newbie food diary

Hi! Im new to slimming world, 3 days in and im shocked at how much you can eat and how flexible it is and then it hit me that am i doing this wrong?! As far as im aware i followed everything but im just not sure so was hoping someone could help me out if i posted my diary :)

Sat- Green Day

Brekkie: 2 boiled eggs and 1 slice of wholemeal (hex)

lunch: tuna salad - no dressing but using tuna as hex

Tea: Pasta mixed with quorn pieces, mushrooms and passata sauce ( gorgeous!!)

snacks included black tea an diet coke and I had a banana!

Sunday: Red Day!

Brekkie: 2 quorn sausages, egg and lean bacon with fat cut off.

Lunch: Ham roll ups- slices of honey roast ham with 3 extra light laughing cow (hex)

Dinner: Roast chicken dinner....chicken with no fat and just had veggies. Added bit of gravy and used towards syns.

Snacks- grapes and quavers ( small pack- 6 syns i think)

Monday: Green Day

Brekkie- beans on toast (hex)

Lunch and Tea: Pasta bake- amde with quorn pieces , tomotos, mushrooms and passata sauce and 28g of cheese ( hex)

Can anyone tell me if this is correct or have I got it wrong- im just shocked at how much u can eat!!
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All looks fine to me, I eat much more than that and I'm losing weight. The great thing about sw is that you can eat lots! Good luck x


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No you're not following the plan right, but before you panic it's not because you're eating too much but that you're not eating everything you should be.

Firstly what bread are you using for your HEB? You are only having one slice - is this because it's from a big loaf? If it's a small 400g loaf then you can have 2 slices. And make sure it's wholemeal although you probably already know this.

On your first day you don't seem to have had any HEAs and no syns - you need to have at least 5 a day. You didn't really eat very much at all this day so I would have included snacks and a lot more fruit and veg.

On your second day, you didn't have any HEBs at all and only half a HEA as you have to have 6 x laughing cow extra lights for a HEA. Again more fruit and veg but well done for getting those syns in.

And for Monday, Try not to have the same for lunch and dinner. You'll only get bored and this is when you're more likely to stray off plan. And get those snacks and syns in there as well!