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newbie advice

I have looked into a few diets, saw the local LL lady but she didn't impress me and I thought it was rather expensive. Then I tried to get in touch with the local CD people, but she is on hols for 3 weeks and the other one didn't return my calls... so I came on here and found this!

Now I am excited about trying this, I have called customer care but no reply, I live in London and was wondering if I could go to the head offices in Covent Garden tomorrow and get started?
Anyone know if that will be possible?
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Hiya Demi,

I really can't answer that question but wanted to give you a warm welcome to out little Exante board.
If you order online before 3pm (i think) you normally receive them the next day.
The plan is almost identical to that of LL and CD, and to be honest the flavours have grown on me such much now, even though at first i thought they were bland.

I love that you can just order online, it's very convenient, and they are very natural too. No hidden nasties!

Good luck for your start, we'll all be rooting for you.


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Hi Demi and welcome!

I don't know whether you can go to the office direct but if you wanted to order online, they are extremely quick at getting the packs to you. I think that if you order this evening, the packs should be with you some time on Friday.

I would recommend the Variety Pack so that you can try each of the flavours before deciding which ones you like best.

You could also call the support desk at HQ tomorrow and seek their advice too 0845 094 9798.

Welcome to the Exante team!! Keep us posted as to how you're getting on.

hi dreamingmaid, thanks for your reply, your posts have been some of the ones that have inspired me to do this diet actually!

My concern is getting weighed and having some feedback/discussion with a person rather than a website, is that option available with Exante?
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You can get telephone support if needed. See Isha's post.
I normally weigh myself each wednesday and take all my measurements and jit them down in my diary.
Some people do need extra support on a VLCD, that's why LL and CD are good plans to follow. I myself don't find i need it. We are always here if you need any help too


Happy to be slim at last
Hi Demi, welcome to the Exante board.

I offer telephone support each week if you are interested in doing that? If you email me via the Exante website (you can find me on the consultants page) then I can tell you more.

Good luck with Exante.
thanks for all your replies, I did speak to the head office, but could not call in as it is just meeting rooms.

I have decided to join the Go Lower plan as I feel happier with that rather than meal replacements. Good luck to us all !


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Hello All
Newbie here, packs arrived today, tomorrow is the first day to the start of the new me. Am quite excited but expecting a lot of people to be quite negative to the method, any tips for people trying to talk me out of doing it this way?
Hi Quak

My OH didnt want me to do this diet and after a week and losing 12lbs i wasnt feeling great at all so he made me stop and I did as I really did feel horrible.

Im starting again as I know it was all my fault for no cutting down the week before. I was still eating and drinking whatever I liked and ended up having MASSIVE withdraw symptoms so this time I prepaired my body and I feel much better.

People will soon see the changes in you, your skin, your hair everything and then they will understand. I have kept the diet from most people as I know what their reactions would be and I need to do this for myself.

I know ive waffled on a bit but I hope this helps a little x


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I didn't mention my diet until other people started to notice. When they did I said

"I'm on a medically approved diet wich doesn't suit everyone but it really suits me. It's working fantastically well and gives me all the nutrition I need. I've never felt better, now would you mind passing the water please." Then just ask them a question to move the conversation away, like "so how are your kids?" (people love talking about themselves).

If pushed by inquisitive people, I just told them that I wouldn't want to bore them but that I'd be happy to talk to them at another more appropriate time if they're interested.

I wouldn't take any advice on driving techniques from someone who doesn't drive, so I'm not going to take dieting advice from people who know nothing about VLCD diets.

Bottom line is don't tell people and don't feel you have to defend your choice of diet.

If anyone sees me making up the shakes, I just tell them it's a milkshake.

Hope this helps and believe me, once they see the weight drop off you and you're looking so healthy and full of life, then they will really want to know, by which time you won't have dropped dead and you will still have all your own teeth, so you have nothing to prove anyway.

I have loads of friends who are now doing Exante because they've seen how well it works - now that really shuts up the detractors!
Thanks Isha, that really helps.

I wish I could tell people and get the support I need but Sarah is helping me and you guys on here do!

Thank you x
I wouldn't take any advice on driving techniques from someone who doesn't drive, so I'm not going to take dieting advice from people who know nothing about VLCD diets.
What a brilliant analogy!
I have to agree with everything Isha has said. Most people know nothing about VLCD's and as soon as you tell them suddenly they're experts on the subject.
I tend to tell no one unless they ask, but sadly i play it down because i really can't be bothered with all the nagative reactions:snooty:

I'm doing this for me, no one else so i don't feel like i need to explain my reasons for doing Exante.


Happy to be slim at last
Hi Quak, welcome to the forum and to exante!

Becky and Isha have given you some great advice. The think that people need to understand is it's your choice and that you don't have to talk about if you don't want to. Feel free to print out my before and after pics if it helps. And if anyone tells you that you will put it all back on when you start to eat again, just tell that with any diet, maintenance is the key. Returning to a poor eating plan after ANY diet regime will result in weight loss. Where as healthy eating after a any diet will maintain the weight. It's no different whatever the diet.

Just watch their faces and enjoy it when you hit target and look fantastic!

Good luck.


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Hi All
Thanks for the replies, some very useful info and tips :D
Well day 1 almost over, split my shake between breakfast and lunch, had half a bar about 3:30, soup about 7pm and the rest of my bar at 9pm, lots of water and a decent walk with the dog (lots of uphill).
Feel ok, maybe a slight headache but nothing I can't cope with so far.
Really appreciate the support on here and all the inspirational photos.
B xx


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I've been so lucky in other people's responses to the diet. This is probably due to the fact that quite a few of the community nursing staff seem to be on LL.......so the progress has been noted. I've had a lot of enquiries since I 've started, my sister joined me and has lost 2 stone and several work colleagues have also been really interested. I feel like a new age guru as I can't stop recommending this wonderful diet!!!
Telling Family and Friends...

Hi, I am starting Exante tomorrow if the packs arrive. I am just wondering how others have broken the news to friends/relatives? I know my mum will not be very supportive because of the very low calorie content. I am also apprehensive about how I will manage to stay motivated as my boyfriend and I usually spend our weekends eating and in the pub... Still very excited though!:confused:


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Hi Peggy, welcome from another still quite newbie. I have only told people who need to know really, one or two have been a bit sceptical and the Mother in Law frowned a bit but nobody has gone overboard about it and if they did I would just explain I was doing it for my health as I really need to lose weight - they can't really argue with that one can they? I too spend a lot of time at the weekends eating and going to the pub but this weekend being my first one we have stayed away from the pub but are planning on going next weekend and I will be happy with water (honest - I will have fizzy for a change) - my other half has been doing her own cooking - wasn't sure she knew where the kitchen was and has been eating some odd combinations but hasn't starved yet so that has been quite good and took the pressure off me having to think about and handle food at such an early stage. I feel confident that at some point I will be able to start making her meals for a change as I never pick at food while I am cooking and have not been hungry at all this last week which I think is my biggest hurdle as I usually have the appetite of a horse.
Weigh in tomorrow so very hopeful that I will have a good loss.
Good luck, hope your packs arrive and that your Mum supports you as you would like her to.
B xx
Hi Peggy - I'm now into my 8th week on TS. Did cambridge a few years ago and remember people being very concerned about my health when I told them about the diet I was on. So this time it's on a need to know basis and to be perfectly honest, I've become a bit of a hermit although I've got quite a few meals coming up that I can't or don't want to get out of. All I know is that vlcds work as long as you re introduce food properly (which i didn't do first time around). I lost some hair but it grew back thicker and all the water drinking must be doing some good!! x
Hi Peggy, welcome on board. Telling friends and family is sometimes a tricky one. I don't tell anybody unless they ask, or unless it's very obvious that i'm not eating, and when i do i usually play it down, which is wrong because i should give Exante the credit it deserves. I don't really like to draw attention to the fact that i'm losing weight.

Good luck with your diet and pop on here often
This has been some great advie about how to tell people about the diet. I learned from when I was doing a low carb diet people were quick to judge and be negative so I just didnt tell them anything and when if there was a gathering just said I was watching my carb intake. Now that I'm starting a VLCD today I've decided to do the same not tell anyone. I know they will be negative so I just have to do this for me and not let them get me down..

I love this forum the support and motivation is great. I'm more hyped to do this even more now..

On the 29th of July I'm going on holiday for 3 weeks but I'm still determined to do the diet and bring my shake powders and shake bottle with me and ignore people and there comments.. It'll be tough but I know I can do it

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