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Newbie - Day 1!

Hiya, i started my SW diet today, i haven't been to a meeting but i have the books so i am going to do it myself at home with some support from you peeps here hopefully :)

I did WW earlier in the year and lost about 8lbs in 5 weeks but i found it annoying counting points all the time, so i was hoping that SW would be better for me and my family as they can eat the same and my new diet can become a way of life for us all.

So this is what i have eaten today - i don't know if its right but please comment and let me know!

Breakfast - Porrige made with 180ml SS milk and a small teaspoon of golden syrup (sweet tooth!) and a banana.

Mid morning - Cup of highlights chocolate mocha

Didn't have lunch as was at uni

Dinner- Chilli and rice
Made it from scratch using, lean minced steak, red onion, garlic clove, tin of tomatoes, tea spoon of tomato puree, chilli power. Packet of micro rice.

Muller bio corner tropical granola one!

2 Finger Kit Kat as dying for some chocolate!

I think i have done ok, although i haven't drank very much water but i will really try hard tomorrow with that! I have just found out that the bio yoghurt is 4 syns so i think i will try and stick to the normal muller lights in future :rolleyes:
Oh and i am doing extra easy :) i think!
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Some hopefully constructive points:

The mince you made for your dinner, was it extra lean mince? Just 'lean' mince has syns. This will tip you over as you've had 15 syns already today (i've counted, have you?)

You've not had your full HEA so if you want some cups of tea or something you can.

Have you weighed everything?


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It's looks like a good first attempt. Try browsing the online food diaries for inspiration and ideas and perhaps create one of your own.

Good luck and stick with it.
hi welcome to minimins, have a look at some of the food diaries to see what others are eating will give u some ideas if u get stuck :) and it does give a bit of incentive when u see how much weight others have lost . good luck to you x
Hi, welcome in!!

So far not bad at all! It takes all of us a little while to get our head around the plan - and you haven't done too badly at all.

What you need to be careful of is firstly making sure to measure anything you have as a Hex - A and B, unless it comes in the right measurement already - like 2 weetabix or 2 alpen light bars.

Secondly it's the syns. There are lots of hidden syns and it is very easy to accidentally oversyn - even when you have been doing this for a while. Until you get used to the plan, double check any ingredients you plan on using. A good example of this is lean mince. The only one considered syn free is the extra lean type. Tomato purée also has a small amount of syn value, although personally I wouldn't bother trying to calculate a teaspoonful. Pureed fruit, cooked fruit, fruit juice etc also carry a syn value too so the easiest way to avoid having to syn that sort of thing is to eat fruit raw.

You still have 70ml of SS milk to use up - so do have that- and if you can switch to sweeteners instead of syrup or sugar you will save yourself syns there too.

Stick at it, it does become second nature!
Whoops - no it wasnt extra lean! Never mind at least i know now!
To be honest even making that mistake i know that i have still done well because i have this habit of gobbling food once the kids have gone to bed, so i have been really really good and not done that tonight.
I think i just need to get used to the plan. I haven't used the rest of my milk allowance today either. Do i have to be rigid with that and have the full amount? I have some sweetener in, so will try that instead of the golden syrup.
Jemmabe i hadn't counted my syns properly to be honest but i had an idea that i had used most of them up. No i haven't weighed the food - i didn't think you had to on slimming world? I cooked the whole packet of mince which was 500g but that fed 6 of us, so the portion of mince was small compared to the amount of rice i filled up on, so hopefully the damage wasn't too bad!
To be honest i am not going to stess out too much over the main meals, because the idea is to change my bad habits by not eating cause i want to change the way i feel, and to cook healthy meals from scratch, i am sure i will pick up the gist of it from everyone here soon!


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The other thing about extra easy is that you need to have 1/3 of your plate as 'super free' food. This is to try and naturally limit your intake of the free food (which has calories in it, albeit not too many compared to what you could be eating !). Super free food is mainly fruit and veg (except potatoes, parsnips, peas, sweetcorn etc).

Well done and good luck.

Gail x

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