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Newbie, and definitely a WeMITT!


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Hi everyone!

I'm Louise, and I'm new on here. My weight's finally got to a point where I've though, "Right, I can't keep on like this, I NEED to do something and I need to do it now!"

I've got a great deal to lose, and I think this is probably the place for me to find some support, as well as hopefully support some other people too :)

I have around 120lbs to lose before I'll really feel happy with myself I think. It's a huge amount, but I am so determined this time. Plus my mum has a similar amount to lose, maybe more, so we also have each other for support and encouragement.

Well, I've rambled long enough now, but just wanted to introduce myself to the board.

Louise xx
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Hi Louise and welcome to Minimins. You have made a great start deciding to come on here - you will find lots of information, inspiration, support and encouragement whenever you need it.

What plan are you going to try?


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Hi Barb,

I've decided to start calorie counting, rather than following a specific plan. I'm cutting out all the obvious "baddies" eg chips (potato fries) high fat foods, chocolate, crisps, and takeaways. My diet is so bad atm, so I'm introducing alot of salad and steamed veg, lean meat, grains and some fruit. Oh, and drinking a load of water per day!

Can I ask what plan you're on?


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Thanks for the welcome Irene, and well done on your weightloss, you must be chuffed! Can see I *might* become a bit addicted to this site, lol, there are so many sub-forums I'm getting lost.

PS Small question, but whenever I try to upload an avatar pic it won't let me, do I have to have a certain number of posts to do this?!

Louise xx


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welcome louise
irene is right whatever plan you decide to do it will be right for you as you've made the choice to do something yes this site does become a bit addictive but id rather be typing or reading on here than shoving something in my mouth
think you need a few more posts to upload an avatar


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Thanks for the welcomes everyone, hope to get to know you all a bit better. Found the threads re: siggies, avatars etc so bit more clued up on that stuff :)


On a mission !
Hi Louise, I think you're definately in the right place for good support and advice. I have a long way left to go as well, try and focus on the positives and take a stone at a time. That helps it feel a lot more do-able for me. I have got into the habit of buying cheap jeans a few sizes down at a time and concentrating on getting into each smaller pair as a mini goal as well.
All the best on your journey!


On a mission !
No worries:) I reckon go one size down, something really cheap off ebay or from a sale. Reason being , if you can wiggle in it a bit, it's not too daunting and then when you fit in it properly (in a fairly short time) you will feel really encouraged and pleased with yourself. It's good for getting you motivated for the next mini goal.

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