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Extra Easy Newbie here, enjoying my Magic Porridge!

Just wanted to say that I am so pleased that I found your site.

Had frozen grapes last night and am now enjoying a bowl of Magic Porridge with a banana. Love both. I would have never thought of these ideas on my own so thank you MiniMins!:clap: Fab ideas so far.

My dd's had some magic porridge before school this morning ( with full fat yoghurt) and loved it! Result! So much nicer than slimey grey goop. I used the old fashioned oats (big flakes) it was nice and chewy, just lovely.

I have been doing Extra Easy for 5 days and must say that even though I have been being really good I haven't lost yet. Not even a pound. I have been loading my plate with veggies etc.

I am abit dissappointed but all in all I am ok with it. This is a way of eating for life, and my family is benefitting from the meals this week so it is all good. I think Extra Easy is best for the long haul and fitting in with the whole family.
DH only just found out we were on SW. He didn't have a clue until last night he mentioned what lovely meals I have been making this week. I nearly choked! So funny. I love SW!

Another funny was when I had a spaghetti squash explode in the oven last night. It even blew the door open! Very dangerous actually, I came on this morning to look up the proper way to cook them. lol It was lovely by the way. I scraped up the bits off of the oven that were clean.

off to google spaghetti squash.
Speak soon.:)
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Spaghetti Squash???? Do tell - I am intrigued now :D

Really glad your enjoying your new eating style. I love it in our house - as does hubby & our children (children most of the time anyway, lol)

As for your WI - are you doing SW from home then?? Maybe the best thing to do would be set a day & time for your WI's, that way you will be getting a more accurate WI :)
I am in Canada :) I am signed up with BodyOptimise which is slimming world online. I used to live in England and did SW then. I really missed it and found out that you could do it online so I signed up.

My first weigh in is on Friday. I will do it at the same time every Friday, good plan.

I like Extra Easy it is a realistic way of eating especially with a family but I do feel that it is going to be a slower loss. :sigh:

A spaghetti squash looks like a butternut squash but inside it is full of stringy bits. It is super good for you and you can have it with bolognese/chilli type sauces instead of spaghetti. We just had it as a side veg last night and it was lovely. I have also had parmesan cheese (as a HE) and salt & pepper with it and this is good too.

I am a little scared of cooking it again as it did blow my oven door right open. And send hot shred of squash everywhere. I dread to think what could have happened it my children where nearby or if it decided to explode when I was taking it out. Scarey! I tried to poke holes in it before cooking but it was solid. I see now that some people cut them in half before roasting. Maybe I will have to get DH to go at it with an ax!

Needless to say, all night DH was doing Micheal Caine impressions about blowing bloody doors off. :) So predictable.
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Although we weigh in every week, it is best to take your total weight loss over a month, because i think our bodies change from week to week, due to water, exercise etc.
Personally i am happy with 5 - 7lbs a month
I never change until the 6th day, then I suddenly lose lbs, it's weird! LOL.


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I am new here too and enjoying finding recipies and trying something different.
I have looked at magic porridgeand it looks yummy, just made my own version for the morning, frozen summer berries, porrige oats topped with natural yoghurt.
Magic porridge is 28g porridge oats (HEb) mixed into a mullerlight yoghurt, then left in fridge overnight. It's really nice, you can it eat warm if you heat it carefully in microwave but I like it cold. Tastes lovely with all different flavours, the fruity ones and the vanilla, toffee, etc. I often add some fruit to it as well in the morning, makes a really filling breakfast.

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