal mixers. You can always use your snack calorie allowance towards alcohol.

If you go to the SF website they have quite a few questions and answers which might help if you have lots of questions.

Hope that helps
BL x

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