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Newbie - Help needed :)

Hi Everyone,
A good friend of mine told me about this site on wednesday i was able to look at the threads as a guest.
I saw a brill thread on low syn prepacked food from asda now i am a member i can't seem to fine the tread?

Can anyone help please!!!!!

Hubby is away next week and dont want to cook :D
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Hey, in your blue tab at the very top of the page there will be a search tab on the top line.
Tess x
Good luck Tess. I started on the same day as you and it looks like I have the same amount of weight to lose as you too. We'll have to egg each other on :character00148:
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Thanks all!!!
Hello Allgold, Yes looks like we do!! I am definatley up for a bit off egging on. how are you getting on with the diet so far?

My mom really struggles with it alot dont know why though I have explained several times any one else have problems grasping the diet, any tip of how to encourrage her more?

Thank you Tess

Hi Tess,

It took a good bit of reading of the main SW book to get the hang of it but I'm on day 3 now and actually finding it really good. I've not tried this one before (compared to the years I've spent trying to do Weight Watchers!). I'm not craving sweet things at all yet so I think it must be being satisfied by the natural sugars in the fruit?

I think I'm going to like red days at the weekends when I've got time to cook meat etc and green days in the week so I can have things like rice and pasta as my lunch at work - I'm not brave enough to try extra easy yet, one step at a time eh?So how are you finding it?

Not sure what to say to your mum really. The way I've picked it up is to think of it as loads of free fruit and veg everyday + two lots of calcium and two lots of fibre. Then an added benefit of either rice and pasta or meat depending on what day you are on. Does that help any?
Bumfluff can you tell me how I get the 'mood' symbol on my profile info please? I can't see it anywhere.

Thankyou, Donnie, for the lovely welcome!
AG, that's a great way of summarising the diet, I think. I was trying to explain it to my mother in law this afternoon as she has been struggling with her weight a little and has been told that her cholesterol is abit high. I don't think I will convince her it's not that complicated at the moment but hopefully my results will convert her ;) Also, I made an almost syn free pasta salad for lunch and she loved it!
Hello AG, yeah that may make more sense to her as she just keeps saying is this free can I have that or this and I do lose my patients unfortunately so I’ll try your way.
I did this diet a few years ago and found it worked really well but because me and my mom normally do them together (I live at home) she found it too hard to grasp but she is trying again bless her. I pray she will find it easier this time as I enjoy this diet. I’m eating plenty of free fruit, rice and pasta, oh and the lovely quorn my saviour (vegetarian). Glad you’re enjoying the diet and are not having any problems. When do you weigh in?

Thanks All
Tess x
Ah bless her. Well it's not the easiest diet in the world to try to understand so I can't say I'm surprised that people get stuck trying! What about using the sheets they give you for the first few weeks - they're laid out in 3 sections aren't they? Free, Hexs and Syns. Maybe seeing it on an order on paper might help her?

Well I haven't tried this one before cos I thought it sounded too tricky but it's actually alot easier than i thought it was going to be. i'm loving it so far. Today I've had a red day so I had ReadyBrek and fruit for breakfast, bacon and egg sandwiches for lunch and pork chops, jacket potato and veg for dinner, with loads of fruit thrown in throught the day. I'm certainly not hungry!!

I see quorn popping up alot on green days. I was ready for that one so my freezer's full of the stuff :)

Weigh day is Thursday for me. I go to a class at 5pm. You?
What did you put in your pasta WagonWheel? I'm gonna need some new variations!
Hi AG, it was very simple really; so simple you've probably thought of it already!
I basically mixed together some conchigle pasta with my own roasted pepper and red onion mix, and threw in two chopped boiled eggs with chopped chili. I did use some syns on a tablespoon of vinagrette. Real vinagrette - LOL! I bought a bottle of fat free the other day and it was APPALLING. It was full of carageenan and looked really viscous in the bottle so I should have known but it was so bad I had to chuck out the whole salad. I do think it's worth using my syns on stuff like that as I am not a big chocolate/treat fan. (although I could probably spend them on crisps, I am trying not to!!!)
Incidentely, can someone tell me how they work out in classes how many syns someone should have a day? I was going to start on the full 15 as Squiddie suggested but am finding it really hard as I am so full at the moment. I am presuming that being on full syns gives you some leverage for weight loss if you start to plateau but at the same time I don't just want to eat for the sake of it! Thankyou x
Hi Allgold, the mood is at the top of the page next to the section about when u last signed in and how many posts u have missed since u last logged on, Hope this helps Tinax
Oh I completely agree WW, there's no point in using syns if you're not enjoying them. Much more worthwhile spending more on something you'll actually enjoy. Thanks for the recipe, I hadn't thought of putting egg in there!

And thanks Tina - sorry I didnt know your name before (Bumfluff sounds a bit like I'm trying to insult you, lol)
Well done Tess, fab start there with your 4.5ibs off. Happy days :bliss:

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