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Newbie - Day 2

Hi ive been reading all of your inspirational posts since yesterday - and im so motivated. Your posts have kept me on track - and made me realise that even though I feel like im the only person in the world that is doing this - im not. There are loads of people in the same boat as me and that feels great.

So anyways im on day 2 - im hugry but not ravenous. Everytime i get that horrible rumbling in my tummy I quench it with loads of water. For my lunch right now im drinking a black coffee which is nice.

I need to lost appx 3 stone.

Im 12st 1lb and 5ft 6

My ideal weight is between 9 - 9.5st which is really weird - I cant remember what I looked like when I weighed that. I didnt appreciate how light I was then I always thought I was fat - but not this time because when I get down to my ideal weight im going to be so proud of myself and ill never put my self down again!
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weighs a lot less
you seem to be doing all the right things keep going youll soon be that 3 stone lighter xx


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I was the same hun, 10 stone and looking back i had a perfect figure but thought i was fat! Very silly! Anyway believe me you will appreciate it a lot more this time when you hit your target xxx
I have to be honest right now im not feeling great - very lightheaded. Not nice.

I dont want food though even though im starving!

I have to say Tracy you look amazing - im gonna keep looking at your before and after to keep me motivated!!


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Aww thanks hun and i promise it gets sooo much easier!! I felt awful at first then suddenly you just seem to forget about it and get on with it xxx


weighs a lot less
have you had enough water hun and a black coffee could help take it easy if you can xx


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Yeah good xcuse to go to bed!! x


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Yeah i wouldnt mind, but i dont have the LT excuse now!! You do Lil just back in ketosis. Ill be asleep enough tommorow, got my general anesthetic!! x
Yep Ive had 2 cups of black coffee one this morning to wake me up and one at lunch so I would feel like i was having something. Im on my 3rd litre of water. Its prob just getting used to it. Im just dreading driving home from work!!

I cant go to bed when i get home I have a 2 yr old DD who just wont accept any excuses!:eek:


weighs a lot less
are you nervous poor you its going to be nil by mouth and not even a lovely choccy shake to keep you going ,are you taking your computer to the hospital lol xx


weighs a lot less
id have a bit more water if you can stomach it and drive with the window open drive carefully xx


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lol do they allow laptops? Ill ring them! xx

I'm on day-3 and things are improving for me - no headache today, which has got to be a major plus!!

I have noticed that today I seem to be drinking more water than usual, maybe that's why I feel sooooooooo much better?? :D

Good luck, we can do this x x
Thats great Keeno, that you feel better, hopefully the worst is over for us now and now we can reap the rewards. Weigh in On Monday, that will be where the truth is told!!! Good Luck
Hi people!

Well how is day 3 for you going - I have to say im finding it a lot easier today. The hunger feeling is like second nature to me now. I had my first shake at 11 and im feeling really good.

Ally ox

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