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Newbie alert!

Hi all,
I'm starting too, well re-starting really as I've already had a LOT of false starts :sigh:

Anyway, I'm sick of being fat and frumpy and I really want to make it work for me this time.

I want to be able to say "Yes I'd love to" when I get invited out instead of secretly thinking "Oh sh**, what am I gonna wear"!

Apart from looking better, I really want to be fitter and healthier with a view to living longer... I've a lot more I want to do with my life before I pop my clogs!
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Hey there!
I've joined and rejoined Weightwatchers over and over and I keep dropping out of it. I find it really works for me once I stick to the points, but then one week I lose the run of myself, eat everything in sight and am afraid to go back, so I think to myself I'll work extra hard and go back next week, but of course I never do!! Then it could be weeks or months before I rejoin! I'm single handedly keeping ww afloat!

What about you
Im doin ww, done it a few times before but did totally the same! Really loving the new pp system though! Think the mind set helps too! Still a long way to go but feel like i am actually goin to do it this time! Lol lost 48 up to now and startin to struggle with keepin focused and lettin old habits sneak back in but totally cuttin them back out this week ( crisp being the main culprit!!) so are u back at a meeting?? Deffo think the leader has helped too, never got on with any before but totally connected to this one! Lol x
Am planning to go back on Monday, have been going it alone this week and reckon I've lost 4lbs, going by my own scales. Crisps and bread are my downfall too and weekends! I find it much tougher at weekends!
Well done by the way on your 48lbs...... that's amazing! I would love to be that far along the journey. You definitely can't stop now, PUT DOWN THE CRISPS!!!!
How much do u want to lose?? I am totally puttin the crisp down!! Not worth it in comparison to how good i am feelin! Lol need to start usin my nibble replacements again like 3 pieces of wt meat etc lol i partially blame the fact i give up smokin 6 weeks ago too not helped but not usin it as an excuse!! Lol have u done the new pro points system yet then? I love it! Lol x
I'd love to lose 5 stone and get down to about 10ish. I hate thinking about it as a big number so have to think in small chunks! If I could get a stone off by Christmas, I'd be delighted! I used the pro points last time I was in WW, it was a bit confusing getting used to all the new values but on the other hand it got me interested again as I knew all the old points off by heart!
Fair play to you giving up smoking..... I gave them up a few years back so I know what it's like!
Yeah i do the same, lil steps, the next stone bracket has been a good one for me when i get close gettin in to my 14s made me cry lol not been there for a long time! Lol 13s has felt awesome! Now fittin in 'normal' shop clothes is it for me lol deffo cutting it down works a lot better! U dont realise how much it creeps up! Lol same with the pp deffo makes u think when u have done it before and become complacent! Lol google has been my best friend thou so much easier lol how i found this site! What exercise u plannin? Im totally not a gym person yet, i found volleyball in my area as i used to love it at school! Lol and started swimmin too need to pik it up a bit thou! Lol c
Yep, that's what I want to do - get into the 13's by Christmas!
I have a treadmill and I started running on it doing a programme called Couch to 5K (have you heard of it?) That was about this time last year and I lost a stone doing it. Then I twisted my ankle and haven't been able to run on it since March.. yikes! I'm going to physio now and she reckons I should be able to run again soon, so I'm hoping to get running again then. Planning to wear the treadmill out!! I'm a crap swimmer so that doesn't work for me (always end up half-drowning myself!!)
You will totally do it!! Easy peasy :p lol slow n steady is the way forward ive done it before where ive rushed it and got bored lol
No not heard of that? ? I was thinkin about startin runnin, dont think i could be an outside runner just yet not gt the guts for that lol but was thinkin bout perhaps startin indoors on the spot even and seein how long i can go for and build it up! Living with my sis at the mo so not much room for a tm at home and funds dont really allow for gym just yet so need different ideas lol drownin isnt fun :-/ lol ive been buildin that up doun more lengths in less time tryin it that way! Lol x
Well here's the link to the programme if you're interested. There's an app for it too if you have a smartphone. Cool Running | The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan
Know what you mean about having the guts to run in public, I would not even like anyone to see on the tm - not a pretty sight!! But maybe if you found a quiet-ish place, a park or somewhere to try it out? Definitely speeds up the weight loss.
I'm sure trying it on the spot would do no harm either!
Welcome to the forum ashclow! You made the right choice. This will really be your support group. What's your starting weight by the way and what's your target? :wave_cry:
Hi Marga!
Thanks for the support :)
I'm 15'1 on my scales this morning and I'd be thrilled if I could get down to around 10!
I'm taking it in small chunks though, so my current goal is to see 13's by Christmas, 13'13 on Christmas morning would be a wonderful present!!!
No prob, it's a great programme and hopefully my ankle will be sorted soon so I can get back to it!
Looking forward to getting back to WW tomorrow, feeling motivated :)

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