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newbie diary - any help appreciated lol


addicted to minimins
I'm losing weight in a different way so I don't have too many suggestions, but I wish you the best of luck! Welcome to minimins! :wavey:
Hi Kelly,
I start Xenical and WW today. Wanna be buddies? I was intending on doing the cambridge diet, but my dr refused to sign my form (for the 2nd time), and put the Xenical on a repeat prescription for me, so I'm really gonna go for it this time.
Quite excited, I've got too uncomfortable lately and want to feel happy in my skin again. I have a lot to lose, but I will just set mini goals so it's not so daunting.
Good luck hun, we can do this. xxx


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Hi Kelly, welcome to Xenical.. As long as you understand the rules and follow, drink plenty of water and exercise as much as you can, you'll do fine :).. You don't have to change much of your meals, as you can get low fat alternatives for sauces etc etc ...

You could have a look in the slimming world section, there's a stack load of recipes there, I borrow a lot from there.

Good luck!


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hey, welcome...

hope your first day isnt too bad. and that you are getting your head around the rules...

and questions feel free to ask, we wont bite. :)


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thx everyone for ur support gotta be honest was too scared to take the first one this morning but took it with supper tonight. Sophie i would love to buddy up with you it does make it easier. i had bad experience with xenical a few yrs ago but didnt really take it seriously that was 5 stones ago so now i MUST lose the weight. I went for a night out on saturday and had to go through my whole wardrobe, nothing fits me anymore i am absolutely disgusted with myself!! i was 5 stones lighter when i was full term pregnancy with my son!!! this is my last option and i sooooooo want to succeed so again any help appreciated.

day one food diary

breakfast - cup of tea & 2 slices oatilicious bread toasted with light butter.
lunch - didnt have any
dinner - cumberland pie
snack - (confession i am a binge eater) 3 slices swiss roll and pkt crisps :(
supper - cup of tea and 2 slices oatilicious bread toasted with slice of chopped pork ( took my first xenical with this )
not done very well really, i am also a bread fiend lol, i wanted to ask - how many calories are u all sticking to per day and i have read a lot of u saying u r not eating all of them, how important is it to eat all ur calories.
finally - positive outlook for tomorrow, takin my 8yr old son to the park for long walk and on wed going to join the local gym which (very handy) has an area for kids to play while parents have a work out and is very cheap x


Not such a fat kat now :)
I dont know about fizzy drinks I'm not a big fan but you do need to eat regularly and start to add more fruit and veg into the day rather than Swiss roll and crisps :) I presume (hope) that it was because it was your first day and didn't get your tablets till later.
Welcome anyway, you'll have a great time on here.
Good luck and enjoy the ride :)
still trying to get my head round all this information. have read a few posts where u have been counting grams of fat instead of calories so have decided to go along that route. went for my weekly shop today and got all my low fat supplies in, was there for ages looking at all the labels lol so i will be on it properly tomorrow, still scared of the whole having an accident thing, i know it shouldnt happen if u dont cheat but still paranoid.


Not such a fat kat now :)
you need to look for 5g or less of fat per 100g and eat no more than 15g of fat per meal.
not bad once you get the hang of it.


I will do this!
hi kelly and welcome, sounds like you are doing the right research. I know I spent ages browsing labels for the 5%, managed to get mayo, salad cream and Philadelphia all within rules. However butter is a no no in all forms, none meet the rules so I have learnt to live without it.

I can totally empathize with the going through whole wardrobe situation! I got down to 10stone 10 last year before getting pregnant. I brought all new size 10/12 clothes and got rid of all my big ones! Needless to say I have had to buy a few things, but refuse to buy too many, knowing that my goal is to fit in those amazing clothes I got to wear for 6 months of my life. The feeling knowing that I would look good in most things was something I had never experienced before and look forward to experiencing again. This is a mental challenge more than a physical one, you can do it!

Hope you are having a good day x


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Hi, hun... I love bread, I love toast and I love sandwiches...bread is low fat, but high in calories, so I've had to learn to limit the bread..to just once a day, either as toast for breakfast or with lunch.

I haven't had butter for nearly a year, I can live without for toast, I just jam instead, in sandwiches I use extra light mayo on the bread in place of the butter, depending on what's going on the sandwich.

I know yeterday sees a bad day, try to put that behind you now, and concentrate on today, one day at a time. The reason why you're snacking and eating swiss role etc is probably because you're not eating regular, your not having enough for each meal, and you lack water..

By eating regular, having 3 meals, healthy low fat snacks in between and drink plenty of water the hunger will pass and you won't snack. When you feel you want something, drink some water, take a few mins to think before you eat, our head likes to play tricks on us, making us think we want food, when we really don't need it...

It can be a bit hard at the start to stick to both rules, and count the fat and keep track of cals etc..at the start I only stuck to the fat counting, then a few months later I tracked my cals and carbs, but I'm just watching fat again at the moment.

It's important you eat calories though, too less is just as bad as over eating them..You'll be fine, you can do this! :)
thx guys @bunnyhops yeah am used to totally living on bread worked nightshifts for 6yrs so it was always sandwiches or toast on the move lol
have done ok today i think and like u were saying I am only counting the fat just now until i get used to it then will count the calories too.
good news is have had no oily accidents........phew!!!
breakfast - toast with lite marg & cup of tea
lunch - didnt have any again, got up late so breakfast was really lunch.
dinner - loads of salad with very lite honey and mustard dressing (fat checked) with a couple of slices of wholegrain mustard ham and v.small spoonful pasta. along with 1 sesame seed bagel yum yum yum.
snack 1 go ahead yoghurt break bar and cup of tea
I seemed to have misunderstood the grams of fat allowed per meal , duh, i thought it was 5g per meal now realise it is 15g god i am soooooo scatty lol so can actually eat a bit more if i need lol
another thing i wanted to add is that I find it difficult to keep up the calories if not eating too much, I am a recovering binge eater so feel as though i have to be in control the whole time and the less i eat the better. but i haven't felt hungry today so thats a good thing right? just need to sort out the lunch / breakfast i always miss one or the other but then i am up late at night so would prob have toast or something later on.


Violet is shrinking
Hey hun..I worked nights for many years too, I know how hard it is, you just need to believe in yourself, you can do this!

You are getting both rules aren't you hun? No more than 5gs per 100g and no more than 15gs per meal..I ask as there are a few things that don't fit that first part.. If you're confused I can help :)

You really need to try and have 3 good meals and some healthy snacks in between, the snacks will keep the hunger away, and eating as regular as possible will help too.

If you do get hungry or feel the need to eat quite often, it may be worth you looking at gi foods, these are foods that release energy over time so keep you fuller for longer :)
yeah got the rules a bit mixed up i was making it 5g for whole meal!!!! lol no wonder i thought it was too hard pmsl , but yeah when i was looking at the labels on stuff made sure it was less than 5g per 100g sticking to normal portion but obviously with hardly any fat cos i thought 5g fat per meal instead of 100g!! got it sorted in my head now so hopefully better day tomorrow x


Violet is shrinking
Glad you've got it sorted hun, it'll soon be second nature.

At the start, I was so worried about portion sizes,cals and weights, that I bought a lot of the low fat ready meals, the WW ones and I would have a side portion of whatever veg I fancied to bulk it out a bit.

Hope you have a good day!
well have had a good day today, i think lol
breakfast - sesame seed bagel toasted with 1 wedge of light laughing cow cheese.
lunch - didnt have anything again, think this is makin it harder actually makin myself have the 3 meals
dinner - small baked potato, with sprinkling of low fat grated cheese, salad, tomatoes - delicious x
also found something to take away the craving for something sweet MARSHMALLOWS OR HARIBO STRAWBS my fave!!! mallows are fat free and i only eat about 3 and feel sick lol, haribo strawbs trace of fat and cand only eat a couple of them too cos they give me toothache lol but still enough to satisfy that wee sugar craving. also have found a great app for my android phone where i can put in all details of the things i have eaten all day, even has a barcode scanner and counts all the carbs, calories, fat and everything. so at a glance i can make sure i am on track . i am starting to think this is a bit too easy, why did i never manage it before or have i got it completely wrong??? still a bit puzzled lol but still sticking in and trying hard. had a slight erm parting of a little bit of oil when i went to the toilet but only a tiny bit, is that bad cos it means i've ate too much fat or good so i know the tablets are working????

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