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Original Newbie - advice needed please!

Hey guys and dolls!

I'm new to this board and have been doing slimming world since Feb 09 and lost nearly 1 stone, however, ive just been in Singapore for 3 weeks and due to all of the deep fried food, have put some back on :cry:

Anyway, i'm having a tummy tuck operation on 25th June and would like to lose at least 8lbs by then and i have been doing Body Optimise online.

I dont feel like i have as much support (hence me joining the board) and am wondering if a weekly group would be better?

Based on your experiences, what do you think is better to ensure i can do this before my operation?

Thanks peeps :cool:
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Starting Again!
Hey there welcome!

Personally what I've found is at the groups you get a lot of support from like minded people, loads of food ideas, a great atmosphere and a consultant with expert training who can answer all your questions.
The main advantage of going to group for me, was something to work towards, knowing I had to go to group and get weighed meant I couldn't cheat and not worry, that being said they never make you feel bad if you have a gain, so either way its a great support system.

I found this forum recently and hoping that with the support here I can go it alone this time!

Hope that helps and good luck!

Thanks for the advice Natt - appreciate your input.

One of my main issues is time, im worried if i am unable to make a class due to work comitments that i will 'fall off the band wagon' if i dont have the online tools available, such as the syn calculator and food diary.

On the other hand, i really want to try a class because everyone who does slimming world seems so normal, nice and down to earth.


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It's class all the way for me! I've been going for 2 years now, to the day today in fact!, and I couldn't maintain my weight loss without continuing to go.
I've never missed a group,even when I know I have gained, it certainly keeps me on the straight and narrow.

I salute anyone, and there are plenty on here, who go it alone and manage to lose weight successfully but I know I couldn't have done it without the support of my group and my consultant.
Hi :)
I have been doing it alone (with old books) until recently as I found the pounds were going on instead of off!! So back to class I went! I find it really helps me focus and not give up! You can still have the on line tools too ~ there is a weekly password which enables you to use the website!

Can you still use the online diary with the weekly password? If so, that sounds brilliant!! I would defo try to make time to attend a class if i can use the online tools as well.


Starting Again!
If you haven't got the time to stay at class, you can still pop in and get weighed and get quick support of "Yay well done" or "don't worry love, you'll get a loss next week".

To be honest if I had the finances I'd definately be at class, and I'll probably end up back there because there is nothing like immediate, face to face support :)
I did class for 6 months and now i do it alone if i had the time and money i would still do class purely for the people. saying that i dont think it effected my loss.


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I have lost weight in the past by going to class and I have also lost weight by going it alone. I think it just depends on your mind set.
At the moment, I am going to class and its working for me. I go even when I know I have gained and I stay afterwards, something I didn't used to do. I really want to get to goal and still attend (for free!) which is also something I've also never done!
Thanks for the advice all. I'm going to try and get to my local class on tuesday, if i like it i will cancel my online membership and give this a go instead.

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