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Newbie - Day 2

Hi everyone!
I have just started CD and am on Day 2 - feeling a bit tired today but its time of the month as well (started on Day 1) so not sure if that's why.
I have a couple of questions for you all
- does totm affect your weight loss
- where do you get ketostix and how much do they cost
- which is the best breath freshener to get, I don't want something which will affect my weight loss.

My mouth tastes reallly horrible which makes me not want a shake or soup but I feel a bit tired as I have only had one shake so far and should probably have something else now so I think the breath freshener might help

Thanks in advance for any help. I have been reading your posts for a few weeks which gave me the inspiration to start - you are all fab and I hope that I can be as successful as you all are. I am becoming addicted to this site!!

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the ketostix i got from superdrug and were under a fiver.

totm does affect your weight loss they say, as you retain water.

i have just a superdrug own breath freshner, which is sugar free and ok. only find i need it when i havent drunk wnough water though,

welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it as much as i do (i'm quite new too)
great for answering any questions you have - or just general support.

good luck with your weight loss, let us all know how it goes.


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Was going to say the same thing about more water getting rid of parrot-cage mouth :)
Congratulations on day 2 :)
My energy levels were back to normal(if not better!) by day 3 so hope you pick up tomorrow :)
If think you've got all the advice you need, but just wanted to say:welcome: to CD!


hates diets
welcome.....this site is fantastic ..only ben using it a week myself but everyone is kind and really supportive...but heh thats coz everyone is in the same boat!!!! it took me 4 days to feel normal again after starting cd , its your body withdrawing from all the crap you have shoved in it over the years....i can honestly say apart form being tired(but was on early shift this morning) i havent felt as good as i do in ages!!! i lost 11 ld in my first week and so far (according) to my scales another 6 so far this week.....whether its the boost in morale that has made me feel better who knows....!!!!it is tough initially but gets so much easier....
i got my little sticks from boots £5 something....thats a morale boost in itself when you see them go pink!!!!
good luck


This is the last time!!
Hi, I too came on my period the day I started CD. That first week I lost 11lbs, but the second week I had a much smaller 3lb loss, not sure if any of it was to do with TOTM but thought I'd let you know. If my cycle is still in it's 4 weeks (have read on here that the CD sometimes affects TOTM) then I should be having a visit again on Monday....could explain my snappiness and weepiness of the past week....will let you know how Monday's weigh on goes if this week has been a PMT week!
Good luck with it, as I said, I'm on week 4 now and NOTHING has passed my lips other than shakes, water and a couple of CD bars. People keep trying to get me to drink coke zero and stuff but I would much rather continue happily as I am.


Welcome Orange Plum.

I think TOTM does affect loss as I've been saintly all week and only lost 1lb. I'm sure my loss will be better next week. You have to think of the long term goal and any move in that direction is a good one. All the best with your losses.
Thanks to everyone for their replies - the advice is great and it is really keeping me going. Nearly the end of Day 3 - can't wait for tomorrow and hopefully lots more energy!!
Just wanted to say good luck, take it one day at a time and you'll be fine x
Hi All,

I am on day 6 of preparation (2 shakes and small meal) I will start day 1 of sole source on Wednesday.
I have been reading through these forums and can't believe what I'm seeing. Everyone is doing so well.
I have about 6 stone to lose and can never imagine losing it. I have been on and off diets for years but fingers crossed, am hoping CD is the one for me.

Do you really stop feeling hungry after a few days?



Yes you do Mandiep and I find that because you know what you are going to have for each 'meal' you tend not to think about food as much as before. I used be thinking 'what will i have for lunch' from breakfasttime - not anymore. Good luck with SS on Wednesday. I'm on SS+ though, so had the 200cal meal as well as 2 shakes and a bar, so a bit easier than SS.

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