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Newbie food diary

Hello everyone.

It's my first day and i'm doing the 1200kcal for the first two weeks.

I thought it would be good motivation to do a food diary and would be grateful of any feedback from experience RC members.

Today I have eaten:


34g porridge oats made with water
1 dsp dried fruit
1 tap honey
Some milk from allowance (3/4 pint for allowance)


1 low fat wrap
Light spread of Dijon mustard mixed with extra light mayo
50g wafer thin ham
1 shape delight fat free cherry yoghurt


50g spaghetti
Portion of Chilli and tomato sauce (from rosemary Connelly magazine)

Snack am:

2 satsumas

Snack pm:

2 satsumas

Black coffee, water diet coke and tea using milk from allowance


20 squats and 20 minutes walk.

I feel good. Amazingly I'm not hungry and looking forward to tomorrow. I just hope I have got everything right.

:) xx
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Thank you for replying. It is quiet but that's ok.

How long have you been doing RC? How much have you lost and do you find it easy?

Today I have had...


40g fruit and fibre
60g plums
Milk from allowance

Snack am:

2 satsumas


Wrap with 50g wafer thin ham, rocket and spread of Dijon mustard and extra light mayo mixed together.
Shape delight cherry yoghurt


50g pasta
Tomato and chilli sauce (same as yesterday as I made 4 portions)

Snack pm:

200g melon

Drinks: diet coke, sugar free squash, water, tea with milk from allowance and black coffee.

Exercise: 20 squats

Another good day. I'm finding it easy so far and looking forward to weigh in on Monday

: ) x
S: 16st11lb C: 16st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i lost 2 1/2 stone for my wedding last year - put all and more back on.

Im a hungry easily distracted beast and am finding it hard - some days i stick to some i dont. Really want to though.

Diary looking Great me dear.
Thank you.

I'm getting married next September and want to lose 3 or 4 stone If I can. I feel really motivated so I hope it lasts.

I was doing slimming world but was just eating way too much. Didn't put on, but didn't lose any either.

I'll do my food diary later for today. X
Day 3 food diary


35g porridge oats made with milk from allowance
1 dsp raisins
1 tsp honey

Total 200kcal

Snack am:
100g pineapple 50kcal


200g melon
5 fruit pastilles - just fancied something really sweet and chewy

Total 303 kcal

Snack pm: 100g pineapple 50kcal


Salmon steak 92g
100g new potatoes

Total 283kcal

Allowance milk 200kcal

Total 1086kcal

I think I will have yoghurt to use the last oft calories.

I can't believe I'm not hungry on so few calories!!!

I'm walking up the stairs 10 times this evening as my fitness challenge plus a 20 minute walk!!!!
Thanks for your support Dan : )

Day four has been pants. Crap at work so had to succumb to the chocolate but still only 1325 calories so not bad.

35g porridge
Milk from allowance
1dsp raisins
Itsp honey

One boiled egg
15g extra light mayo

100g chicken
1/3 jar curry sauce
100g cooked basmati rice

Mince pie at children in need cake sale at work - 290 kcal

Milk allowance 200kcal
Curly wurly 110kcal

Diet coke, black coffee, tea with milk from allowance

Wasnt hungry again just needed the chocolate!!!!
Missed a couple of days due to no Internet.

First week weigh in and 7lbs off.

I'm soooo pleased. Day 1 of week 2 on 1200kcal

Today's food diary

Breakfast - 150g beans, slice of whole grain toast

Snack am - 12 grapes

Lunch- small wrap, 40g tuna, 15g sweet corn and thin spread of salsa and rocket

Snack pm - half banana

Dinner- chicken jalfrazi (RC recipe) 40g dried weight rice, rocket 80g fruit salad

400ml semi skimmed milk
S: 17st2.5lb G: 11st0lb
Well done on first week loss that's brilliant! I just can't get my head in the right place at the moment but hoping it will click soon. Good luck for this week,

Dan x
Thanks Dan. Believe me I know that feeling. I've been there all my life - until now that I'm getting married. I'm sure you will get back into it.

I am very pleased with first weeks weight loss although I have started to get headaches so have decided to have a bit over 1200kcal today but not gone crazy.

Breakfast: 2 yoghurts 200 kcal

Lunch: risotto and rice 443 kcal

Dinner: chilli and rice 450 kcal

Snack am: 2 satsumas 50kcal

Snack pm: 200g melon 50 kcal

Mini cheddars 128kcal

Milk 225ml 100kcal

Total 1421kcal

Hopefully no headaches tomorrow so I can go back to 1200kcals. Upped my fluid levels today so hopefully will be better tomorrow and no headaches.

Does anyone else get headaches on this diet?

Viki : )
S: 16st10lb C: 12st13lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 26.7 Loss: 3st11lb(22.65%)
Hi just wanted to say good luck hope it's going alright. Just jump back on if not :) and I'm sure you'll be a mini bride x

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