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newbie having a wobble help...!!!

Hi Newbie Diet Chef group
How are you all doing?
Hope you are all staying strong and feeling the benefits, as we are all supporting each other thought i would just do an Update too see if anyone is feeling the same.
Day 4 I am enjoying most of the food not keen on alot of the soups but thats me never been a great soup eater and sometimes find the shakes alittle sickly so get abit stuck at lunch, love the dinners and breakfast and snacks.
I think the thing i am finding the hardest and alittle surprising as i have done lighter life so use too a stricter diet, but i do feel quite hungry by the evenings, is anyone else getting this i am having my fruit but not meant too have any extras so can,t add rice/pasta too meals.
And today i,m having a wobble with a major chocolate craving HELP:wave_cry::eek:
would love too hear back and see how your all doing xxx
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Hi Crystel,
Sorry to hear that you are about to wobble! I am also feeling like this after the Bank Holiday weekend. I have posted in the main Sticky topic about diet goals, in the hope that everyone can motivate me!

On this forum, everyone says how delicious and filling the foods are. Very few people ever say they are hungry.... I was hungry for two solid weeks. I can't have been the only person!

I think it takes at least a week or two for your stomach to adjust to the smaller portions. With LL, don't you go into Ketosis, so stop feeling hungry? With DC, we don't go to Ketosis.

I never used to eat soup before this diet. I have now adjusted and really enjoy them. Try and pick those which are more filling - Pea and ham and Smoked bacon and Bean are in my opinion the tastiest and most filling. Stick with them.

When you next order your food, try and add lots of bags of the popcorn. The bags are 40g - popcorn is very light, so the bag is huge. I find these really filling - much more satisfying than the biscuits and cereal bar snacks.

Have you tried switching the food around? I have my 'dinner' at 12 and my soup around 6pm. In the evening, I just have a couple of low calorie hot chocolates and some fruit.

Try having a larger portion of veg or add two types of veg to your evening meals - I add fresh mushrooms and peas.

best of luck xx


When I first started I was starving! It was fine when I was at work as I have an extremely hectic job and don't have time to think about food. I work shifts so that's my downfall being at home and picking. How many calories are you allowed a day? Think diet chef in total come to about 800 so you will have enough to add fruit/veg or the odd treat.

It's the most easiest diet I've ever done. After failed attempts so many times on different diets nearly 2 stones lighter. That's by not doing it 100% but going out for the odd meal but picking decent options instead of going crazy!
Hi All thanks SO much for the support it stopped me falling off the wagon, and i,m sure we have all had the devil on the shoulder syndrome where you won,t too slap someone when the say have an apple when your hungry but you want "chocolate" lol.
Glad too hear you admit too hunger too as i thought i was going mad, and as i said i,m use too VLCD.
Yes small steps LL sends you into ketosis, so guess hunger is too be expected on DC.
Thanks for the advice on the popcorn and the soup will give them both a go.
I do swap my meals around depending on day and it helps too eat the main meal when i,m hungry.
I just find evening hards as thats when i would pick...!!
But hearing BECKSIE,S story really motivated me so thank you
I will stay strong and actually today day 5 i feel much more positive.
I do add fruit and veg as you both advise
I have read your diet goals small steps and wish you lots of luck and i,m sure you will get there
Thank you again and if i can ever repay the favour if the devil lands on your shoulder lol drop me a line xxxx
I ended up going to bed and watching tv upstairs as evenings is when you pick! That stopped the hunger. I stopped buying anything bad but brought nuts and had a handful of them!
My body has decided it's happy losing a pound a week, slow and sometimes but frustrating when other people do so well so quickly but stopping comparing myself is the best thing I've ever done!!
LOL i have been there going too bed too stop me eating its desperate measures sometimes.
A pound a week is great you should be proud of yourself
And you are so right you can,t compare with others we are all different and our bodies work in different ways.
I know that more than most i worked in health nutrition and fitness for 18yrs and i would watch people work so hard following diet strictly exercise and not lose anything and others would lose without being so strict, its just different for everyone.
Keep up the good work x
Hey Crystel! I've discovered Mini Milks are fantastic for chocolate cravings - only 30 cals a lolly! They definitely help with those needing-something-sweet moments :) x
Hey Crystel! I've discovered Mini Milks are fantastic for chocolate cravings - only 30 cals a lolly! They definitely help with those needing-something-sweet moments :) x
AH thanks forest rose hope your doing ok on DC so far.
I,ll go and get some mini milks lol i did use too have them when i was on a different diet they do help xx

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