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newbie day 3 lipotrim


I will be skinny again!!!
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Hey the only thing I can advise is keep a glass of water near you and drink it!

It hard especially when your having to cook but it gets easier once you hit ketosis xxx
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I don't have kids so don't know what it feels like having to cook for other people, but it does get easier when you hit ketosis to start sitting around other people eating without getting hungry. The only thing I can suggest is trying to spread your shakes out a bit more so that you can have one later in the evening. Hope things get better for you! :)



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hang in there!

hey lynnloo

im on day 3 too and have just made my family's dinner so know exactly what u r going thru, im lucky ive went into ketosis already so it does get easier, its the smell of food, the mouthwatering and the urge to nibble as you cook. Stay strong it will get easier, keep thinkin how fabulous ur gonna look SOON, way sooner than any other diet ive come across in my MANY MANY years of trying.

so stay strong chic and good luck ;)
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Hi hon

I am only on day 6 so I'm no expert but I'm happy to share my routine so far with you. I tend not to have my first shake until 11/12ish - have not been getting hungry until that time, if I do have a rumble I just drink some more water, that leaves me able to have my second shake around 4/5ish (just in time for kids tea) and then one around 8/9.

I must admit to cooking some quite bland foods this week, especially ones that I don't like myself. When the kids are eating I nip off and have a bath (I am cleaner than I have ever been lol). I'm quite lucky that my ex comes round and sorts the kids tea for them most days so far, is there any chance anybody could prepare meals over the next few days until ketosis kicks in to give you a hand?

Stick to it, one day at a time.

Sammylou xx
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Hey Lynnyloo-

Like you I'm on day 3 and as I'm typing this I can smell a delicious sausage casserole cooking in the kitchen. The only thing I can suggest is making stuff you don't like quite so much. It's really hard though... there's no two ways about it, the only thing that makes it easier is water (bleurgh) and telling yourself that it WILL be worth it.

I guess the thing is it's not FOREVER! We will eat with our families again....but as slimmer, healthier, happier women!

Good luck- can't wait to share how we've done on our first weigh in!!


Positivity is the key
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Hi Lynnyloo,
it will get easier, I have 3 small boys under 7 that I have to cook for every day and not a taste has passed my lips since I began, I hand out sweets, crisps etc and no worries. Very sad sometimes as I love the smells of things (like most will say on here after a while) open cheese and onion crisps and I have a good sniff before handing them on, now they don't appeal to me as much as they did at the start. Cooking roast lamb is sill the thing I love the most, the smell as it is just coming out of the oven, but as I get to carving it I no longer desire it, strange but true. So it will get easier, just give it a week.
I would also suggest taking your last shake at the same time as they are having their dinner, you will be concentrating on that and not eating.
Hope all goes well.
hey hun... the first 3/4 days i found the hardest, having to cook for my 2 kids and hubby.. i ended going to bed early just like you and on my 4th day i had to go to work i was panicking in case i got hungry but i just kept sipping water..it doesget easier huni promise, i even sitwith my hubby now while he`s eating his tea chatting to him .. keep positive hun and im sure you`ll be fine xxxxx
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Hi and welcome...
must be hard still having to cook for people i don't have that problem
Day 3 / 4 was my toughest days i'm on week 3 now still get the odd hunger pang but mostly ok
Hope your first WI goes well

Debz x

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